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Chapter 554: The Powerful Sky Wolf

Chapter 554: The Powerful Sky Wolf
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"Hahaha, another baby boy? Hey, did you reach puberty yet? I can knock you out in a second," the muscular man sneered at Qingfeng while staring at him with contempt.

His name was Biao Luo. He had won three times consecutively and had gained 30 points. So far, he was ranked 658th on the Heroes List.

The Heroes List was a ranking of battle power. Beating one contestant rewards the victor with ten points. The more you beat, the more points you get, and the higher you'll be ranked.

Qingfeng had no mark on the billboard yet since he hadn't beat anyone.

"Sky Wolf, number 999," the judge announced loudly when he saw Qingfeng was standing outside the arena.

The judge was a 40-year-old man with a tough, tan body. He seemed to have tremendous strength too.

Being strong was the key to becoming a judge of the arena. He had to be strong and powerful to stop contestants from killing their opponents of they lose their sanity. Before, a judge was killed by a wild contestant since he wasn't strong enough to stop him during a battle.

Qingfeng slightly tapped on the floor with his feet and jumped up to the two-meter high arena in a second.

What a stunning jump! People around cheered for him since this young man displayed his admirable speed even though he didn't look as tough as Biao Luo.

Gambling goes hand in hand with these kind of battles. Now, people already started to bet on the fight between Qingfeng and Biao Luo. Most of them were on the latter's side.

"Black Panther, let's go to bet on Grand Daddy Li and get some pocket money," King Kong said to Black Panther next to him.

Black Panther nodded as he thought Biao Luo would never be Qingfeng's competitor, though most of the other people wouldn't notice this fact.

Both of them went to the betting area. The one in charge of the bet was a middle-aged chubby guy. He had a white piece of cloth with him which had the betting ratios for Qingfeng and Biao Luo written on it. Qingfeng was 10:1 while Biao Luo was 1.5:1, the money bet on Qingfeng would multiply by ten times once he won.

"I bet 100,000 Yuan on Sky Wolf," King Kong said.

The chubby guy stared at him in surprise, "Are you sure about that? That unnourished dude might not be Biao Luo's competitor though."

King Kong replied back to him with a glare, "Shut up and just do it."

"Alright then, don't blame me if you lose," the chubby dude sneered while swiping the 100,000 out of King Kong's hand.

"Sir, who do you want to bet on?" the chubby dude smiled and said to Black Panther.

Black Panther glanced at him and replied calmly, "Of course on Sky Wolf, swipe mine for 100,000 Yuan too."

"Alright!" the chubby guy laughed as he swiped the money out of Black Panther's credit card. He didn't force these two "idiots" to bet on the noob anyway.

Everyone in the crowd was mocking them since they sided with Sky Wolf. The winner of this round was definitely going to be Biao Luo, how would you two even vote for Sky Wolf?

King Kong and Black Panther left the crowd and walked towards the arena after finishing betting since they had no time for these shallow-minded people.

At the moment, on the arena.

Biao Luo stared at Qingfeng with disdain. He wasn't threatened by the speed of Qingfeng since the last contestant knocked out by him was also very fast.

"Boy, I recommend you to give up and get out of the arena. Otherwise, don't blame me for snapping your rips," Biao Luo threatened Qingfeng while staring at him.

Give in?

Qingfeng shook his head, "Dude, I think the one that should give up is you. Be careful that I'll kick you out of the stage right away."

Biao Luo got mad at what Qingfeng said and looked at him angrily. He won three times consecutively, how dare this dude laugh at him? Was he tired of his life?

"Dude, you better watch out then," Biao Luo sneered and stepped into the arena aggressively while walking towards Qingfeng.

Everyone started to get excited when they saw Biao Luo build up his momentum. Nothing was as exciting as watching flights to them.

"Hey, who do you think will win this round?"

"Biao Luo, certainly. He had beaten three consecutive contestants. He is a tough one."

"I have bet on Biao Luo for 50,000 Yuan. He has to win or my money will be gone."

"You only bet 50,000? I bet 100,000 on Biao Luo."

"Biao Luo, beat the Sky Wolf."

Everyone around the arena started to cheer for Biao Luo since they had bet on him.

Biao Luo became more excited once he heard the cheers from the crowd. He rushed ahead like a beast and arrived in front of Qingfeng within a second. He was about to hit him off the stage with his built up momentum.

Seeing the approach of Biao Luo, Qingfeng remained calm in his steps. When Biao Luo finally appeared at his front, Qingfeng reached his right index finger on Biao Luo's chest.


Something unbelievable happened. Biao Luo's powerful body was stopped by Qingfeng with only one of his fingers.

Everyone was shocked, including Biao Luo. He knew he was formidable and fast, but now, he couldn't believe that his power was stopped with only one finger!

"You are too weak to even beat one of my fingers, and you want me to give in?" Qingfeng sneered with contempt.

Other people might see Biao Luo as invincible since he had beat three contestants in a row, but he was just a piece of cake to handle in Qingfeng's eyes.

What? I am too weak?

Biao Luo got extremely mad since he was being looked down upon as someone well-known for his strength. He couldn't take this anymore.

Biao Luo roared and rushed towards Qingfeng's finger once again with all of his strength. He attempted to break through his finger with his body.

Unfortunately, Qingfeng's finger was unmoved no matter how hard Biao Luo tried to get through.

"Get out of my face," Qingfeng sneered and took back his finger as he punched at Biao Luo's chest.


Biao Luo's body was entirely knocked out by Qingfeng. Some of his ribs were snapped and he was launched outside of the arena.