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Chapter 546: The Young Mistress“s Apology

Chapter 546: The Young Mistress's Apology
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The elder was confused as well, but his attack didn't slow down. His hands tore through the air and appeared in front of Qingfeng Li instantly. The elder wanted to grab Qingfeng Li's throat.

"You are too slow." Qingfeng Li smiled. His right hand appeared like black lightning and grabbed onto the elder's hand instantly.

What, he grabbed my hand?

The elder was surprised. Other people didn't know how fast he was, but he knew himself. It was comparable to the gales of a hurricane. The elder was scared and didn't know how powerful Qingfeng Li was because he was able to grab onto his hand.

Qingfeng Li snapped the elder's wrist after he grabbed onto him.

The elder was screaming in pain. Pea-like sweats were dripping down the elder's forehead. The young man in front of him was too strong and he couldn't fight him.

"Elder Xia." Qingcheng Xia screamed after she saw the white elder was wounded.

The elder stayed by Qingcheng Xia's side for 20 years and was her guard. The two's relationship was extremely close. Qingcheng Xia panicked because she didn't think someone as powerful as the elder would be beaten.

"Qingcheng Xia, if you do not apologize, I will break his legs next." Qingfeng Li smiled, but his eyes were filled with killing intent.

Qingcheng Xia's face went pale and said: "sorry, it is our fault. Please release elder Xia."

After Qingfeng Li heard her apologized, he threw the elder back onto the ground.

Everyone stood back one step after seeing how powerful Qingfeng Li was. They didn't want to offend this devil.

"Elder Xia, it is my fault that you are wounded." Seeing the broken wrist of the elder made Qingcheng Xia cried.

"Young Mistress, it wasn't your fault. It was my body. I can't even defeat a young man like him anymore." The elder said.

The elder started coughing after he finished his sentence. Black blood started flowing out through his mouth and his face became extremely pale.

"Elder Xia. What is happening. Please don't scare me anymore." Qingcheng Xia was extremely nervous after seeing the elder started spitting out blood.

"Qingcheng, I was wounded when I was young and never recovered. The wound on my wrist reactivated the wound before. I might die soon."

"Elder Xia, I won't let you die."

"Silly Qingcheng, people will always die one day. I won't be able to stay by your side anymore. You have to be careful and not be so stubborn." The elder said caringly.

Qingcheng Xia started crying loudly and was extremely sad.

Suddenly Qingcheng Xia asked the crowds beside them: which one of you is a doctor. Whoever saves my elder Xia will be rewarded one million Yuan.

the reward made everyone excited, but no one in the crowd was a doctor.

Qingcheng Xia was disappointed because no one walked forward. Just when she was about to give up she saw Qingfeng Li.

"Mister, are you a doctor?" Qingcheng Xia asked.

Qingfeng Li smiled and said: "yes, I am."

"Since you are a doctor, can you save my elder?"

"He was going to teach me a lesson. Why would I save him?"

"As long as you can save my elder, I will give you one million Yuan."

"Sorry. Even if you give me ten million Yuan I still wouldn't save him."

"mister, I know it was my fault and I will apologize again. What can I do to make you save my elder Xia?" Qingcheng Xia said. She would do anything to save her elder Xia.

Qingfeng Li smiled and said: "I have two conditions. First, fire manager Sun and the guards. Second, whenever my girlfriend Ruyan Liu come here to buy medicines, you guys have to sell it to her with the lowest price."

"Ok. As long as you can cure elder Xia, I will do anything you say." Qingcheng Xia said.

"Mistress, you cannot fire me!" Dacai Sun's face changed after hearing that Qingcheng Xia accepted Qingfeng Li's conditions.

Not only was his wage high, he could often take advantage of beauties coming in. he wouldn't have anything if he was fired.

"Dacai Sun, you are fired." Qingcheng Xia ignored his begging and fired him immediately.

Naturally, Qingcheng Xia fired those guards as well. In order to save her elder, she would even fire everyone here.

In Qingcheng Xia's eyes, there were tons of available labors on the market, but there was only one elder Xia. If he was to die, then he would be gone forever.

"Mister, I did what you asked. Can you save my elder Xia now?" Qingcheng Xia asked respectfully.

Qingfeng Li smiled and said: "for sure."

He took out nine silver needles and walked to the elder. Qingfeng Li said: if I guessed correctly, your meridians were damaged when you were fighting with someone 20 years ago.

Right, he got it right, the white elder nodded. His eyes were filled with shock; even more so when Qingfeng Li defeated him.

No one knew about his wound from 20 years ago, not even the mistress. It was shocking that the young man in front of him knew.

The elder didn't have any hope that he could be cured, but his hope rose again after hearing what Qingfeng Li said. If he was able to see his wound, then he must have a way to save him.

"Your meridians were damaged and never recovered. The damaged ones shrank and blocked the vessels and caused congestion. Thus why you were spitting out black blood." Qingfeng Li said what was wrong with the elder.

After hearing what Qingfeng Li said, even Qingcheng Xia understood what was wrong. She thought the young man in front of him was very skillful and was able to see what was wrong with the elder with one look.