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Chapter 544: Conflict When Purchasing Herbs

Chapter 544: Conflict When Purchasing Herbs
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Even though Ruyan Liu did not know much about Chinese herbs, she trusted Qingfeng. If Qingfeng said that the herbs were too expensive, the herbs must be too expensive.

"I need a large amount of these herbs. Can you give me a cheaper price?’ Ruyan Liu asked.

The young man furrowed his brows and said, "Beauty, I would like to give you a cheaper price but these are the price of the store. I can’t change the price either."

He was only a sales associate at the store. The person who could make the decision was the manager.

Ruyan Liu naturally knew this. She was a businesswoman. She said, "Please call your manager. I will talk to him."

The young man nodded and went into a room at the back. Then, a fat middle-aged man in a suit appeared.

The fat man’s name was Dacai Sun. He was the manager of the store.

What a beautiful woman.

Dacai Sun’s eyes lit up when he saw Ruyan Liu. He has been a manager here for many years and has never seen such a beautiful woman. She was like a fairy who walked out of a painting.

"Beauty, I hear that you are looking to buy Chinese herbs?" Dacai Sun asked Ruyan Liu with a wide smile.

Ruyan Liu nodded and said, "Yes, I need large amounts of lotus seeds, honey, hawthorn and sanako.Your price is too expensive, can you give me a discount?"

Dacai Sun’s eyes gleamed and he said, "Of course, but you have to promise me something."

"What?" Ruyan Liu asked with a frown.

"I will give you a cheaper price if eat dinner with me tonight," Dacai Sun said with a smile.

Dacai Sun was a big pervert. He often bullied the female customers of the store. Some of the female customers would have dinner with him and give him some advantages for a store discount.

Because of his past successful attempts, Dacai Sun’s actions have become bolder. He would try to get some advantages from any beauties who walked into the store. He had set his eyes on Ruyan Liu.

What? Have dinner with my girlfriend?

Qingfeng’s anger was ignited. He was well aware of Dacai Sun’s perverted intentions.

"Dacai Sun, she is my girlfriend. You want to have dinner with her?" Qingfeng said coldly.

Dacai Sun only noticed Qingfeng then. He glanced at him and discovered that Qingfeng was dressed plainly. Qingfeng did not seem like a rich guy so Dacai Sun said, "If you want a cheaper price, the only way is for your girlfriend to have dinner with me. I won’t give a discount any other way."

"Dacai Sun, who do you think you are?," Qingfeng said with a cold smile as he walked towards Dacai Sun.

At the moment, he was furious. He has decided to teach Dacai Sun a lesson.

"Fellow, this is my territory. What do you want to do?" Qingfeng said loudly when he saw Qingfeng walking towards him.

"I am going to give you a beating. A bastard like you must have taken advantage of countless women. I will help avenge them today," Qingfeng said coldly.

Dacai Sun’s expression changed. He finally realized that Qingfeng wanted to give him a beating.

"Fellow, I am warning you. This is my territory. If you dare to touch me, you are not going to walk out of this store today," Dacai Sun threatened.


Qingfeng waved his hand towards Dacai Sun’s face. Instantly, Dacai Sun’s face swelled up. A few tooth flew out of his teeth and there was blood at the corner of his mouth.

Qingfeng’s punch was filled with power because he was furious.

"Bastard, you dare to hit me?" Dacai Sun said angrily.

Qingfeng did not reply. He kicked Dacai Sun’s stomach with his leg. Dacai Sun was sent flying 8 meters away and fell heavily to the ground. He moaned in pain but could not get up.

The commotion was quite loud and attracted the attention of everyone in the store. Everyone gathered around them to witness the spectacle.

These customers were from a dozen different cities. Some were citizens of ES City while others were from other cities. But they were all dissatisfied with Dacai Sun since Dacai Sun would either charge them an expensive price or harass their female partners.

However, the store was the largest store in the Market. It had the biggest selection of herbs and some specialty herbs that other stores did not stock. Thus, the customers have no choice but to purchase the herbs from this store.

The customers applauded in their heart when they saw Qingfeng giving Dacai Sun a beating. However, they were also worried for Qingfeng since this was Dacai Sun’s territory.

"Security, security! This guy gave me a beating. Beat him up!" Dacai Sun said to the security guards of the store.

The dozen security guards rushed towards Qingfeng and encompassed him when they heard Dacai Sun’s words.

Everyone’s expression changed when they saw the sight. They could predict the sad fate of the young man. A dozen men vs one man. Even if Qingfeng did not die, he would be lying in the hospital bed for a few months.

"Young man. Are you scared now? If you beg on your knees for my forgiveness and ask your girlfriend to have dinner for me, I will let you go today. But I will still break one of your legs," Dacai Sun said when he saw Qingfeng surrounded by the dozen security guards.
"Break my leg? You should take a good look at yourself. You are as fat as a pig. i want to puke when I look at you," Qingfeng insulted.

Fat Pig? You dare to call me a pig?

Dacai Sun was mad. Even though he was fat, he hated it when others called him fat.

"Go, go and break this fellow’s leg," Dacai Sun said to the security guards.

"Yes, manager," The dozen security guards replied. They were hired by the store so they naturally had to obey the manager’s words.

The dozen security guards held the batons and swung their batons viciously towards Qingfeng.

The surrounding people had looks of pity. They thought that Qingfeng would suffer heavy injuries very soon. Even though they pitied Qingfeng, they were not prepared to interfere since they were just customers of the store. They were not a match for the tall and strong security guards.

"You guys are looking to die." Qingfeng’s eyes flashed coldly as he looked at the security guards.

Qingfeng’s body moved like a flash of lightning. In an instant, he arrived before the first security. Amidst the security’s stunned gaze, he grabbed onto the security guard’s baton.