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Chapter 534: Xiaomei Wang Has Cancer?

Chapter 534: Xiaomei Wang Has Cancer?
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"Xiaomei, Qingfeng was so incredible that he not only beat Feiyan but also all the other contestants!" Xioali said.

She retold Qingfeng's success to her sister since she knew Qingfeng was someone she admired. Xiaomei was pleased after hearing that.

"Hehe, I know Big brother Li was extraordinary. Too bad that I'm going to die and have no chance to see him anymore," Xiaomei switched from happiness to sorrow once she recalled her condition.

She was diagnosed with cancer when she was living in the hospital before, and now she had to take all the treatments.

Xiaomei thought only people in their 60s or 70s would get cancer. She would never expect herself to be diagnosed with cancer at such a young age. She had just turned 20 this year and was just in the best period of her life.

Qingfeng had just arrived at the room door. He felt heartbroken when he heard what Xiaomei said since he always had good feelings about this girl.

"Xiaomei, I'm coming to see you," Qingfeng came in with the fruit basket while smiling.

"Big brother Li, you are here," Xiaomei looked excited when she saw Qingfeng as her pale face started to become slightly tinted.

Qingfeng put away the fruit basket on the bedside. He suddenly looked confused when he looked at Xiaomei's complexion.

He examined Xiaomei with his "Observing" chinese medical skill and found out she looked quite healthy, unlike those who had cancer.

Technically, ones with cancer would usually be thin and fragile. They would lose hair and would look dead and fatigued. On the other hand, although Xiaomei looked pale. It seemed more like she was just weak in general.

"Xiaomei, how do you know you have cancer?" Qingfeng asked while frowning.

Xiao replied as she almost cried, "I was diagnosed with uterine cancer by Dr. Liu. He said I wouldn't be able to live more than 3 months."

Uterine cancer?

Qingfeng was familiar with Chinese Medicine and knew Uterine Cancer was also known as Endometrial Carcinoma. It was a rather rare woman's health disease and was extremely hard to treat.

Certainly, not only uterine cancer was hard to treat, other cancers were tricky to cure. So far, nobody could find a method to cure such a deadly disease in the medical field. They could only temporarily maintain the patient's life through chemotherapy or drugs

"Xiaomei, when did you feel pain from your body? What are the symptoms?" Qingfeng asked Xiaomei as he tried to alleviate her suffering with the medical skill he was strong at.

"Big brother Li, I felt sore and pain in my body last week. I also felt light-headed and had no strength to do anything…" Xiaomei began to describe her symptoms to Qingfeng. She felt happy even if she was telling her disease to Qingfeng since she knew he was worrying about her.

This was not cancer.

Qingfeng frowned after he listened to Xiaomei. He felt like it didn't sound like cancer at all based on the description told by Xiaomei.

Qingfeng checked Xiaomei with his observing skill again. Surprisingly, he suddenly found out there was a tumor inside of Xiaomei's body and it was as big as a fist. However, the tumor was benign rather than malignant.

Quack doctor. These two words were first popped out in Qingfeng's mind. The doctor who diagnosed Xiaomei was definitely a quack and had mistreated a negative tumor as malignant.

In the medical field, only the malignant tumor would be diagnosed as cancer and it could be cured if it was still in its early phrase. However, benign tumors could actually be cured and are no threat.

Yet, some careless doctors could fail to distinguish between malignant tumors and benign tumors. See, Xiaomei had become one of the victims.

At this moment, a young doctor in his white-gown came in. He looked like he was in his 20s and just graduated from Medical school.

Yet, Qingfeng went nuts as soon as this young doctor started speaking. This young doctor was Xiaomei's doctor.

"Xiaomei, we cannot delay it anymore. Let's start the chemotherapy today," said the junior doctor.

Xiaomei looked scared, "Dr. Liu, could we not do that?"

Xiaomei started to do lots of research about cancer since she was diagnosed, she knew something more about this disease and knew that she would shed hair once she started taking chemotherapy.

She liked to be pretty and didn't want to shred all her long, beautiful hair and turned bald. It'd look so ugly.

"Xiaomei, you could only extend your life by chemotherapy, though. You couldn't exchange your life with beauty.

What the heck, quack! You wrongfully diagnosed Xiaomei and now you are even trying to force her to do chemotherapy? Qingfeng was getting furious.

"That white-gown, what's your name?" Qingfeng asked while staring at the junior doctor.

The junior doctor didn't notice Qingfeng until now, he still replied to Qingfeng even if he was not content with the way Qingfeng asked him. "My name is Ming Liu, I'm Xiaomei's doctor."

"Ming Liu, right? I think you are high now. Who told you that Xiaomei had cancer? What did you learn in class? How did you even graduate?" Qingfeng sneered sarcastically at the junior doctor.

Ming Liu was mad when he heard what Qingfeng said, "What do you mean? I am the one who diagnosed cancer form Xiaomei. I just finished my grad school at the University of Medicine this year."

"Huh, I'm telling you. the tumor in Xiaomei's body isn't malignant, it is a benign one! What the heck did you diagnose it with? Did you cheat throughout school?" Qingfeng sneered viciously as he glared at the junior doctor.

Qingfeng was so mad, and even felt furious about Ming Liu. Thank god he happened to visit Xiaomei today, otherwise, she would waste her life in the treatment by this stupid ass.

What? I don't have cancer?

Xiaomie looked astonished and surprised. Aren't I diagnosed with cancer by Dr. Liu? Why would big brother Li oppose it?

Qingfeng explained to Xiaomei since she seemed confused for what he said, "Xiaomei, you are indeed, sick, but your tumor is benign, not malignant. I can treat it for you."

Xiaomei looked surprised and asked, "Really, Big brother Li? You aren't lying to me, are you?

Qingfeng nodded and said, "How would I lie to you with something concerning your life?"

Ming Liu didn't seem quite happy about this. I just diagnosed Xiaomei with cancer and you said I was wrong, what do you mean? Are you trying to go against me and look down on me?

"Qingfeng Li, my result was proven by medical equipment! Xiaomei does have cancer. You are making things up and I won't allow this irresponsibility to happen," Ming Liu yelled at Qingfeng while looking gloomy.