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Chapter 555: Clamping Iron Bar With Two Fingers

Chapter 555: Clamping Iron Bar With Two Fingers
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Biao Luo opened his mouth and coughed out a huge glob of blood. His face was pale and some of his bones were broken, which caused him to be unable to get up. All he could do was lie on the ground like a dead dog.

He stared at Qingfeng Li with his eyes full of fear, his face pale from no blood circulating under his skin. He was terrified of this incredibly strong young man in front of him, who was definitely the most powerful person he had ever seen. Qingfeng Li knocked him out with only one punch, seriously injuring him.

"No. 999 Sky Wolf wins. He earns ten points." the middle-aged referee's stentorian voice announced the competition result.

The people around heated up after hearing the result from the referee. Madness showed up on many of the audience members' faces.

"Biao Luo is such a bastard! How could he lose to Sky Wolf. I bet a hundred thousand on him."

"Damn, I didn't expect Sky Wolf was so powerful that he could knock Biao Luo out with only one punch.'

"I hate you, Sky Wolf!"

All the people around were angry and some started swearing at Biao Luo while some placed their blame on Sky Wolf.

Although most of the people were upset, King Kong and Black Panther couldn't be any happier.

"Grand Daddy Li is indeed powerful! He easily knocked out Biao Luo with a single punch." King Kong said with great admiration.

Black Panther nodded and said, "Yes, master is so strong. Even I wasn't able to take one punch from him, not to mention Biao Luo."

King Kong and Black Panther went up to the fat owner of the gambling den with extremely joyful faces as the betting rate they had was ten to one. This meant they had just won one million dollars.

The face of the fat owner turned sad as if he had just lost his parents. He regretted that he didn't foresee that Sky Wolf would win, which was why he set the bet rate so high. Unfortunately, Sky Wolf won, and with such a decisive finish.

"Owner, give us the money now. I bet a hundred thousand dollars so multiplying that by ten means I'll get a million dollars." King Kong said with a giggle while looking at the fat owner. It could be heard from his tone that he was very happy.

It was known that King Kong had made only a million dollars when he was the leader of gangsters a long time ago. But now, by only betting on Grand Daddy Li, he made a million dollars within ten minutes.

"Oh right, fatty, I need my million dollars too. Hurry up." Black Panther asked. He had no sympathy for the fat supervisor as the he had just ridiculed his master, saying that Qingfeng would lose. He would never show any sympathy to whoever looked down on his master.

Poor fatty, he gave King Kong and Black Panther a million dollars each with a crying gaze. The people around were all admiring them.

"Sky Wolf, you have defeated Biao Luo already. There are two options for you now, first is to continue the challenge on the stage. Everyday there are ten chances. Second is to walk away and take a break." the referee smiled and informed Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li answered without hesitation, "Continue the challenge until all the ten chances are done."

He would naturally challenge ten times, since the limit the competition set was ten.

He would keep competing until he won the first place so that he could force the Hell King to fight against him.

The referee nodded. He wasn't surprised at Qingfeng Li's choice. He knew that whoever entered the competition wanted to win, and most of them would choose to continue once they won. The Heroes List was the greatest honor for every fighter in Huaxia.

"The next round, No.999 Sky Wolf against No.630 Chuang Zhou." the referee loudly announced the players for the next round.

A medium-sized man walked up to the stage with an iron bar in his hands. This man looked like he was in his thirties, had a narrow face, and his body was fully covered with tight muscles. His eyes were giving out an extraordinary shine, which really made him stand out of other normal people.

"Chuang Zhou! Surprisingly, it is Chuang Zhou who had won five rounds in a row."

"That's right, he is amazing at using the staff. He can hurt others badly with one strike."

"Although Chuang Zhou is strong, Sky Wolf had greater power. I bet Sky Wolf wins."

"That might not be true, I bet Chuang Zhou wins."

People around were all discussing wildly, some were on Sky Wolf's side while others were on Chuang Zhou's.

In terms of the fat owner of the gambling den who stood on the side, he had learned this time. He set the bet rate to three to one. The other people learned their lesson as well, as some of them shifted to Sky Wolf from Chuang Zhou.

"You have great power, but you are still far from being my opponent." said Chuang Zhou arrogantly while pointing at Qingfeng Li with an iron staff in his hand.

Qingfeng Li twisted his eyebrows and surprise flickered in his eyes. He asked, "Weapons are allowed in this arena?"

"Yes, it is allowed. It's your choice." Chuang Zhou said carelessly.

Qingfeng Li nodded, he thought that only physical strength was allowed; he didn't know that he could also use his weapon. However, he didn't plan to use the dagger yet.

"I only need one hand to deal with you." Qingfeng Li said aggressively after took a glance at Chuang Zhou.

"Asshole, how dare you to look down on me." The look on Chuang Zhou's face changed and anger appeared in his eyes.

It was known that Chuang Zhou was quite famous in this arena in Eastern Sea City. But now he was being underestimated by someone new, which pissed him off.

"No bullshit, hurry up and let's battle. Don't waste my time." Qingfeng Li looked at him and said discontentedly. He felt that this guy was too chatty. He was here for the competition, not for listening to his bitching.

Chuang Zhou's face turned ghastly pale. Obviously he was annoyed by Qingfeng Li's rebuttal. He decided to use his full power and teach this arrogant guy a good lesson.


Chuang Zhou shifted his body and moved up to Qingfeng Li instantly. The iron staff in his hand slided in a curve and was about to land harshly on Qingfeng Li's head.

The hit was so powerful and speedy that it only left a ghostly shadow. It even exploded the air, leaving a huge sonic boom.

"Wow, what an amazing strike." The people around were shocked. Those who bet on Chuang Zhou got even more excited. As long as Chuang Zhou knocked out Sky Wolf, then they could make a good fortune.

Qingfeng Li stuck out two fingers instead of one to respond to the powerful iron staff.


Qingfeng Li's two fingers clamped the iron staff immediately to stop it from continuing downwards.

Oh my goodness! Is he a human being? He used two fingers to clamp the iron staff?

The people around were all shocked. Their mouths were so wild open that they could even fit eggs inside. They were absolutely shocked. It was known that among all the five rounds Chuang Zhou won, every opponent was knocked out by his iron staff.

However, this powerful iron staff was clamped by Qingfeng Li's two fingers now, which was out of everyone's expectation.