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Chapter 558: The Hell King“s Plan

Chapter 558: The Hell King's Plan
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12 am, inside a villa on the outskirts of Eastern Sea City.

A young man wearing a devil's mask was sitting on the sofa. No one could see his face or his expression, only his knife-like eyes were revealed.

There was a man kneeling in front of the young man. If Qingfeng Li was here, he would recognize him. He was his first opponent in the ring, Biao Luo.

"Master Hell King, that Sky Wolf was extremely powerful. He was able to beat me with one punch." Biao Luo said. Just remembering the Wolf sent a shiver down his spine.

Hell King smirked and said, "What level master do you think he is?"

"He should be S level master."

"Are you dumb? No wonder you are still AA. You couldn't even tell his level. That Wolf King is a level SSS master."

"What, SSS master?" Biao Luo's face changed and was filled with fear.

Hell King made a sound and Biao Luo went quiet. Hell King was a level SSS master as well, so he didn't want to offend him.

"Biao Luo, what did he say after he won 10 consecutive rounds?"

"Hell King, he said he will challenge you after one week."

"Very well, but it is not the time yet. I will get Team Ghost King accept his challenge." Hell King said emotionlessly.

Hell King shook his hand and told Biao Luo to leave the villa. He then said to the dark corner, "Ghost Five, come out."

"Yes sir." A dark face young man walked out from the shadow.

The man was in his 20s, but his face was pale. He was emitting a chilling presence.

There were five members in the Team Ghost King and Hell King was the leader, Ghost One. Ghost Five was the fifth member.

"Hell King, what can I do for you?" Ghost Five had a smile, but it was a creepy smile.

"Ghost Five, go challenge Wolf King in a week and test out how powerful he is."

"Yes sir. I will pretend to be you and fight against SkyWolf." Ghost Five nodded and disappeared into the dark.

With the disappearance of Ghost Five, Hell King disappeared as well. The villa fell into darkness once again.

The second day was a beautiful day.

Qingfeng Li woke up early and left for the company with Xue Lin.

Because of the bet with Ruyan Liu, Xue Lin was working extra hard.

"Big brother Li, you came." Xiaoyue Zhang was happy to see Qingfeng Li walked in. She missed him because she didn't see him for days.

"Little Xiaoyue, you got some acne." Qingfeng Li said after seeing some red dots on her face.

Xiaoyue Zhang's face was extremely white. The little acne spots on her face made her cuter.

"I didn't rest well for the past few days. I am worried about it." Xiaoyue Zhang said.

"Little Xiaoyue, let me give you a massage. It can help you get rid of it." Qingfeng Li said with a smile.

In Chinese medicine, acne was caused by disturbances in the body. It all focused onto the face and caused acne to appear.

"Big brother Li, can you really cure my acne?" Xiaoyue Zhang looked at him with doubt because the doctors said they would need a week to cure it.

"Come on let's go. I will cure it." Qingfeng Li held onto her hands and brought her to a room beside the department.

naturally, they had to go somewhere in secret because of the nature of the massage.

Xiaoyue Zhang was the leader of the department, so she had her own room.

Qingfeng Li told her to sit on her chair. He started massaging the acupuncture points that could help cure the disturbances.

"Big brother Li, I feel the disturbances are disappearing." Xiaoyue Zhang said shyly. After all, it wasn't normal because the two stayed together for too long.

"Little Xiaoyue, massaging can help increase your blood's fluidity." Qingfeng Li said with a smile. Xiaoyue Zhang's skins were too smooth and he didn't want to stop.

How could big brother Li be like this. Xiaoyue Zhang was extremely shy from his actions.

At this moment, Wanqiu Xia walked in. Her face reddened up after she saw what was happening in the room.

"Qingfeng Li, Xiaoyue Zhang, what do you guys think you are doing. It is time for work." Wanqiu Xia said jealously.

She was jealous of Xiaoyue Zhang because she was extremely close with Qingfeng Li.

"Director Xia, how come you came?" Xiaoyue Zhang stood up and said with a pale face.

Screwed, I am screwed. What should I do, should I explain or not explain.

Wanqiu Xia looked at Xiaoyue Zhang with dissatisfaction. She said: "Xiaoyue Zhang, you are the leader and the role model of the department. You shouldn't be relaxing with Qingfeng Li. I am going to deduct your wage this month."

Xiaoyue Zhang said with her pale face, "Director Xia, please don't deduct my wage. I will not do it again."

Wanqiu Xia shook her head. She rejected Xiaoyue Zhang's request.

Even though Wanqiu Xia liked Xiaoyue Zhang a lot, she was with Qingfeng Li. Thus why she had to deduct Xiaoyue Zhang's wage. There was no logic for a woman that was filled with jealousy.

"Sister Xia, please don't deduct Little Xiaoyue's wage." Qingfeng Li asked after seeing Xiaoyue Zhang's crying face.

Wanqiu Xia glared at him and said, "Qingfeng Li, I am deducting your wage as well. You shouldn't be relaxing during your working time."

What, you are even deducting my wage?

Qingfeng Li was out of words. What was wrong with Wanqiu Xia, he was her fake boyfriend before. How could you deduct your boyfriend's wage?