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Chapter 548: Apprentice Got Bullied

Chapter 548: Apprentice Got Bullied
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Qingfeng drove Jiaojiao to the Dream Bar at 8 pm.

Dream Bar was one of the most popular bars in the Eastern Sea City. Many people came here to drink, sing and have fun. Loads of fancy cars were parked at the gate.

Qingfeng almost felt his eardrums break from the blaring music when he just entered the bar. Lots of young guys and girls were dancing crazily in the dance floor and were extremely hyper.

"Teacher, you are here!" the bartender chick greeted Qingfeng excitedly when he came in, as she was obviously thrilled to see her teacher.

"Should I call you Coco or Lingmeng?" Qingfeng asked.

"Teacher, my real name is Lingmeng and Coco is my nick name. You can call me whatever you want," the bartender girl replied shyly. She was always wild, yet, whenever she saw Qingfeng, she'd be shy and her heart rate would increase for no reason.

"I'll call you Lingmeng then, it is a beautiful name that matches the bar," Qingfeng said while smiling.

"Lingmeng, you are biased to my brother-in-law now. How could you forget me? I'm the one who brought Qingfeng here," Jiaojiao peeked at Lingmeng as she said angrily.

"Jiaojiao, don't be mad. I'll get you both a glass of delicious cocktail," Lingmeng smiled and said.

Lingmeng was actually very grateful to Jiaojiao since she wouldn't have Qingfeng become her teacher and learn how to make the Cupid's Arrow cocktail if Jiaojiao didn't bring him here last time. Now, the bar has more customers because many people would come here mostly for the cocktail.

Lingmeng took out two wine glass and poured 30ml Vodka, 30ml peach liquor, 60ml Pineapple juice and 60ml berry juice into each glass respectively and mixed them up after putting in the ice.

Soon, two glasses of Cupid's Arrow cocktail were ready to go. They were shining under the dim light in the bar.

"Teacher, let me know how the cocktail tastes," Lingmeng looked at Qingfeng nervously.

Although she already knew how to make the Cupid's Arrow cocktail and was approved by lots of customers, she still wanted to be approved by her teacher the most.

Qingfeng took the glass and took a sip. It was sweet and sour and had a spicy kick to it, which made the perfect combination.

"Lingmeng, this is a great cocktail," Qingfeng complimented while smiling. The reason why Qingfeng taught Lingmeng how to make the cocktail was because she kept insisting learning and he couldn't push her away. He didn't expect this little apprentice actually had a talent and could make such a good cocktail.

"Lingmeng, Jiaojiao, you guys drink first, I need to go to the washroom first," Qingfeng walked towards the washroom after notifying the girls.

He had to pee out the amount of drinks he had tonight.


When Qingfeng just went into the washroom, the bar door was pushed open aggressively. A middle-aged man came into the bar while leading a group of gangsters.

This middle-aged man was around 40 years old. He is a big, tall guy with tattoos on his arm. He had a rough-looking face carrying an evil spirit which scared people away from him in the bar.

This man was called Qilang Jiang. He is the boss of the Men's Bar which was also a bar as popular as the Dream Bar in Eastern Sea City. It used to have a lot of customers, yet, it started to lose customers recently.

Qilang started to search the reason why his bar began losing customers after he started to pay more money to cover the lost. He figured out that the owner of the Dream Bar, Liuli Su and the bartender Lingmeng had created a new drink that attracted all the customers. Therefore, he decided to disturb their business.

"Liuli Su, come out to me. I'm going to challenge your bar today," Qilang announced loudly that everyone has heard his voice.

"Qilang, what do you want, are you trying to disturb our business?" a charming woman came down from the second floor.

This woman was around 40 years old. Although she was in her middle age, she looked quite stunning with her fair skin tone and red lips. You could barely see any wrinkles on her face which also indicated that she must have had spend a lot of effort to take care of her skin and body.

She was wearing a red dress that illustrated her curves. The red stilettos she was wearing also increased her attractiveness.

This beautiful woman wasn't someone else, she was the owner of the Dream Bar, Liuli Su.

Qilang's attention was caught when he saw this beautiful woman, but he immediately regained his anger once he recalled his customers were all stolen by her.

Liuli Su, you stole all my customers. We have to talk about this serious issue today."

"Qilang Jiang, You are being unreasonable. Your customers came here voluntarily, I didn't force them."

"Liuli Su, I don't care. Now all my customers have come to your place, You better compensate me," Qilang said while laughing faintly.

Liuli Su slightly lifted her gorgeous brows since she was obviously pissed by this man. She didn't expect this dude would actually count his customer lost on her rather than his failing business.

Liuli Su wanted to get mad but she was intimidated by those dozens of gangsters behind Qilang Jiang. She knew that this dude was also a hooligan besides owning a bar and had many minion gangsters. Her bar would be crashed if she got into trouble with him.

"Qilang, what do you want? I can compensate you 10,000 Yuan,"Liuli Su said.

"Only 10,000 Yuan? Liuli Su, are you kidding me?"

"If you think it's not enough, I can pay you more, 100,000 Yuan."

"Liuli Su, let me be straight with you. I need no money from you but only one person."

"Who do you want?"

"I want Lingmeng," Qilang pointed at Lingmeng and said.

Qilang knew Lingmeng won all the customers' heart and made them come to Dream Bar with her Cupid's Arrow cocktail. If he could bring her over to his bar, he must have more customers coming over.

Liuli Su frowned as she knew what Qilang was contemplating. Yet, she wouldn't give Lingmeng to anyone since she was her treasure for the bar.

"Qilang, give me another deal. I wouldn't give Lingmeng to you anyway," Liuli Su affirmed.

Qilang laughed bitterly to her, "Mrs. Lingmeng, I hope you could leave Dream Bar and come to our Men's Bar. Otherwise, I can't guarantee you could walk on the street without getting beat up."