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Chapter 535: Curing Xiaomei Wang

Chapter 535: Curing Xiaomei Wang
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"Ming Liu, I can cure Xiaomei. Instead, you are just harming her even though you try to make it seem like you're helping her," Qingfeng sneered while looking at him sarcastically.

Although Qingfeng had never been to any hospitals nor been a doctor, he was sure that two requirements had to be met to be qualified as a doctor in a hospital. First, you have to be a exceptional doctor with tremendous experience; secondly, you have to be either a senior medical professor or a retired medical expert.

New graduates like Ming Liu would only be given one position in the hospital—intern, who are the ones that assisted the chief doctor.

However, Ming Liu had become Xiaomei's chief doctor once he started working in the hospital. It was obvious that he got this position through networking.

"Ming Liu, I wonder who assigned you to become the chief doctor?"

"This is not your business, you don't need to know."

"Oh, yeah? But how could I disregard it if it concerns other's lives. If I guessed it right, you became the chief doctor through your connections, right? I don't think you are qualified with your medical expertise and skills yet."

Ming Liu freaked out as Qingfeng guessed it right. He obtained this position by pulling some strings. Otherwise, he would never be able to hold this position.

"Qingfeng, let's put this topic aside. Let me ask you, is it true that you could cure Xiaomei?"

Qingfeng nodded and replied, "Yes, I can."


Ming Liu sniggered, "Xiaomei has cancer though, how can you cure cancer? You're such a liar. I don't believe what you are saying."

Qingfeng smiled faintly, "Ming Liu, I've told you Xiaomei doesn't have cancer. It seems like you still don't believe me. But it doesn't matter, I'll shut your mouth once I cure her."

Qingfeng stopped talking Ming Liu and walked to Xiaomei's side, "Xiaomei, I'm going to treat you with acupuncture, do you trust me?"

"Yes, I do," Xiaomei nodded as she responded.

Xiaomei knew this man was reliable when she looked into his sincere eyes. This man always kept his words just as how he has told her that he would win the antique competition.

Pew pew pew pew…

Qingfeng took out nine needles and inserted them into nine crucial points of Xiaomei's body rapidly. All these nine points were acupoints that helped activate blood and removing blood stasis.

Xiaomei's disease was called hysteromyoma, which was large bubbles formed by blood stasis. The bubbles must be pierced so that the blood would be discharged and the tumor could be cleared.

An operation would be performed to remove this tumor if it was treated with Western medical science. They would open the body and cut the tumor from the inner attached skin. Yet, these procedures could be saved if it was treated in a Chinese Medical way. A real Chinese Medical expert could remove the tumor by merely using acupuncture.

The needles started to tremble as soon Qingfeng inserted them into Xiaomei's acupoints, which also drove her whole body to start trembling.

Gradually, some extravagated blood slowly discharged in the direction of the needles.

Everyone was shocked when they saw the blood discharge, especially Ming Liu, who was looking slightly awkward. Although he never learned any Chinese Medicine nor knew anything about it, he could tell Qingfeng was a medical master based on his acupuncture skills, which even exceeded some of the many Chinese medical seniors he had seen before.

Instead of acknowledging the crowd, Qingfeng continue quivering the needles so that the extravagated blood would diffuse and the tumor can be discharged from Xiaomei's body.

Gradually, the tumor was removed as the extravagated blood also completely discharged from Xiaomei's body.

Qingfeng cleaned the blood with some disinfection wipes and also injected some vitality Qi into her body through the needles. Her face immediately became tinted.

"Xiaomei, are you feeling better now?" Qingfeng asked.

XIoamei nodded as she said, "Brother Li, I feel so much better now. My body is full of energy and I no longer feel light-headed."

After, Xiaomei even got off the bed and walked around the room.

A while ago, she was still lying in her bed and could barely move. Now, she could even leave her bed and walk around. Undoubtedly, this wouldn't happen without the help of Qingfeng.

"Big brother Li, thank you so much for saving my sister," Xiaoli walked up to Qingfeng and bowed at him gratefully.

She used to call him Qingfeng Li. Now, she started to call him Brother Li, like her sister, to show her gratitude to him.

Qingfeng continued waving while smiling, "Xiaomei is my friend, it's my pleasure."

Once Xiaoli thanked Qingfeng. She turned around and said to Ming Liu, "Dr. Liu, you're a quack doctor! My sister was wrongfully diagnosed with cancer. I'm going to report your misconduct."

Ming Liu freaked out immediately. He was pretty confident in his level of medical skills. In fact, he always skipped class when he was a student and was expelled from the University of Medicine.

Ming Liu knew his degree was fake and he barely knew anything about medical science. He'd be done once Xiaoli reported this case. Not only would he be fired, he would also lose his credit in the field.

"Xiaoli, I'm telling you, you better keep your mouth shut since it'll affect me," Ming Liu threatened aggressively.

Are you threatening me?

Xiaoli became so angry that not only Ming Liu didn't apologize for his fault, but he even threatened her. This dude almost killed her sister with his stupid mistake.

Xiaoli was a reporter, she definitely wouldn't be scared by his aggression.

No fear of suffering, fatigue and death are characteristics of being a journalist.

"Ming Liu, I won't buy your threats. I'm going to spread all your ugly secrets," Xiaoli said coldly and furiously.

Ming Liu changed his face. He didn't expect this girl to ignore his threats.

Bang Bang Bang!

Ming Liu walked towards Xiaoli while stepping hard on the floor as if he was going to punish this girl. He used to fight a lot when he was a student, which was why he was expelled from the school.

"What do you want?" Xiaoli freaked out when she saw Ming Liu was approaching her.

"What do I want? I'm going to beat you if you are going to report what I did." Ming Liu walked up to Xiaoli and was going to slap her while raising his hand.


Xiaoli screamed as she saw Ming Liu's creepy look and his hand that was preparing to slap her face in a second. She was just a girl, how could she even fight against assholes like Ming Liu?


Qingfeng caught Ming Liu's hand in a flash as he said viciously, "You, son-of-a-bitch, dare to hit a woman?"