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Chapter 530: The Third Round Began

Chapter 530: The Third Round Began
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Domineering and powerful. This was the impression the surrounding people had of Red Butterfly Yip. They have never seen such a domineering woman like her.

If Red Butterfly Yip surprised everyone, Qingfeng stunned everyone. Red Butterfly Yip had bowed respectfully before Qingfeng.

"Wolf King highness, I am so sorry. I will lead you to the booth right now," Red Butterfly Yip bowed and led Qingfeng towards the booth.

As for Feiyan Liu, she was disregarded by Red Butterfly Yip. Red Butterfly Yip did not cast her a single glance.

"Red Butterfly Yip, you bitch. How dare you ignore me. I will teach you a lesson someday," Feiyan Liu thought viciously.

She turned around and left Beiyang Hotel. She went to find her master. She knew that only her master would be able to teach Red Butterfly Yip a lesson.

Red Butterfly Yip led Qingfeng to the most luxurious booth of the hotel. Then, she asked the servers to bring up the best dishes.

"Why are you in Beiyang city? Qingfeng asked.

He knew that Red Butterfly Yip's identity was not ordinary. In normal situations, she should not be at the hotel.

Red Butterfly Yip looked hesitantly at Xue Lin and Yunchang Xu. She did not know if she should speak.

"You can talk, they are all our people," Qingfeng said with a smile.

Red Butterfly Yip nodded and said in a low voice, "I am here to investigate a matter. Yanzhi Pei has disappeared."

What? Yanzhi Pei has disappeared?

Qingfeng was stunned.

"Red Butterfly Yip, Yanzhi Pei was fired by Phoenix Corporation right? How could she disappear?" Qingfeng asked with astonishment. He was puzzled.

"The Pei Family of the Capital was annihilated. Yanzhi Pei and her brother has disappeared. I came to Beiyang City since Phoenix Corporation is located here. I am here to investigate the incident."

"The Pei Family was annihilated?" Thought Qingfeng as he furrowed his brows. He was truly stunned. In the Capital, Pei Family was the strongest family outside of the four big families. In order for anyone to extinguish the Pei Family, they had to be as powerful as the four families.

"Red Butterfly Yip, have you found out who was responsible for the incident? Do you have any news about Yanzhi Pei?" Qingfeng asked nervously.

To be hoenst, Qingfeng had a good relationship with Yanzhi Pei. Yanzhi Pei had a partnership with Ice Snow Corporation in the past. When they were at the Capital, she also supported him greatly. He did not expect the Pei Family to be extinguished. Qingfeng was very worried.

Red Butterfly Yip shook her head and said, "We could not find any leads. The person who conducted the deed was a legendary fighter. I am here to investigate this matter."

"Red Butterfly Yip, the Phoenix Corporation was Yanzhi Pei's company. What is Feiyan Liu's background? Could she be connected to Yanzhi Pei's disappearance?"

A flash of approval appeared in Red Butterfly Yip's eyes. She was impressed by Qingfeng's intelligence.

"Your Highness, from our investigations, Feiyan Liu is not a member of the Pei Family. She belongs to a mysterious force. Back then, she first fired Yanzhi Pei, then she bought out Phoenix Corporation. After that, Yanzhi Pei disappeared. We are investigating her," Red Butterfly Yip told Qingfeng her findings.

Qingfeng nodded and had some ideas in his mind. Feiyan Liu was a lead that they had to investigate carefully.

"Qingfeng, eat quickly. We still have to attend the third round of the Antique Competition," Xue Lin said as she looked at the time.

The third round started at 1pm. It was already 12:30pm. There was only 30 minutes left. They had to hurry.

Qingfeng nodded and said, "Red Butterfly Yip, we shall eat first. After the Antique Competition ends, you can come and find me. We can look for Yanzhi Pei together."

Red Butterfly Yip nodded and asked everyone to help themselves to the food.

There were many dishes such as braised fish, steamed chicken, baked pork feet, stir-fry shrimp. There were also four vegetarian dishes and four soups.

Time was tight, so everyone ate quickly.

After eating the meal, Qingfeng waved Red Butterfly Yip goodbye. He led Xue Lin and Yunchang Xu towards Phoenix Corporation.

When Qingfeng arrived at Phoenix Corporation, he received a warm welcome. Some reporters gathered around him and insisted on interviewing him.

Of course, Qingfeng chose Xiaoli Wang's microphone again. He did not take the microphone of anyone else. The other reporters were furious but there was nothing they could do.

"Mr. Qingfeng, they third round of the Antique Competition is about to start. Are you confident in winning?" Xiaoli Wang asked excitedly.

Qingfeng took over the microphone and said confidently, "I will defeat Feiyan Liu for sure. I will win the competition."

"Hmph, what a boaster. Feiyan Liu is the winner of the competition last year. How could you defeat her?"

"Yeah, his ego is big after winning the first two rounds. He will defeat Feiyan Liu? He is day-dreaming."

"I support Feiyan Liu. She will definitely defeat Qingfeng later."

The surrounding people discussed animatedly as they insulted Qingfeng.

Even though Qingfeng performed really well in the first two rounds, many people still believed that Feiyan Liu would win the competition. Feiyan Liu was the winner of the competition last year; she had a deep understanding of antiques.

"Mr. Qingfeng Li, I believe that you will be able to defeat Feiyan Liu," Xiaoli Wnag said loudly with determination.

Many people did not believe in Qingfeng but Xiaoli Wang believed in him. She felt that the young man was unstoppable.

"Thank you, reporter Xiaoli Wang for your trust. I won't disappoint you," Qingfeng said with a light smile. He then walked towards the battle arena. The third round was about to start.

At the moment, there were 50 people on the battle arena who were all knowledgeable about antiques.

Feiyan Liu stood at the very front. She looked at Qingfeng coldly.

Feiyan Liu innately despised Qingfeng. Her master had told her that Qingfeng was an extremely bad man.

Feiyan Liu trusted her master's words. Thus, she tried to butt heads with Qingfeng at every opportunity she got.

"Qingfeng, don't cry when you lose the third round of the competition," Feiyan Liu said with a mocking smile.


Qingfeng furrowed his brows and looked at Feiyan Liu unhappily. What the hell? This stupid woman always tried to find trouble with him. Did he look like someone who would cry if they lost?

To be honest, Qingfeng felt that Feiyan Liu was very weird. He has never messed with this woman but she constantly tried to anger him.

But Qingfeng was not a pushover. He would strike back if anyone tried to find trouble with him.