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Chapter 540: Leaving Beiyang, Returning to Eastern Sea City

Chapter 540: Leaving Beiyang, Returning to Eastern Sea City
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"Big brother, we don’t have 200,000 Yuan," The hooligan said fearfully.

He was very scared of Qingfeng right now. Qingfeng had broken his arm just by stepping on it. Qingfeng power was too powerful. He was not a match for Qingfeng.

"You don’t have money? Very well, I will break both of your legs. You will spend the rest of your life in wheelchair," Qingfeng said coldly.

"Big brother, please dont break my legs. I will pay up," The hooligan said fearfully. He knew that the young man before him was not joking. He will break his legs if he don't pay up.

The hooligan took out all the money he had himself. He only had thousands of Yuan. Then, he took out all the money from the blonde-haired girl. In total, they had 100,000 Yuan. They still need 100,000 Yuan.

"Big brother, we only have 100,000 Yuan right now," The hooligan said fearfully as he gave Qingfeng the money he had.

"I was about to break both of your legs. Since you have 100,000 Yuan, I will break one of your legs," Qingfeng said as he kicked viciously towards the hooligan’s leg.


The hooligan moaned painfully as he leg was broken. He then passed out from the pain. The blonde-haired woman frozen with fear. She was scared out of her mind.

Qingfeng grabbed the 100,000 Yuan. Then, he left the hotel with Xue Lin and Yunchang Xu.

Qingfeng had a lot money; he did not care about the 100,000 Yuan. Hover, he had to teach the hooligan a lesson since he was trying to scam Yunchang Xu.

"Qingfeng, thank you so much today. Or my reputation would be ruined," Yunchang Xu said gratefully.

Even though Yunchang Xu was old, he had a clear head. He could tell that the couple were thugs. They not only wanted to scam him, they also want to ruin his reputation.

Qingfeng said with a smile, "Director Xu, these people are the lowlives of society. Be careful in the future when you live at hotels."

Yunchang Xu nodded in understanding. He would never dial the number on the name cards in a hotel again.

Qingfeng got on the car and drove towards ES City.

They arrived at ES City at 8pm.

ES City was bustling with activity in the night. Many nocturnal people came out to have fun.

Qingfeng drove Yunchang Xu home before returning with Xue Lin to Noble Palace.

Since it was already the evening, Xue Lin did not want to go out for dinner. So, Qingfeng made her a bowl of stir-fry sliced meat noodles.

"Qingfeng, thank you so much. If it was not for you, the company would be threatened by Feiyan Liu," Xue Lin said gratefully.

"You are my wife. It is my duty to help you," Qingfeng said with a smile.

Xue Lin smiled happily when she heard Qingfeng’s words.

They had spent the entire day travelling between the two cities so they were both tired. After dinner, Xue Lin went upstairs and went to sleep.

Qingfeng washed the dishes and cleaned up. Then, he returned to his bedroom.

Bedroom on the first floor.

Qingfeng turned on his computer and entered a mysterious chatroom. A huge Wolf head flickered across the screen. Then, Alice’s beautiful face appeared on the screen.

"Alice, I need to talk to you," Qingfeng said when he was connected with alice.

"Boss, you don't contact me often ever since you became married. Did you forget about me?" Alice said bitterly as she fluttered her lashes.

Qingfeng rolled his eyes speechlessly. He naturally knew that this woman liked him but he couldn't marry her.

"Alice, recently, the Pei Family of the Capital was annihilated. Do you know who was responsible?"

"Boss, I don't know. But i have intel that Hell King was responsible. Hell King is very strong. He must at least be a Level SSS fighter."

"Who is Hell King? Can you figure it out?"

"I’m sorry boss. Hell King is extremely mysterious. We can’t figure out his identity," Alice said.

Wolf Fang Team’s intel was extremely powerful. But they were unable to figure out Hell King’s identity. It appeared that Hell King was very strong.

Qingfeng fell into silence. Things were complicated if even his team could not figure out Hell King’s identity.

Even though his previous enemies were difficult, he was always able to figure out their identity. But now, they were unable to figure out Hell King’s identity.

"Boss, we can’t figure out who Hell King is but we found out that another King wants to find trouble with you," Alice said worriedly.

"Which King?"

"The Eagle King of the Eagle Continent. He is friends with Tiger King. He probably wants to avenge Tiger King."

"Don't worry. Not even Tiger King was not my opponent. Eagle King is nothing," Qingfeng said confidently.

Alice’s expression became more serious when she saw Qingfeng’s confident manner.

"Boss, be careful. From our intel, Eagle King seems to have obtained some genetic medicine. It is a clone medication that will make multiple clones of himself."

If there was only a single Eagle King, Alice would not be worried. But there could be many Eagle Kings.

In the dark underworld, some fighters also used external sources such as genetic solutions to improve their bodies and obtain immense power.

The human genetic sequence was very complex. Clone, power, speed are all attainable with genetic solutions.

However, these medications were very rare. It was held in the hands of a mysterious force. They did not expect Eagle King to be able to obtain it.

Qingfeng also became serious when he heard Alice’s words. He has natural heard of genetic solution. From his understanding, it was extremely rare and only powerful forces had access to it.

Even though Qingfeng was the Wolf King, he did not have access to genetic solution. This was a testament to the solution’s rarity.

As for Eagle King, Qingfeng knew that he was one of the Seven Kings of the World.

"Alice, pay attention to Eagle King’s tracks. Let me know if you have any news of him," Qingfeng said.

He needed to be careful of Eagle King. Qingfeng did not fear him but he was scared that he would assassinate Xue Lin.

Alice nodded. Just as she was about to turn off the video chat, Qingfeng said, "Wait."

"Boss, is there anything else?" Alice asked.

Qingfeng nodded and said, "Other than Eagle King, try to figure out Hell King’s identity. He is not a pushover either."

"Okay, boss," Qingfeng said with a smile before turning off the video chat.

Qingfeng lied on the bed and could not fall asleep. He felt that danger was about to arrive.