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Chapter 539: Yunchang Xu Was Scammed

Chapter 539: Yunchang Xu Was Scammed
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Hell King liked Feiyan Liu quite a lot. After all, she was a beautiful woman. Just as he was prepared to let her go, he smelled the scent of tracking powder on her body.

"Shit, Qingfeng placed tracking powder on your body," Hell King yelled furiously.


Hell King grabbed Feiyan Liu by the neck. A flash of killer intent appeared in his eyes. He was going to let Feiyan Liu go but that was not an option anymore. If he let her go, Qingfeng would find him through the tracker pollen.

"Master, please don't kill me," Feiyan Liu said fearfully when she felt the killer intent. No matter how influential a person was, they were still afraid of death.


Hell King did not budge when he heard Feiyan Liu's pleas. He reached out his right hand and instantly broke Feiyan Liu's neck. Then, he quickly left the mansion.

Right after Hell King left the mansion, Qingfeng arrived at the mansion.

When Qingfeng pushed open the door of the mansion, he saw Feiyan Liu and Shiyi Wang's body.

"The tracking powder I placed was discovered," Qingfeng said as he furrowed his brows. He was very upset.

He initially wanted to use the tracker pollen to find Feiyan Liu's master. However, Hell King discovered the tracker pollen he placed on Feiyan Liu's body and killed her.

"This Hell King is not a simple character," though Qingfeng cautiously.

Qingfeng searched the entire mansion but did not find any clues regarding ther Hell King. He could only leave disappointedly.

Qingfeng left the mansion and went back to the hospital.

"Your Highness, did you find the culprit behind all this?" Red Butterfly Yip asked. Yanzhi Pei also looked at Qingfeng nervously.

Qingfeng shook his head and said, "No, when I arrived, the Hell King already left. He is not an ordinary character. He could discover the tracking powder I placed. He could also predict danger."

A flash of disappointment appeared in Yanzhi Pei's eyes when she heard Qingfeng's words. She had hoped that Qingfeng would be able to catch Hell King and avenge her. But it seems like that was impossible.

"Yanzhi, don't worry. Even though Hell King got away this time, I will find him and avenge you," Qingfeng comforted her.

"Thank you," Yanzhi Pei thanked Qingfeng sincerely with a forced smile.

Qingfeng initially wanted to invite Yanzhi Pei to Eastern Sea City. However, Yanzhi Pei refused to go to Eastern Sea City. She said that Phoenix Sky Corporation was situated in Western Sea City. Since Feiyan Liu was dead, she had to take over the reins at the company.

Qingfeng could not do anything since Yanzhi Pei did not want to go. He asked Red Butterfly Yip to dispatch some members of the Dragon Fang team to secretly protect Yanzhi Pei in Beiyang City.

After Qingfeng settled everything, Qingfeng and Xue Lin went back to the hotel to look for Yunchang Xu.

However, they were faced with trouble when they arrived at the hospital. Yunchang Xu was captured by a thug in his room.

The thug was around 20 years old. He had multicolored hair and a tattoo on his elbow.

"Old man, you hooked up with my girlfriend. Pay up," The thug said with disdain.

Yunchang Xu's body trembled in anger. He said angrily, "You're sprouting nonsense. I never did such a thing. The woman entered my room herself. It was none of my business."

The thug was dazed for a moment. He said, "Old man, let me ask you. Didn't you call and request my girlfriend to come?"

"I was uncomfortable so I called for massage services. I found the number on the hotel's name card."

"Old man, I don't believe your words. You called my girlfriend and hooked up with her. Pay up quickly."

"You are trying to scam me. I am not going to give you any money."

"I will teach you a lesson if you refuse to pay up," The thug smiled coldly as he walked to Yunchang Xu's side. He grabbed onto his collar and prepared to give him a beating.

This was the scene Qingfeng and Xue Lin saw when they walked into the room.

"Let go of Director Xu," Qingfeng said to the thug.

The thug grabbed onto Xunchang Xu's collar but did not let go. He said loudly, "I am not going to let go unless you guys pay up."

"Qingfeng this thug is trying to exploit me. This is what happened…" Yunchang Xu quickly retold the happenings when he saw Qingfeng.

Qingfeng furrowed his brows when he heard Yunchang Xu's words. Yunchang Xu must have walked into a trap.

It was common for conspiracies and traps to take place at a hotel.

Many hotels would place cards in their guest rooms. There would be the contact information of women on the cards. The card listed massage services but often xxoo services were provided. Traps were also common.

Qingfeng understood that Yunchang Xu contacted a massage service to relieve his discomfort. However, he fell into a trap.

"I will give you a chance. Let go of Director Xu and get out. Or else, I will teach you a lesson," Qingfeng said coldly.

"Fellow, who the heck are you? Give me 10,000 Yuan or I won't let go," The thug said arrogantly.

"10,000 Yuan is too little. I want 20,000 Yuan in compensation," The yellow-haired woman next to him said.

The blonde-haired woman was in her twenties. She wore heavy make-up and it was clear that she was not a proper woman.

The woman was the thug's girlfriend. They had teamed up to trick Yunchang Xu.

Qingfeng was filled with rage when he thought of this couple. He stepped towards the blonde-haired woman and slapped her across her face.


Qingfeng slapped her across her face. Her face instantly swelled up and she fell to the ground.

"Thug, how dare you hit me? Brother Wei, beat up him!" The blonde-haired woman said to the thug as she held onto her face.

The thug was furious when he saw that his girlfriend was slapped. How dare this bastard hit his girlfriend?

The thug let go of Yunchang Xu and walked towards Qingfeng. He waved his fist towards Qingfeng's chest. He wanted to teach this fellow a lesson.


Qingfeng kicked the thug to the ground and broke his arm.

The thug moaned painfully and looked at Qingfeng with fear. This young man was too strong. He was no match for him.

"Shut-up. I will break your legs if you continue to moan," Qingfeng said viciously.

The thug shut his mouth when he heard Qingfeng's words. His face was ghastly pale. Immense pain radiated from his elbow. Sweat dripped from his forehead.

"You guys caused a scare to Director Xu. Give us 20,000 Yuan as compensation," Qingfeng said coldly.

The thug and blonde-haired fellow exchanged fearful glances. They wanted to scam Yunchang Xu but they were being scammed now.