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Chapter 545: Miss Qingcheng Xia

Chapter 545: Miss Qingcheng Xia
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"Release my baton." The first guard screamed nervously because he couldn't get his baton back from Qingfeng Li no matter how hard he tried.

Qingfeng Li increased the force in his right hand and snapped the baton in half. He used the half-end of the stick to hit the guard and break his ribcage. The guard got forced back a couple of meters.

He was able to break the baton in half; such monstrous strength. The crowds around them were all surprised.

Qingfeng Li didn't have the time to see what the crowds were feeling. He picked up the broken baton and started hitting the guards.

Qingfeng Li was extremely quick and the guards didn't have time to react. After getting hit by Qingfeng Li, the guards' arms, legs, and ribcages were all broken and got forced back. They all fell to the ground and their bodies were painted with blood.

The crowds' mouths were all opened because they were filled with disbelief. They thought Qingfeng Li was going to be castigated by the guards, but the guards were reprimanded by him instead.
Qingfeng Li smiled and walked towards Dacai Sun.

"You. What do you want?" Dacai Sun said with fear.

"What do you think. You just asked your guards to break my legs off. Now it is time for me to return the favor." Qingfeng Li smiled, but his smile was like the devil. Everyone was shivering in fear.
Dacai Sun screamed in pain because Qingfeng Li broke his legs.

The crowd went pale after seeing the painful look on Dacai Sun's face. The young man in front of them was too scary.

"What happened here?" after hearing the quarrels, a female voice asked.

A beautiful and slender girl in purple cape walked out.

Not only was the girl beautiful, she had two huge tits. They looked like they might burst out from her dress in any second.

There was a white elder behind the girl. The elder was dressed in Tang suit. His eyes were lit up, hands were rough with calluses, and was emitting powerful presence.

"Miss Qingcheng Xia, this man was making trouble and broke my legs. You have to avenge me." Dacai Sun begged after he saw the girl.

Qingcheng Xia, the young miss of the All Well Corporation, was extremely beautiful.

The All Well Corporation was one of the top 500 corporations of Huaxia. It had businesses involved with hospitals, Chinese medicine suppliers, and hospitality machinery. It was extremely famous.
All Well Medicine was an enterprise under the All Well Corporation. Qingcheng Xia was here today to check out on how the business was doing. She didn't think someone would be here making troubles.

"Mister, you hit our manager Sun and our guards. I only request that you to apologize and pay up one million as punishment." Qingcheng Xia said.

Qingcheng Xia was the mistress of All Well Corporation, naturally she knew how to maintain the company's reputation. She did everything to benefit her company.


Qingfeng Li's brows tensed up and said: miss Qingcheng Xia. Why should I apologize. Even though you are beautiful, you shouldn't be saying non-sense.

"Mister, it is wrong to hit people. how was I saying non-sense?"

"Then did you know why I hit manager Sun and the guards?"

"No, I do not."

"Then let me tell you. I came here to buy medicine, but your manager said he needed to have a date with my girlfriend in order to make the price cheaper. Is this how you run your company?" Qingfeng Li smirked and said.

After hearing what Qingfeng Li said, Qingcheng Xia tensed her brows. She obviously didn't know.

"Manager Sun, is what the man said true?" Qingcheng Xia asked.

"Mistress, I..." Dajie Sun didn't know how to explain.

As the mistress of the All Well Corporation, Qingcheng Xia was smart. She knew from the tone of Dacai Sun that what Qingfeng Li said might be true.

Even though she was thinking in terms of the company, she was a person with morale. She was feeling uncomfortable because she knew what her manager did was wrong.

"Qingcheng Xia, shouldn't you apologize since you guys were wrong?" Qingfeng Li said with his hands behind his back.

Qingcheng Xia didn't know what to say. Even though they were wrong and she was shameful, she couldn't apologize to Qingfeng Li in front of everyone because of her role.

"Mister it was Dacai Sun that was wrong, not our mistress. It's not right to ask us to apologize." The elder behind Qingcheng Xia walked out and said.

The elder was extremely skillful and knew that Qingfeng Li wasn't a simple man. Thus why he came out to help his mistress.

"You guys had to pay for your wrong. Dacai Sun is under your mistress and your mistress wasn't able to manage her subordinates. It is normal for the mistress to apologize."

"Leave now and I won't say another word. Or else don't blame me if I was to hurt you."

"Does that mean you want to fight me as well? I don't think your old body can take it though." Qingfeng Li smiled and humiliated him.

There was no way that Qingfeng Li was going to leave. It didn't matter even if he was facing the CEO of the corporation.

The white elder's eyes were filled with rage. No one dared to talk to him like this in years.
Everyone had been respectful to them and Qingfeng Li was the first one to look down at them.

"Since you don't know what you are saying, let me teach you a lesson today." The white elder started emitting powerful presence and walked towards Qingfeng Li.

The elder hounded and flew straight to Qingfeng Li. He left a footmark on the floor.
S level master, not bad, Qingfeng Li said to himself. To be honest, Qingcheng Xia wasn't someone normal if she had an S level master guard.

But, no matter how reputable Qingcheng Xia was, Qingfeng Li didn't care.

Qingfeng Li wasn't moving and looked at the attack of the elder fearlessly.

The crowd was confused regarding why Qingfeng Li didn't dodge. Maybe he was scared out of his mind, but it didn't appear like that.