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Chapter 542: Ziyi Miao As the Bodyguard

Chapter 542: Ziyi Miao As the Bodyguard
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"I will find you a suitable bodyguard," Qingfeng said.

He could feel the danger approaching so he did not want to waste any more time. He called Ziyi Miao and asked her to come to his mansion.

Ziyi Miao quickly arrived at the mansion when she received Qingfeng’s call.

Qingfeng opened the door when he heard the knocks on the door. He opened the door and saw Ziyi Miao standing at the door with her leather whip. She looked charming and pretty.

"Master, why did you call me?" Ziyi Miao asked.

Qingfeng pointed at Xue Lin and said, "She is my wife. You will be responsible for protecting her. Do you understand?"

"Yes, master," Ziyi Miao nodded. Then she walked to Xue Lin’s side.

Xue Lin became cautious when she saw Ziyi Miao’s pretty face, especially when she heard Ziyi Miao referring to Qingfeng as ‘Master’. However, she could only repress her discomfort in her heart since Ziyi Miao was here to protect her.

Qingfeng became much more relaxed with Ziyi Miao by Xue Lin’s side. Qingfeng was confident in Ziyi Miao’s abilities. Anyone below the level of a King would not be Ziyi Miao’s match. Even if she met a King, Ziyi Miao could still have a chance against him.

Qingfeng drove the car and brought Xue Lin and Ziyi Miao to work. On the way, Qingfeng explained Xue Lin’s frequent activity areas to Ziyi Miao.

Xue Lin had made a bet with Ruyan Liu to be the richest woman in Huaxia within a year. The loser would never see Qingfeng again. To defeat Ruyan Liu, Xue Lin worked extra hard. She immersed herself in work right after she got to the office.

Qingfeng showed Ziyi Miao around the office so that she could protect Xue Lin better.

After Ziyi Miao familiarized herself with the office, Qingfeng asked her to stay in Xue Lin’s office. He then returned to the Sales Department.

The company was developing rapidly. There were many companies who had partnerships with Ice Snow Corporation. The manufactured jewelry was sold in the entire Hujiang Province and even sold in other provinces.

Qingfeng held a document in his hand. The document was a fax from Tianjing City Qing Cheng Corporation. They wanted to order a shipment of jewels worth a few hundred million Yuan.

They also specified that they wanted Qingfeng to personally go to Qing Cheng Corporation to discuss the partnership.

Qingfeng was puzzled. He did not know anyone from the Coporation. It would be more understandable if this was a request from Phoenix Corporation since the CEO was Yanzhi Pei. He did not understand the request of Qing Cheng Corporation.

Qingfeng found some information about Qing Cheng Corporation online. He was stunned to discover that it was a top 10 company in Huaxia. The company was involved in real estate, tourism, cinema. It was worth billion of Yuan.

Tianjing was a big city in Northern Huaxia. Similar to the Capital, it was an important city of the North. It was a city of economic activity and very modern. There were many millionaires and billionaires in the city.

Tianjiang was an international city. There were also many international citizens who lived in the city. At Tianjing, you could see people from all over the world.

For some reason, Qingfeng was unrested when he saw the information about Qing Cheng Corporation. He innately sensed that the company was not simple.

Qingfeng gathered information about the company the entire morning.

When it was time for lunch, his phone rang. It was a call from Ruyan Liu.

"Ruyan, what’s the matter?" Qingfeng asked.

"I want to open a Chinese medicine company. Come and have a look," Ruyan Liu said.

Qingfeng nodded and said, "alright, I will go and find you."

Qingfeng gave xyz his vacation request. Then, he left the office and headed towards Liu Corporation.

Ruyan Liu was already waiting for him outside of Liu Corporation when he arrived.

Ruyan Liu wore a white dress today. She wore a white loose fitting dress as it was more comfortable than a tight fitting red dress.

"You gained weight again from eating too much?" Qingfeng asked Ruyan Liu with a smile.

Qingfeng was quite confused. In the past, Ruyan Liu had a very slim figure but she was gaining weight. Of course, she was still very pretty after she gained weight.

"Don't say that," Ruyan Liu said as she pinched Qingfeng’s elbow.

Women were obsessed with their looks. They hated it when people said they were fat. They lovd a slim figure.

"okokok, you are not fat. You are very slim," Qingfeng said speechlessly. He thought, "Sigh, women loved to listen to lies. They get mad when you speak the truth."

"Qingfeng, I am going to invest 500 million Yuan in a Chinese medicine company that will compete with Xue Lin."

Qingfeng’s expression was bitter. He knew that Ruyan Liu was up to no good.

"Ruyan, can you get along peacefully with Xue Lin?" Qingfeng asked with hope.

Ruyan Liu shook her head and said, "That’s impossible. We can never get along. Women are all selfish. No one wants to share a man with another woman."

Qingfeng’s head hurt when he heard Ruyan Liu’s words. These two women were natural enemies. They fought whenever they met. They even fought when they did not meet.

Qingfeng was stuck between these two women. It was not a great feeling. He liked both of them. Sigh, what a headache.

"Ruyan, why did you choose to open a Chinese medicine company?" Qingfeng asked.

In modern society, more people believed and chose to seek western medical help. Not many people went to see an ancient Chinese doctor.

Ruyan Liu smiled faintly and said, "Western medicine is too competitive. It is controlled by big companies. I choose Chinese medicine since there is less competition. If I succeed, I have a chance to be the richest woman in Huaxia."

Qingfeng nodded in agreement. It would not be a business opportunity if many people were aware of it.

Liu Corporation was not involved in Chinese medicine. It was involved in hotel and real estate. She did not want to choose a field that her family was involved in as she would receive special treatment.

Ruyan Liu was a prideful woman. She chose an unfamiliar field to defeat Xue Lin so that Xue Lin would recognize her ability. She was the only woman who could stand by Qingfeng’s side.

When a woman met their enemy in love, they would release amazing potential. This was true for Xue Lin and Ruyan Liu.