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Chapter 541: Eagle King of the Eagle Continent

Chapter 541: Eagle King of the Eagle Continent
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Eagle Continent was one of the 7 continents of the Earth. It was surrounded by the deep blue ocean.

At the moment, on the ocean, a young man was directing a small boat on the ocean.

The young man was in his twenties. He had blonde hair and blue eyes. He had a high nose bridge. It was clear from his features that he was a Caucasian.

The ocean was a dangerous place. There were many monsters that lived in the ocean such as sharks, whales, giant squids and eels.

However, the young man directed the small boat without fear.


A huge shark jumped out from the ocean and tried to swallow the young man with a single gulp.

The sharp was at least 10 meters long and was even longer than the boat. It could even swallow the boat without difficulty.

"Courting death."

The young man yelled and punched his left arm towards the shark's tooth. His fist had amazing power and pierced the air.


The strong shark teeth was broken by the man with a single fist. Blood travelled down the shark's mouth.


The young man swung his fist towards the shark's head and punched a hole through its head. The shark screamed painfully. Instantly, it fell into the ocean and died of blood loss.

The shark was huge so it naturally had a lot of blood. Its blood soon stained the entire ocean.

Sharks typically travelled in packs. They were extremely sensitive to the smell of blood. A pack of sharks swam over when they smelled the blood scent.

There must be at least a dozen sharks. They swam forward and soon devoured the dead shark.

Even though they ate a shark, the dozen sharks were not satisfied. The dozen sharks surrounded the boat. They wanted to devour the young man.

The young man's expression darkened. HE could deal with a single shark or even two sharks. He could even defeat a dozen sharks if they battled one to one.

However, if the dozen sharks pounced on him together and tore apart the boat, he would definitely die.

The young man smiled coldly and said to someone at the end of the boat, "I need your help."

"Alright," An identical voice was heard.

Then, a man who looked identical to the young man appeared. He was lying at the end of the boat but no one found him. It was clear that the young man was great at hiding.

If a photographer was here, he would be stunned to see two identical man. Their appearance were the same and they wore the same clothes. They were the mirror image of each other.

Truthfully, the man at the other end of the boat was the same person as the young man. His was a clone of Eagle King.

Eagle King had obtained the clone medication and cloned multiple copies of himself. His clone at the end of boat was only one of them. After obtaining immense power, he traveled out from Eagle Continent to seek revenge from the Wolf King.

After all, the Tiger King helped him obtain the cloning technology a long time ago. He owed the Tiger King a favor. Now that the Tiger King was killed by the Wolf King, he had to avenge the Tiger King.

There was an Eagle King at the head and ends of the boat. They did not have to fear the attacks of the sharks any longer.

~Swoosh swoosh swoosh!

A dozen sharks jumped from the ocean and bit towards Eagle King. They wanted to devour him.

Unfortunately, they picked the wrong fight. The Eagle King was the King of Eagle Continent. How could he be killed so easily?

~Boom boom boom

The two men attacked the sharks. They killed a shark with each punch. In ten minutes, the dozen ferocious sharks were all dead.

Their bodies floated on the ocean. The surrounding ocean was stained red. The other aquatic animals all swam away fearfully.

Eagle king looked at the sharks and smiled coldly.

"Wolf King, here I come," Eagle King smiled coldly and directed the small boat towards Huaxia. He was going to kill Wolf King in Huaxia.

The next day, Qingfeng woke up at 5 am. He had to make breakfast.

He had no clue as to what happened at the Eagle Continent last night. But he could feel danger approaching him.

Qingfeng arrived at the kitchen and opened the fridge. He took out rice, Chinese yam, lyceum, dates and prepared to make a pot of porridge. This porridge was delicious and nutritious. It would be very beneficial for Xue Lin.

When the porridge was almost ready, Qingfeng placed in some sugar and cooked it on low heat for 20 minutes. He used this time to cook a meat dish and a vegetarian dish. The meat dish was green pepper with sliced meat while the other dish was stir-fry cabbage.

when Xue Lin woke up, Qingfeng had just finished making the food.

"It smells delicious," Xue Lin said.

Qingfeng smiled and said, "Go and wash your hands. Then come and eat."

Qingfeng smiled charmingly and went to get ready. Then, she started eating with Qingfeng.

Qingfeng's cooking was delicious. Soon, the two finished the breakfast.

"I want to find you a bodyguard," Qingfeng said after finishing the porridge.


Xue Lin furrowed her brows and asked, "Why?"

"I can sense danger approaching. It would be safer to get you a bodyguard," Qingfeng explained.

It was impossible for Qingfeng to follow Xue Lin every day. Xue Lin almost died when she was kidnapped by Tiger King. Qingfeng was worried and learned from that lesson.

Xue Lin thought about Qingfeng's words. She had bodyguards in the past. But they were all guys. It was inconvenient to have a male bodyguard especially when she needed to go to the washroom or shower.

Female bodyguards were rare. They were all taken by powerful powers and companies. Xue Lin could not find a suitable female bodyguard with her net worth.

"Qingfeng, its okay for me to get a bodyguard. But I don't want a male bodyguard, I only want a female bodyguard," Xue Lin said.

"Of course, I don't want a man to follow my wife all day. I will die from jealousy," Qingfeng said with a smile.

Truthfully, Qingfeng had an ideal candidate in his mind -- Ziyi Miao.

Ziyi Miao was Qingfeng's follower. She would not betray him. Furthermore, she was very strong. She was the ideal candidate to protect Xue Lin.