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Chapter 560: Martial Art Dojo Seeking Trouble

Chapter 560: Martial Art Dojo Seeking Trouble
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"Big brother Li, actually I love Feifei Xie's songs the most, she is a super star in the music industry. However, I don't have a ticket." Xiaoyue Zhang said sadly.

"If you really want to, I can get you a ticket for you." Qingfeng Li said with a smile.

"Big brother Li, that's impossible. All of Feifei Xie's tickets are sold out, where can you get it?"

"What, you don't trust your big brother Li?"

"Big brother Li, although you have excellent fighting and medical skills, you definitely won't be able to get Feifei Xie's ticket." Xiaoyue Zhang shook her tiny head and showed her lack of trust.

Qingfeng Li finished his last bite of rice, and said confidently, "Trust me, let me handle this ticket business. I will definitely get you one."

Both of them left the eatery after finishing their meals, they headed to the office since there was still lots of stuff to work on.

As soon as Qingfeng Li went back to the sales department and didn't even get a chance to sit down before he got a call from someone named Ming Luo in the security department.

Qingfeng Li remembered a little about Ming Luo. He was the cousin of Hao Luo, the head of the security department. Hao Luo hired Ming Luo, and he also showed up to Hao Luo's wedding, which was why Qingfeng Li had an impression of him.

"Ming Luo, what are you calling for?" Qingfeng Li asked.

"Big brother Li, emergency, Hao Luo got beaten." Ming Luo's voice sounded worried over the phone.

Qingfeng Li frowned and asked. "Hao Luo got beaten? Why didn't you fight back since you have so many staff members in the security department?"

"Big brother Li, they are from the Martial Art Dojo, and we aren't strong enough to be their opponents." Ming Luo explained.

"Where are you guys now?"

"Zhenxing Martial Art Dojo."

"Ok, you wait for me, I'll be there soon." Qingfeng Li hung up and asked Xiaoyue Zhang for leave before he headed to the Zhenxing Martial Art Dojo.

The Zhenxing Martial Art Dojo was close to the Ice Snow Corporation. It was the place for people to practice martial arts and was quite well-known in the neighborhood. Many people would like to learn some self-defense skills at the Martial Art Dojo, as there were lots bullies in society. It wouldn't hurt to know how to protect themselves.


Meanwhile, at Zhenxing Martial Art Dojo.

Hao Luo was laying on the ground with bruises all over his face. A couple of other security guards were also laying miserably on the ground. They were security guards who might have no problem dealing with normal people, but they would be in trouble if their opponent were fighters from the Martial Art Dojo.

Beside Hao Luo, there was a girl with a gorgeous but tear-covered face holding him. She was Hao Luo's wife Xiaohong. As a matter of fact, Xiaohong was the trigger for the dispute between Hao Luo and the Zhenxing Martial Art Dojo. Xiaohong went to the corporation to bring Hao Luo lunch. The young master of Zhenxing Martial Art Dojo, Xing Tang, saw Xiaohong on the way and flirted with her by touching her face. Hao Luo went mad seeing his wife got flirted with, and thus he started a fight with Xing Tang.

It was apparent that Hao Luo wasn't strong enough to be Xing Tang's opponent, so he got beaten up. He went back to the security department of the Ice Snow Corporation, gathered a bunch of security guards and headed to Zhenxing Martial Art Dojo for revenge, but all of them ended up getting beaten up.

"Little beauty, your husband is too weak to be my opponent. How about being with me?" a tall young man beside said.

This young man was one meter and eighty-five centimeters tall, and had huge body frame with wide shoulders and a thick waist. The bulging muscles all over his body showed how powerful he was. He was the young master of the Zhenxing Martial Art Dojo, ana a real asshole.

The look on Xiaohong's face changed, she stepped back seeing Xing Tang's huge figure.

"Don't panic dear, I'm here." Hao Luo said while petting Xiaohong's arm.


Xing Tang burst into laughter. He lifted his dark thick eye brows, and said despicably, "You are just a piece of shit who can't even take one punch from me. Protecting Xiaohong? What a joke. Only a strong man like me can protect her."

Xing Tang walked towards Hao Luo while talking. Hao Luo painfully got up from the ground and blocked Xing Tang in front of Xiaohong.

"Dude, it's your luck that I have interest in your woman. You'd better f*ck off now." Xing Tang sneered and said in a cold voice.

"Not a chance." Although Hao Luo's face was beaten up badly, he didn't get out of the way. How could he be called a man if he couldn't protect his woman. He would rather die here than leaving.

Xing Tang sneered and abruptly threw a punch at Hao Luo like a huge iron hammer. Hao Luo was about to defend himself with his right hand, but Xing Tang's was so strong that he knocked over Hao Luo immediately.


After knocking over Hao Luo, Xing Tang stepped on his chest and said fiercely, "How dare you such piece of shit to fight against me? You are way too weak."

"Good job Young master." all the members in the Martial Art Dojo were screaming. There were dozens of members in the Martial Art Dojo who followed the young master around to do bad things.

Hao Luo opened his mouth and coughed out blood. He tried to stand up but the strength from Xing Tang was so strong that he wasn't able to move.

"Dude, give me your woman, or I'll break your leg."

"No way. You asshole. Wait for my big brother Li to come and beat the shit out of you."

"Hehe, you are all shit, same as your big brother Li. I'll beat him up when he comes." Xing Tang smiled and didn't give a shit.

Qingfeng Li heard Xing Tang's words as he walked up to the Martial Art Dojo. The look on his face changed, he suddenly kicked the door with his right foot. The hard door cracked into pieces with a banging sound.

Qingfeng Li's face turned extremely downcast as he saw Xing Tang was stepping on Hao Luo. Seeing his friend Hao Luo getting stepped on really drove him mad.

"Who are you? How dare you to kick the door of the Zhenxing Martial Arts Dojo? Had enough of your goddamn life?" Seeing the crushed door, Xing Tang changed the look on his face and yelled madly.

It was known that the Zhenxing Martial Arts Dojo had been open for dozens of years and was quite well-known. People in the city would come by it, but it was the first time that someone crashed the door of the dojo.

What did a door mean to a Martial Arts Dojo? Straightforwardly it was the face of the Martial Arts Dojo. The door getting kicked meant the face was slapped. If Xing Tang didn't do something to save the situation, then Zhenxing Martial Art Dojo would be a joke in Eastern Sea City.

"I am Qingfeng Li, that piece of sh*t you were talking about. I will give you three seconds to move your foot off of Hao Luo and bow down on your knees. Otherwise, I'll teach you how to behave today." A beam of cold light flickered in Qingfeng Li's eyes as he walked forward.

Xing Tang zoned out at first hearing what Qingfeng Li said, then he burst into laughter so hard that he almost had tears come out.

"Qingfeng Li, you're asking me to get down on my knees and apologize. Why don't you look at who you are? I am the boss of Zhenxing Martial Arts Dojo. You will end up the same as them if you keep going against me." Xing Tang arrogantly pointed at Hao Luo and the security guards laying on the ground with bruises on their faces.