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Chapter 538: Who is the Hell King?

Chapter 538: Who is the Hell King?
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Qingfeng was shocked, "Yanzhi, you said the Pei Family was destroyed by the Hell King?

Yanzhi nodded and said, "right, the Hell King is Feiyan's master. He destroyed the Pei Family and sent Feiyan to take over my CEO position."

Yanzhi was holding intense grudges towards Feiyan at the moment and would have killed her if she didn't need to know who the Hell King was from her. She had no choice but to wait.

Hell King?

Qingfeng frowned as he had never heard of this name. Yet, he could feel chills from this name as if he was destined to be his enemy.


Qingfeng threw Feiyan away while saying indifferently, "I'll get to you later."

Later, Qingfeng walked to Yanzhi and moved her down from the chair after unlashing her.

"Thank you for rescuing me," Yanzhi said gratefully. She knew she would have died if Qingfeng wasn't here.

Qingfeng waved, "No worries, we are friends. Plus, I don't see eye to eye with that bitch either."

"Feiyan Liu, I'll give you the last chance. I can let you go if you tell us who the Hell King is. Otherwise, you won't see the sun tomorrow," Qingfeng ordered aggressively.

Feiyan shivered and looked terrified with a pale face. She didn't want to die.

"I only know his name and that he wears a mask, nothing else," Feiyan said.

Yanzhi suddenly felt an intense anger. She walked up to Feiyan and yelled at her after slapping her face, "Didn't you just say he was handsome? How do you not know what he looks like?"

Feiyan was covering her face and wanted to insult her while feeling the anger in her eyes. "Did this crazy bitch just fucking slap my face?!" However, she couldn't stop shivering and completely gave up her thoughts once she saw Qingfeng was standing next to her.

Although Feiyan wasn't scared of Yanzhi, she was terrified of Qingfeng. This dude must be really close to Yanzhi. Otherwise, he wouldn't risk his life for saving her here.

"Yanzhi, I have really never seen my master's face. I was just picturing his handsome face behind his mask." Feiyan said.

Yanzhi was still mad after hearing what Feiyan said though she was stopped by Qingfeng. "Yanzhi, it's alright, stopping hitting her. She's not lying."

Qingfeng has told Feiyan wasn't lying based on her words and body movements. She'd have told the true if she knew to save herself form death.

"Feiyan, Eleven, get out of here," Qingfeng said to both of them.

Feiyan said surprisingly, "You aren't going to kill us?"

Qingfeng shook his head and said, "Why would I do that if you have never seen him and know little about him."

"Qingfeng, don't regret then," Feiyan felt relieved as she just got out of death.

She stood up and left the basement with Eleven.

Yet, Qingfeng sprinkled some powder on Feiyan before she was about to leave. The powder was small enough that only Qingfeng could detect it.

It was a kind of tracking powder. Qingfeng certainly wouldn't just set Feiyan free like this. He was going to track Feiyan with the powder since she must go to her master after she was released and he could find him out by tracking her.

Yanzhi freaked out and tried to stop Feiyan when she saw she was fleeing, yet, Qingfeng stopped her and explained his trick to her.

Yanzhi looked amazed after hearing what Qingfeng explained, "Qingfeng, you are so smart to think about tracking her with tracking powder."

Qingfeng laughed faintly, "You are in danger now, I need to send you to the hospital. Jing Tang is also there, Red Butterfly can protect you once you are there."

Yanzhi nodded as she was also aware of her situation. She didn't have any relatives now since her whole family had died except her and her brother. Luckily, they escaped. Now, her brother was missing and she was only by herself.

Qingfeng sent Yanzhi to the hospital. When she saw Jing Tang was lying in the bed in the ward, both of them started to cry and hugged together.

"Wolf King, did you find out the assassin behind this?" Red Butterfly Yip asked.

Red Butterfly had a severe admiration of Qingfeng at the moment since Qingfeng could save Yanzhi right away. This was how different the extraordinary Wolf King was.

"Red Butterfly Yip, you stay in the hospital and protect Xue Lin and Yanzhi here. I'm going to follow Feiyan and find the killer," Qingfeng left once he told Red Butterfly what to do.

After he walked out the hospital, he walked towards the Western Sea River following the smell of the tracking powder.

Western Sea River was the largest river in Western Sea City. It ran through a beautiful valley where it was surrounded by numerous villas on both sides.

At the moment, a black-gowned man wearing a mask was sitting on the couch in the first villa. Feiyan and Eleven were both standing in front of him.

Nobody could see what the man looked like under his gown. He was wearing a mask marked "Hell King from the hell" which made him look remarkably intimidating.

This black-gowned man was the Hell King, the life-reaping Hell King. Gloom and chill were lingering, which froze the air around him.

"Master, we failed. Yanzhi was rescued by Qingfeng," Eleven said while shivering since he was apparently terrified of Hell King.

"Why did you come back here if you failed then?" Hell King asked coldly without any emotion, almost like a ghost.

"Head, Qingfeng set us free," Eleven replied.

Hell King suddenly rushed up to Eleven and wrapped his hand around throat after listening to him.

"Please forgive me, master," Eleven freaked out.


Hell King snapped Eleven's neck and threw him aside while staring at him coldly.

"Hell King, why did you kill him?" Feiyan looked horrified with her pale face.

"Failing a mission means he is useless. He deserves to go to hell," Hell King said viciously.

Feiyan freaked out since she might also die for failing the mission. No, I cant die!


Feiyan sat on her knees and bowed to Hell King while begging, "Hell King, Your Majesty, please don't kill me. My plan was disturbed by Qingfeng this time, but I promise I'll kill him for the next mission."