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Chapter 556: Winning Ten Rounds In a Row

Chapter 556: Winning Ten Rounds In a Row
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"Let my iron staff go." Chuang Zhou's face was downcast and he said madly.

A hint of mockery appeared in Qingfeng Li's eyes. He put some pressure on his fingers, and with a sound of a crack, the hard iron staff was snapped in half in front of everyone's shocked gazes.

As everyone knew, this iron staff was made from refined iron. It was two meters long exactly. Chuang Zhou had used this iron staff to break others' bones and knock them out of the combat field.

Unfortunately, Chuang Zhou's unbeatable iron bar staff snapped apart by this young man's fingers. Chuang Zhou freaked out and his eyes were full of astonishment.


Qingfeng Li threw out his right fist, landing on Chuang Zhou's chest like a streak of lightning. Chuang Zhou's body fell roughly outside the combat field like a bullet. He coughed out a mouthful of blood, turned his head aside and fainted instantly.

Silence, the entire combat field was filled with silence. Everyone was shocked. One punch, he knocked out his opponent with one single punch again. Sky Wolf just knocked out Biao Luo who had won five rounds in row, now was Chuang Zhou who won five in a row got knocked out. How powerful was Sky Wolf really?

"No.999 Sky Wolf wins and he earned another ten points. Now he has twenty points in total." the referee announced the results loudly. The whole lobby was boiling all of a sudden.

"Sky Wolf, Sky Wolf, Sky Wolf…" screams filled the combat field, many people stood up and yelled 'Sky Wolf'.

In terms of the fat owner, he got even more upset. He thought Chuang Zhou would be able to beat Sky Wolf, but didn't expect that Chuang Zhou couldn't even take one punch. He lost far too decisively.

The people who bet on Sky Wolf now were mad with joy. They made a good fortune through Sky Wolf, which made them admire Sky Wolf even more, and their screams grew even louder.

Qingfeng Li smiled slightly, he raised his right hand and the whole screaming crowd went quiet immediately. He looked at the referee and said, "Prepare for the next round."

The referee tried holding in his astonishment, and said loudly, "the third contestant, No. 620."

A huge man with tanned skin walked towards the combat field. He looked enormous and full of strength. However, he was also knocked out by Sky Wolf with one punch.

The third, fourth, fifth, sixth ...

Sky Wolf defeated ten opponents in a row, with no exceptions. All the contestants who got on the combat field were knocked out by him with one punch. The people in the lobby went crazy, yelling Sky Wolf's name wildly. Some women were even sending him kisses to show their admiration.

"No.999 Sky Wolf has had a winning streak of ten and accumulated a hundred points. He is now ranked third place of Eastern Sea City's Combat arena." the referee loudly announced the results in excitement.

Miracle, what a miracle! The referee and all the audience members witnessed a miracle today. Sky Wolf created this miracle by achieving a winning streak of ten and becomeing third place of the Eastern Sea Combat arena.

As the Eastern Sea Combat arena had regulated, every player had a limit of ten battles each day. Therefore, Sky Wolf was only able to reach the third place today. The first place, the King of the Hell and Guiying Wu had each fought thirty battles that sent them both to first place. Cheng Wu was second place after completing twenty battles.

Of course, if Sky Wolf could have had thirty battles continuously, he would be in first place as well.

All the battles scheduled for today had been completely, Qingfeng Li couldn't battle anymore. He felt quite pitiful as he didn't have a chance to see the Hell King from the beginning to the end.

"I, Sky Wolf, am going to challenge the Hell King in the next round of battles." Qingfeng Li said to everyone around while standing on the combat field.

He was purposely announcing the challenge in public so that he could force the Hell King to come out. To him, the Hell King seemed like a poisonous snake that was hiding in a shady corner, ready to give him a fatal attack when he wasn't paying attention.

The people around got excited hearing the challenge Sky Wolf sent to the Hell King, as this would be a significant battle between two masters.

"Sky Wolf is so awesome, he challenged the Hell King directly."

"What do you think, who is going to win?"

"I think that it will be the Hell King. He is the top master of the Eastern Sea Combat arena. He knocked out his opponent with one punch every time as well."

"I don't think so, Sky Wolf is powerful too. It is hard to tell who will win."

"Stop bullshitting, how can you compare the Hell King with Sky Wolf when he didn't even show up today,"

All the audience members were discussing ferviously, some were on the Hell King's side while some on Sky Wolf's.

After offering his challenge to the Hell King, Qingfeng Li showed a slight smile and walked down from the combat arena.

The combat competition was only held once a week. Qingfeng Li had a winning streak of ten already so he had to wait for another week if he wanted to enter the competition again.

"Grand Daddy Feng, you are so incredible, you won ten rounds in a row and landed at third place instantly." King Kong said excitedly with great admiration.

Black Panther gave a discontented look at King Kong, and said, "Master would be the first if it wasn't because of the regulation that every player is only allowed up to ten battles every day."

"That's for sure, Grand Daddy Feng will be first if he continues. We all know that." King Kong cast an annoyed glance at Black Panther too and said the same thing.

This Black Panther, going against me just to make Grand Daddy Feng happy. If you can do that, I can too.

"Let's go, we will be back a week later. Hopefully, the Hell King will show up by then." Qingfeng Li smiled and left the combat field with King Kong and Black Panther.

The four security guards stood on each side of the door saw Qingfeng Li, their faces turned pale instantly. They said respectively, "Sir, please take your time."

Their respectful attitude was entirely different from what they were like when Qingfeng Li came in the beginning. When Qingfeng Li first came, they were so haughty, like if they were the bosses of this place. On the contrary, they treated Qingfeng Li like a boss with great respect, as they had just witnessed how powerful Qingfeng Li was, to be able to knock out all his opponents with a single punch.

In combat, the strong was respected, and the weak get consumed by the strong. Only the strong would be called "Sir".

Qingfeng Li smiled and left the arena. King Kong drove Qingfeng Li back to Noble Palace, then drove back to the Qingfeng League with Black Panther.

Qingfeng Li went back to his villa and felt warm, seeing the lights in the living room were still on, as he knew that Xue Lin was there waiting for him to come back.

Xue Lin had said that she wouldn't sleep if Qingfeng Li wasn't home yet, as she wanted to be a good wife.

"My wife is so sweet." Qingfeng Li smiled and pushed the living room door open. However, the smile on his face suddenly froze and he felt like he was screwed the next second. That was because Xue Lin wasn't the only sitting in the living room. There was another woman, Ruyan Liu, who was also sitting there.

What the hell, why did you get together again… This is really too stressful for me! Qingfeng Li saw the two women were playing a game of go.

Ruyan Liu followed immediately every time Xue Lin made her move. Xue Lin tried to trap Ruyan Liu with white pieces while Ruyan Liu tried with black pieces, both of them enjoying the game.