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Chapter 533: Disappearance of Yanzhi Pei

Chapter 533: Disappearance of Yanzhi Pei
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All the media and TV Stations continued reporting that Qingfeng won the antique competition, which made him a little celebrity.

*Ring Ring Ring

Qingfeng's phone suddenly rang while he was being interviewed. He was shocked once he saw the screen since it was from Red Butterfly Yip.

"Red Butterfly, what's up?" Qingfeng pressed the answer button and asked.

He knew there must be something wrong as long as he was called by Red Butterfly since she usually wouldn't call him if there was no emergency.

"Wolf King, we just saw somebody was chasing and trying to kill Jing Tang and she was saved by us, But she is severely injured so now she is in the emergency room in the hospital," Red Butterfly said urgently.

Jing Tang?

Qingfeng freaked out since he knew who she was. She was Yanzhi's secretary and she was the one who was driving Yanzhi when she came to Eastern Sea City.

Jing Tang must know where Yanzhi was. If she was chased by someone, then Yanzhi must be in danger now.

"Where are you? I'll be right there," Qingfeng said anxiously.

"I'm in the People's hospital in Beiyang City."

"Which room on which floor?"

"Room 5 at the 3rd floor."

"Alright, wait for me. I'll be going there now," Qingfeng hung up as he finished speaking.

Qingfeng rejected the interviews and got in Yunchang's car with Xue Lin before heading to the hospital.

Although Qingfeng had never been to the Beiyang City, they wouldn't get lost since they had a GPS in the car and they just simply needed to dial the address of the People's hospital.

Qingfeng was speeding because he was worried, and they arrived at the hospital in less than an hour.

He parked the car and rushed to room 5 with Xue Lin.

Meanwhile, in room 5, several doctors and nurses were rescuing Jing Tang and Red Butterfly was guarding the room.

"Wolf King, you're finally here," Red Butterfly Yip rushed up and said respectfully when she saw Qingfeng.

Qingfeng nodded and said, "Tell me how injured Jing Tang is?"

"Jing Tang was being attacked by a man in black. That man's martial arts were incredible and he seemed to be at least an "AAA" level ace. Fortunately, I arrived on time and Jing Tang only got stabbed in her stomach. Her artery was injured and she is being treated now," Red Butterfly briefly explained the condition of Jing tang and the situation.

AAA Level ace?

Qingfeng frowned and felt something was a bit strange. Honestly, Jing Tang was just a female secretary that could even be knocked down by a regular guy. Who would send such a formidable ace to kill this vulnerable woman?

"What about that man in black?"Qingfeng asked.

He knew the whole point was the man in black now. As long as they caught him, they could easily find out who was controlling everything behind the scene and find out where Yanzhi Pei is.

Red Butterfly shook her head and said, "I'm sorry, he moved very fast and escaped."

Qingfeng looked disappointed. They had lost one clue since the man in black was gone. That being said, there was only one clue left at the moment, which was Jing Tang. They hope that she could tell them where Yanzhi was, once she woke up.

The surgery lasted more than one hour since Jing Tang was severely injured. It would take a while before she regained consciousness.

"President Xu, it's not good for your health to stay in the hospital since you're a senior. Why not take some rest in the hotel first? We can go back to Eastern Sea City together when this thing is done," Qingfeng asked.

Yunchang did feel a bit exhausted since he was already in his 70s. Age was a problem.

"Alright then, I'll take a nap in the hotel. Let me know when you guys are ready to go back to Eastern Sea City," Yunchang smiled and walked back to the hotel.

Qingfeng asked Red Butterfly Yip to go with him since he worried about letting him leave alone.

"Xue Lin, do you want to take a nap?" Qingfeng asked.

Xue Lin shook her head and implied she didn't need to since she was still really concerned about Yanzhi.

Xue Lin had good impressions of Yanzhi since she helped her company a lot when she partnered up with her before.

"You two wait for me here, I'm going to get some water," Qingfeng said to them.

Since no drinking water was provided in the operation room, Qingfeng would have to get water from another room.

Qingfeng saw someone he knew when he was getting water. This person wasn't anyone else but Xiaoli Wang.

"Huh, Xiaoli, why are you here?" Qingfeng asked confusedly.

He remembered clearly that Xiaoli was just interviewing him in the Phoenix Corporation a while ago, what brought her to the hospital within such a short amount of time.

Yet, he found that she didn't look well based on her pale face.

"My sister is sick and is living in the hospital now. I'm coming to visit her and to tell her that you've won the antique competition," Xiaoli said in a heavy tone.

"How sick is your sister, Xiaomei?" Qingfeng asked since he could tell that it wasn't something light based on her voice.

Xiaoli looked hopeless and replied, "The doctor said it is really bad. She got cancer and won't live more than 3 months."

What? Cancer? Won't live more than 3 months?

Qingfeng freaked out. He liked that girl since they had participated the antique competition together before. He didn't expect that she would be diagnosed with cancer at such a young age. What a poor girl.

"Xiaoli, what room is your sister in, I'll go to visit her later," Qingfeng said since he still wanted to spend some times with Xiaomei as her friend.

Xiaoli looked grateful once she heard Qingfeng was going to visit her sister, "Thank you, you are the one Xiaomei wants to see the most. She must be really glad that you would want to spend time seeing her.

Qingfeng smiled and got the room number of where Xiaomei was. He then went back to give the water to Xue Lin and Red Butterfly.

Qingfeng explained the situation to Xue Lin and then went downstairs to buy a fruit basket. Later, he was heading towards room 10.

At the moment, in room 10.

Xiaomei was getting excited while lying on the bed, "Sister, you just met Qingfeng and he said he was coming to visit me later?"

"Yes, he'll be coming. You can't be too excited, you are still sick," Xiaoli asked her sister. She felt heartbroken when she saw her sister's pale face.

Even though Xiaomie's pretty face looked pale, she still had some redness on her cheeks since she couldn't hold her excitement.

"Sister, Qingfeng is my idol, I've told you he is incredible and would definitely win the antique competition," Xiaomei said proudly.

She got to know that Qingfeng won the antique competition from her sister and was so thrilled that it seemed like she was the one who won the competition.