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Chapter 537: Rescuing Yanzhi Pei

Chapter 537: Rescuing Yanzhi Pei
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"Yanzhi Pei, you think I'm that powerful enough to destroy the Pei Family? Your family was destroyed by my master."

Yanzhi looked astonished and yelled, "Who is your master?"

"He is a super powerful character that is not only good-looking but also formidable."

"Who the heck is he?"

"He doesn't have a name, but people call him the Hell King, one that takes away people's life," Feiyan said admirably.

Hell King?

Yanzhi freaked out as she was pretty sure she's never heard of this name. Why would he want to destroy her? Was she involved with something he had a grudge against?

"Hell King, that absolute jerk dared to wreck my family. I'm going to kill him," Yanzhi suddenly became furious. She wouldn't let go Hell King from her once she got a chance.

"Who is going to kill my master?" At the moment, a giant, tough guy in a black-gown came in.

This giant dude was roughly 6 feet, he looked muscular and full of strength.

Feiyan seemed surprised when she saw the man in black, "Eleven Wang, did you kill Jing Tang yet?"

Eleven shook his head ash he said, "No."

"Why didn't you, Eleven? Our place will be exposed if she gets away."

"I was trying to kill her, but she was saved by a powerful woman. I couldn't beat her so I ran away."

"Eleven, we can't stay here anymore if Jing Tang was saved. Let's get out of here," Feiyan said.

Having become the CEO of the Phoenix Corporation proved that she had a decent amount of cleverness. She knew this place right now would be dangerous to stay in and they had to leave here as soon as possible.

Eleven frowned and asked, "We could leave, but what about this woman?"

Feiyan said with a chilling tone, "Let's kill her."

"Alright, she deserves it for cursing our master," Eleven confirmed and said viciously.

Eleven started to approach Yanzhi with a dagger and was readying himself to kill her.

Yanzhi was terrified seeing the man in black getting closer and closer with murderous intentions. She didn't expect these two people were as cruel as this.

"Go to hell," Eleven waved his dagger and was about to kill her.

Am I going to die here today?

Yanzhi closed her eyes hopelessly while seeing the dagger shoving towards her neck.

Yanzhi suddenly recalled a man in the last second. A man whom she went out with at the amusement park and was unbelievably visible in her mind. Qingfeng Li, his name is Qingfeng Li. She would never be able to see him from now on.


All the sudden, a rock was thrown from far and directly hit on the dagger. The dagger was broken apart and dropped on the ground.

Eleven freaked out when he saw the split dagger. He turned around and yelled, "Who's there?"

"What a cold-blooded animal. who can even try to kill such a lovely beauty," Qingfeng walked in after pushed open the basement door.

Huh? I didn't die?

Yanzhi opened her eyes once she heard the sound. She was amazed when she saw Qingfeng since she didn't expect he would appear right away after she thought about him.

"Qingfeng Li, is that you?" Feiyan looked frightened when she recognized him.

Since Eleven didn't know who Qingfeng was, he yelled at him angrily after he saw his dagger was snapped apart, "Son-of-a-bitch, how dare you break my dagger. You must be tired of living, huh?

Qingfeng replied calmly while folding his hands behind, "The one tired of living is you, not me."

"Brat, if you don't want to live anymore, I can make your dreams come true," Eleven sneered and walked towards Qingfeng, not bothering to hide his murderous intentions.


Eleven growled and punched his right fist forcefully towards Qingfeng's head.

His punch was so robust and swift that it seemed like he was definitely able to kill Qingfeng.

"Watch out, Qingfeng!" Yanzhi freaked out as she tried to warn Qingfeng. She would feel horrible if something went wrong with him today since he came to save her.

Yet, Qingfeng laughed faintly as he didn't take it seriously. As the punch almost reached him, he suddenly kicked Eleven's chest with his right leg, like a flash.


Eleven was kicked out and dropped to the ground harshly. Two of his ribs were snapped. He tried to get back up, but failed since he was severely injured.

Eleven lost his game and his momentum under one attack.

Such invincible power! Eleven was terrified of this man with unbelievable strength.

Meanwhile, Qingfeng ignored Eleven and walked towards Yanzhi.

"Don't come closer, or I'll kill her," Feiyan freaked out when she saw Qingfeng approaching her. She put a small knife on Yanzhi's throat.

Although Feiyan was a weak woman, the sharp knife couldn't be underestimated since it could slit through Yanzhi's throat any second by mistake.

Qingfeng frowned and stopped moving, "Feiyan, drop your knife and I'll let you go, otherwise, you'll die today."

"You can go lie to someone else! I'll not drop my knife. Get out of here now, or I'll kill her," Feiyan threated as she slightly pushed her knife towards Yanzhi's throat, which made Yanzhi bleed.

Qingfeng looked frightened and confirmed, "Alright, I'll leave. Let her go."

Qingfeng turned around and started to walk away. Feiyan looked relieved seeing he left and slightly put down her knife without alert.

However, Feiyan underestimated Qingfeng's speed. Right when she put down the knife, Qingfeng swiftly turned back and rushed to her face in a flash.

It was too late when Feiyan tried to raise her knife back up again. Qingfeng grabbed her throat and completely lifted her up in the air.

"I'll fulfill your will if you're sick of living," Qingfeng was about to kill Feiyan with his murderous power.

Feiyan freaked out when she felt the power from Qingfeng. She looked terrified and was trying to beg for mercy though she couldn't speak anything since she was being choked by Qingfeng.

"Qingfeng, don't kill Feiyan," Yanzhi suddenly said.

"Why not? She almost killed you though," Qingfeng frowned confusedly as he didn't understand why Yanzhi stopped him.

Yanzhi replied with intense hatred, "Feiyan's master destroyed the Pei Family, I figured out it was done by someone called the Hell King. We won't get any info about him if we killed her."