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Chapter 543: All Well Herb Market

Chapter 543: All Well Herb Market
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Ruyan Liu drove the car and brought Qingfeng towards All Well Herb Market.

All Well Herb Market was situated in the rural areas of ES City. It was more than a hundred acres and the largest Chinese herb medicine market in ES City. All companies who bought Chinese herbs in ES City would obtain their supplies from the market.

Even the companies from the entire Hujiang Province would obtain their supplies here.

The company’s motto was "honest dealings, no shady business."

30 minutes later, Qingfeng and Ruyan Liu arrived at All Well Herb Market.

"Wow, there’s so many Chinese herbs here."

Qingfeng immediately saw a large amount of herbs when he arrived at the market. There was: codonopsis, eucommia, gastrodia, white peony root, polygonum, wolfberry, ginseng, cordyceps sinensis and more..

Qingfeng did a quick count and discovered there must be at least thousands of herbs here. The herbs emitted a strong herbal scent.

The herb market was very busy. The surrounding merchants all purchased their herbs from the market.

All Well Herb Market was a free market. There were more than a thousand suppliers here. Each supplier hand many types of herbs. Some were large suppliers while others were small suppliers.

"Ruyan, what kind of Chinese herbs do you want to get? What kind of ancient Chinese medicine are you thinking of making?"

In order to open a Chinese herb company, one needed to have a recipes and projects. Chinese herbs can’t be taken carelessly or it could be toxic.

Ruyan Liu smiled slightly and said, "I am going to start with nutrition supplements. I want to make a batch of weight loss herbal tea."

Weight loss herbal tea?

Qingfeng was dazed for a moment. Then, he glanced approvingly at Ruyan Liu. One had to admit that Ruyan Liu was very clever. She quickly grasped onto the core of manufacturing Chinese herbal medicine.

Even though the competition within the Chinese medicine market was not as fierce as the western medicine market, many Chinese medicine recipes were the same. It would be difficult to compete with other companies using the same formula. However, weight loss herbal tea could be a way to enter the market.

In modern society, with the improvement in quality of life, there was an increase in obesity. Thus, there was a market for weight loss herbal tea. This was especially true for women, who were more concerned about their appearance and weight.

"Manufacturing a weight loss herbal tea is a good project. Do you have a recipe?" Qingfeng asked.

Ruyan Liu nodded as she handed over the recipe to Qingfeng. She said, "I bought this recipe from a weight loss professor. Have a look."

Qingfeng looked at the herbal recipe. It said, "100g of lotus seeds, 100g of honey, 300g of hawthorn, 300g of distilled water."

Qingfeng asked, "How much money did you spend on buying this recipe?"

"5 million dollars," Ruyan Liu said.

"This recipe is not worth that much money. It is at most worth 1 million dollars. There’s something wrong with the recipe too."

"What? There’s something wrong? Is it a fake recipe?"

"It’s not a fake recipe but an ingredient is missing so the weight loss benefits would be much lower," Qingfeng said.

Qingfeng was a godly doctor. He could treat people and he also had a broad knowledge about Chinese herbs. Furthermore, he was often injured during his past missions. Thus, he made all kinds of Chinese herbs to improve his body and recover from his wounds.

Qingfeng explained, "You forgot that I am an awesome doctor. I have a deep understanding of all kinds of Chinese herbs."

Ruyan Liu’s eyes lit up. She suddenly remembered that Qingfeng could treat all kinds of diseases. He could have a neven deeper understanding of Chinese herbal medicine than the weight loss professor.

"Qingfeng, what herbs are missing?" Ruyan Liu asked quickly.

"You are missing sanako from the recipe," Qingfeng said.


A flash of puzzlement appeared in her eyes. Clearly, she had not heard of this Chinese herbs. After all, she has never studied Chinese herbs before.

Qingfeng could tell that Ruyan Liu knew nothing about the herb. He explained, "Sanako is a root of a plant. Th root is digged out every year between December and march. Then, it is washed and sliced. It will help to cure digestion problems and help to burn calories."

Ruyan Liu’s eyes were filled with happiness when she heard Qingfeng’s explanation. She felt that she had made the right decision to bring Qingfeng along today. She would know nothing if she came alone.

"Qingfeng, is this recipe still usable then? Ruyan Liu asked.

"I will add 300g of Sanako to the recipe. The weight loss potential will be doubled. It is naturally still usable," Qingfeng said with a smile.

With the extra Sanako, the weight loss benefit of the tea would be doubled.

Ruyan Liu was extremely excited. She walked along the stores of All Well Herb Market to find the best herbs.

They walked for a while before entering the head store of All Well Herb Market.

The store was majestic and least 100 square feet. There were more than 3000 kinds of herbs displayed in the store. The store was the biggest supplier of All Well Herb Market.

"Beauty, what kind of herbs do you need?" A young man with a buzz cut asked Ruyan Liu. He wore a suit.

The young man was a sales associate at the store. He quickly approached Ruyan Liu when he saw her because of her beauty and chose to ignore Qingfeng.

"I need, lotus seeds, honey, hawthorn and sanako. Do you guys have it here?" Ruyan Liu asked with a faint smile.

She did not mention the 300g of distilled water to protect the recipe and also because the company already had distilled water.

"Beauty, we have everything you need but the price is more expensive. Lotus seeds is 100dollars/pound honey is 50 dollars/pound, Hawthorn is 5 dollars/pound, sanako is 30 dollars/pound," The young man replied.

Qingfeng did not have a deep understand of herbal prices so she looked at Qingfeng for help.

Qingfeng furrowed his brows. He said, "The prices are slightly expensive."

He often bought Chinese herbs in the past so he had a thorough understanding of herbal prices.

The prices the young man listed were at list double the price of other stores.

"Even though the prices at our store is more expensive, but our herbs are all authentic. There are too many fake herbs in the other stores."

Qingfeng looked at the herbs in the stores and discovered that he was speaking the truth. There were no fake herbs in the store.

Even though the herbs were real, the price was clearly too high. Ruyan Liu’s company might not be able to make a profit from the weight loss tea if the cost of their supplies were so high.