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Chapter 532: Champion of the Antique Competition

Chapter 532: Champion of the Antique Competition
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"Huh, so it is a dagger from the Warring States if you said it is? How are you going to prove it?" Feiyan asked Qingfeng while sneering.

She didn’t want Qingfeng to win the game since she didn’t like him. It would be a pleasant thing for her if he lost too.

After all, the loser would have to apologize to the other as they had a bet. It’d be shameful and embarrassing.

Qingfeng knew that Feiyan Liu would try to give him a hard time, so he was already prepared.

"Feiyan Liu, let me ask you, you should have heard that Madam Xu was a famous sword artist and the swords she made would turn red once they come into contact with blood, right?" Qingfeng looked at Feiyan while sneering. Yet, it was a chilling sneer.

"Right, I know it."

"If so, then I’m going to test it by using your blood."

"Qingfeng Li, what are you doing? Don’t come close to me," Feiyan looked horrified as she yelled at Qingfeng.


Qingfeng rushed right at front of Feiyan rapidly and slightly scratched her face with the dagger while she was panic. The dagger turned completely red once it contacted with the blood.

"It is authentic, the dagger is authentic. It is the one Madam Xu made during the Warring States."

"This Qingfeng dude is incredible. He dared to test the dagger with Feiyan’s blood."

"Oh Jeez, this young man was a bit impulsive. He's going to get into trouble with Feiyan even though he proved the authenticity of the dagger."

The crowd burst into discussion and many people were amazed with how intelligent Qingfeng was that he proved the authenticity of the dagger, yet, they were also mocking his impulsivity simultaneously.

You could certainly prove the authenticity of the dagger, but why would you scratch Feiyan’s face while you could scratch others among this huge crowd?

"Qingfeng, you jerk. I won’t let it end like this," Feiyan roared furiously while covering her face.

As a woman, her beautiful face was her life. She would definitely be mad to have her face scratched by Qingfeng.

Qingfeng simply ignored Feiyan since this woman always got him into trouble first. He would have killed her if he didn’t plan to spare her life so that he could have her apologize to Xue Lin and the Ice Snow Corporation. What position did she have to roar like a crazy sow?

"Judge Lei Tang, now I have proved the dagger is authentic, could you announce the winner now?" Qingfeng asked while smiling faintly.

Lei Tang took a deep breath and announced loudly, "The winner of the Antique Competition in Hu Jiang Province this year is—Qingfeng Li!"

The lobby burst into applause once the Lei Tang finished his words.

Beast, he was definitely the beast of the year. Before the competition has started, nobody approved Qingfeng and all expected him to lose. Now, he turned the table on everyone and actually won the competition.

All the reporters rushed to the stage and surrounded Qingfeng in a flash. They pointed dozens of microphones in his face and wanted to interview him.

"Mr. Li, please tell us how do you feel about winning this competition?"

"You have beat Feiyan, this is unbelievable!

"Who do you want to thank for winning this competition?"

All the reporters kept asking Qingfeng crazily and hoped that they could receive his answer.
However, Qingfeng ignore all of them yet took the microphone of Xiaoli Wang and asked, "Xiaoli, do you have any questions for me?"

Xiaoli was thrilled and didn’t expect Qingfeng actually took her microphone after winning the competition.

In fact, Xiaoli was just a newbie among these popular reporters. Many of the reporters here were from some prominent TV station, yet, they were all rejected by Qingfeng.

Xiaoli felt like she was so lucky that she listened to what her sister Xiaomei said, otherwise, she would’ve miss the opportunity to interview Qingfeng.

"Qingfeng, since you have won the competition now, I was wondering whether the bet between you and Feiyan still count?"

What a great question!

The crowd looked at Xiaoli and completely change the way to see her. They wouldn’t think Xiaoli would ask something interesting since she was such a noob. However, she actually asked such a sharp and spicy question.

Qingfeng smiled and approved Xiaoli with his gaze. His main purpose to participate the Antique Competition was to win the game and have Feiyan apologize to Xue Lin and Ice Snow Corporation in public. What Xiaolu asked at the moment was exactly what he asked for.

Qingfeng thought for a while and said proudly with the microphone, "I guess everyone has known the bet between Feiyan and I, right? Feiyan would have to apologize to Xue Lin and Ice Snow Corporation if I won the antique competition."

Qingfeng tried to speak as loud as possible so that everyone in the lobby could hear him. Everyone looked at Feiyan curiously and wondered whether this woman would apologize.

Feiyan was pissed with her pale face. As the CEO of the Phoenix Corp., she’d lose her face if she apologizes, but if she refused to do so, she would be despised by others.

Qingfeng walked up to Feiyan and said indifferently, "I won the game. Apologize to Xue Lin and the Ice Snow Corporation."

Feiyan glared at Qingfeng. She didn’t want to apologize at all, but she couldn’t lose her words in front of the public. Otherwise, she would lose her reputation.

"Xue Lin, I’m sorry. It’s my bad to have wronged you and the Ice Snow Corporation. Please accept my apology," Feiyan said to Xue Lin.

She fled away once she finished her sentence since she felt extremely embarrassed for apologizing to Xue Lin in front of hundreds of people.

"You are such a jerk, Qingfeng Li. I won’t just let it end like this," Feiyan glared at Qingfeng viciously before leaving.

Qingfeng walked up to Xue Lin and smiled, "Fortunately but not despicably, I am champion of the Antique Competition."

"You are awesome," Xue Lin raised her big thumb at Qingfeng while praising him with a faint admiration.

in fact, Xue Lin used to be highly arrogant and would never admire or look up to anyone. Yet, she started to admire Qingfeng since she was surprised that Qingfeng had actually beat Feiyan.

"Qingfeng, thank you for beating Feiyan and redeeming my dignity," Yunchang Xu also said gratefully.

At the same time last year, Yunchang was defeated and humiliated by Feiyan when he came for to participate Antique Competition that made him feel extremely ashamed. Now, his revenge was finally taken after seeing her being beaten by Qingfeng.