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Chapter 536: Jing Tang Woke Up

Chapter 536: Jing Tang Woke Up
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Qingfeng stopped Ming Liu by grabbing his hand. How could he let him hit a girl right in front of him?

"Let go!" Ming Liu glared at Qingfeng as he threatened.

He was trying to stop Xiaoli from reporting his misbehavior by punishing her, but he couldn't even take his hand back after trying several times since his wrist was gripped by Qingfeng.


Qingfeng slapped Ming Liu's face hard, which made his one cheek swell up.

"Scum. You are a quack doctor that almost wasted Xiaomei's life. You now even try to threaten Xiaoli?" Qingfeng scolded him.

"Did you fucking slap me? You know who I am? My cousin is the CEO of the Phoenix Corporation, Feiyan Liu," Ming Liu yelled at him aggressively.

In fact, Feiyan was a well-known existence in Beiyang City. Not only was she the champion of the Antique Competition last year, but she also became the CEO of the Phoenix Corporation which stood out in status, background and wealth. Ming Liu wouldn't have become the chief doctor in any hospital without her.

"Feiyan is your cousin?" Qingfeng asked as he looked at him weirdly.

Ming Liu thought Qingfeng knew his cousin based on his tone. He then seemed quite arrogant, "Are you scared now? My cousin is a billionaire in Western Sea City and knows countless eminent people. Now, sit on your knees and apologize to me. Otherwise, I'll make you cry for the rest of your life

Are you threatening me?

Qingfeng sniggered at what Ming Liu said. Was this dude so dumb that he tried to threaten me after threatening Xiaoli? Or people are who are backed by the powerful always this aloof and ignorant?


Without repeating a single word, Qingfeng slapped Ming Liu on his face again and made his other cheek swollen too.

This poor Ming Liu was slapped twice after threatening twice. He was yelling harshly and even his started lips to bleed.

"Qingfeng Li, how dare you hit me? My cousin is Feiyan Liu! You're dead," Ming Liu roared as he didn't understand why Qingfeng wasn't scared after he told him that his cousin was Feiyan.

Pa pa pa pa pa…

After Qingfeng was threatened by Ming Liu, he slapped him ten times consecutively. Now, Ming Liu had turned into a swollen piggy face and had lost some of his teeth, which made it hard to distinguish what he looked like originally. What a poor dude.

"Get out of here! I'll break your legs if I see you again," Qingfeng sneered aggressively.

Ming Liu freaked out at the strong killer intent released by Qingfeng and fled away in a flash.

"Xiaomei, I have cured your disease. You can go back home today," Qingfeng said while smiling.

"Qingfeng, Thank you so much," Xiaomei couldn't be more grateful to him.

Qingfeng waved his hand to indicate "no problem". He chatted with her for a while and left the room after telling her what she needed to care for her body.

When Qingfeng arrived back at room 5, he saw Red Butterfly Yip was looping around excitedly at the door.

"Woolf King, you're finally back. Good news, Jing Tang woke up!" Red Butterfly said excitedly.

Jing Tang woke up?

Qingfeng was thrilled at what Red Butterfly said. It was, indeed, good news.

He opened the door immediately and saw Jing Tang was awake after the operation. Although she looked slightly pale, her eyes were opened.

"Jing Tang, do you still recognize me?" Qingfeng asked while walking into the room.

Tang Jing nodded, "Yes, I do. You are Qingfeng, right? My boss, Mrs. Pei, always mentioned you."

"What happened to your boss? Where is she?" Qingfeng asked anxiously.

Jing Tang suddenly freaked out, "Last week, the Pei Family was destroyed and my boss and I were kidnapped by a group of people. I escaped from them and tried to call for help for my boss but I was found out by those people. They've been trying to assassinate me, I'm lucky enough to be saved by Red Butterfly."

Qingfeng looked surprised and asked, "Where is Yanzhi Pei now?"

"At the basement of the Western Sea Villa," Jing Tang replied.

"Jing Tang, you take a good rest here. I'll save Yanzhi," Qingfeng left after setting down Jing Tang.

When he walked out to the hallway, he told Xue Lin, "Xue, I'm going to save Yanzhi Pei now, you stay here with Red Butterfly. Remember, don't go anywhere else and always stay with Red Butterfly.

Xue Lin nodded, "Got it. You have to watch out those gangsters."

Qingfeng nodded and left the hospital after leaving some final words to Red Butterfly. He was heading to the Western Sea Villa.

The Western Sea Villa was the most extravagant villa in Beiyang City. It costed billions of Yuan, so only rich people could afford to live there.

Although it was extremely expensive, it was worth it for what it costed. Each villa here is private and has its own garden, swimming pool and private sports field.

Villa Unit 1, basement.

The basement was large enough to cover more than 100 square feet. Normally, the basement would usually be only around ten or twenty square, those who can owned a basement that is over 100 square feet were mostly rich people.

In the basement, a beautiful girl was strapped to a chair. She had a delicate face and fair and smooth skin; her eyes were pure and clear as spring water and her long eyelashes were like two little windows.

The girl looked stunning, though she was restrained to a chair and lost her freedom.

This girl who was kidnapped was no other but Yanzhi Pei, the richest woman in Hujiang Province.

Feiyan was standing next to Yanzhi. She was glaring at her with cold eyes.

"Tsk tsk, Yanzhi Pei, never think you'd end like this today, huh?" Feiyan stared at Yanzhi with intense hatred.

Yanzhi slightly changed her expression and yelled, "Feiyan Pei, my mother saw you as her daughter. I treated you nice enough and even let you become the vice president in my company. Look at you now, this is how you treat me back? Why did you send someone to destroy my family and kidnap me? Are you insane?"

Feiyan looked fierce and growled at her back, "Yanzhi Pei, stop pretending to be a nice person. Don't you and your family treat me nice to make use of me? Besides, you think you can do everything better than me, now watch me destroy you!"

Yanzhi glared at Feiyan with fury. She couldn't believe this chick, whom she had been treating so nicely, was now trying to ruin her life.

"Feiyan, you can ruin me if you're jealous of me, but why did you destroy my entire family!" Yanzhi asked while holding hatred in her eyes.