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Chapter 561: Kneel and Kowtow

Chapter 561: Kneel and Kowtow
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Qingfeng Li sneered and strode forward as an answer to Xing Tang's arrogance.

Qingfeng Li didn't get mad often, but Xing Tang really pissed him off this time, as Xing Tang didn't only pick on Hao Luo, but also insulted him. As a result, he had to teach Xing Tang an unforgettable lesson.

Xing Tang moved his foot from Hao Luo, seeing Qingfeng Li came closer. He tightened his fists and was ready to punish this fearless dude.

"Come on Young master, beat this guy." Members of the martial club were all cheering for Xing Tang. They kept clapping and couldn't be more excited.

What those members liked the most was to see Xing Tang beat up other people, as it was exciting and affirmed their position.


Xing Tang groaned, he shot out his right fist abruptly, creating a strong gust, and fiercely thrusted at Qingfeng Li's body.

Qingfeng Li reached out his right hand and caught Xing Tang's fist with a light grab.

What, my fist was grabbed?

Xing Tang's face changed, and surprise appeared in his eyes. He was known for throwing punches at an extremely high speed. Normal people wouldn't be able to grab his fist at all. How could Qingfeng Li do that?

Xing Tang added more strength and tried to move more forward to push away Qingfeng Li's palm, but Qingfeng Li had such a tight grab that he didn't allow Xing Tang to move no matter how hard he tried.


Qingfeng Li instantly broke Xing Tang's wrist with his right hand, then kicked hard at his knees and broke them in order to make him kneel down on the ground.

Xing Tang's face turned dreadfully pale and he screamed miserably. The extreme pain made him sweat all over his forehead and his entire body shiver. It was unbearable and he was in misery, having his wrist and knees broken.

"Young master got beaten, let's go and save him." Seeing Xing Tang was pushed under Qingfeng Li's hand and kneeling down, the dozens of members around rushed forward.

Qingfeng Li remained calm facing all the members of the martial club. He stood still, held Xing Tang with one hand while the other attacked back. There would be a member that gets hit away every time he makes a move.

Dozens of members of the martial club were forced to kowtow down on the ground by Qingfeng Li only after a short while, all of them laying down and screaming miserably.

Demon, this was a powerful demon. The members around were staring at Qingfeng Li like he was a demon. Even their bodies were shivering out of fear.

"Kneel down and apologize, or I'll make you disabled." Qingfeng Li sneered, his eyes showed his murderous intent.

Xing Tang's face turned dreadfully pale and he was about to kneel down as he could feel the murderous intent from Qingfeng Li. However, a voice came from far away all of a sudden.

"Have you had enough with your life? Who has the guts to ask my son to kneel down?" a strong middle-aged man came in. He was in his forties, with a tall and strong figure that resembled Xing Tang's. He was his father, Zhen Tang, and also the owner of Zhenxing Martial arts Club.

"Save me father." seeing Zhen Tang coming inside, Xing Tang yelled out. He knew that his father was an master among the fighters in Eastern Sea.

"Bastard, let my son go now, or I'll make you regret it." Zhen Tang's face was cloudy, and his voice revealed his madness. It turned him even angrier as he saw the miserable look of his son.

Qingfeng Li didn't let Xing Tang go. Instead, he asked, "Who are you, why should I listen to you?"

"Let me tell you, I'm Zhen Tang, the tenth most powerful martial artist in the Eastern Sea Combat Arena." Zhen Tang said arrogantly. Even his eyes showed his pride.

It was known that many masters went to the Eastern Sea Combat Arena to compete. It was already pretty good for Zhen Tang to be ranked the tenth most powerful master.

S Level master?

Qingfeng Li took a glance at Zhen Tang and was able to tell his strength right away. However, that didn't scare Qingfeng Li.

"I have told Xing Tang that he has to kneel down and apologize. Otherwise, I'm going to make him disabled." Qingfeng Li didn't get terrified by Zhen Tang at all, as he kept calmly talking.

"Young man, don't blame me since you are asking for it." Zhen Tang replied with a cold smile and decided to punish this young man.

Zhen Tang instantly shifted his body up to Qingfeng Li like a flexible wild panther. He bounced out his right leg suddenly and kicked towards Qingfeng Li's body.

The speed of his kick was high and accurate like a mantis. That was why this technique was called the Mantis Kick. This skill was very powerful and had helped him defeat countless opponents.

Qingfeng Li remained calm, as he had figured out the key points of the Mantis Kick. As Zhen Tang's leg was close to his front, Qingfeng Li made his move. His right leg kicked out in a flash and landed on Zhen Tang's leg.

Two legs hitting on each other and caused a dull noise, with a sharp cracking sound. Zhen Tang's mantis leg was broken by Qingfeng Li's right leg. His body heavily fell on the ground, and he wasn't able to get up as his leg was already seriously broken.

Xing Tang was shocked to see the leg of the instructor of the martial club was broken by Qingfeng Li with one shot, as were all the members around. In their hearts, the owner of the martial club was their god, the most powerful existence in their world.

However, the most powerful existence in their mind was defeated in one shot, and their belief collapsed all of a sudden.

Xing Tang's face became pale and his eyes were filled with astonishment. He planned to get help from his father, now what? His powerful father was laying on the ground and had his leg broken by Qingfeng Li. How would he ever be able to save his son?

"Kneel down and knock the ground with your forehead now." Qingfeng Li sneered and a beam of cold light came out of his eyes.

Xing Tang's face was pale and terrified, as he knew if he didn't follow what Qingfeng Li asked, he would definitely kill him.

~Bang bang bang bang bang bang ...

Xing Tang got his knees and kept kowtowing on the ground. He also kept saying, "Sorry it's my fault, I will never flirt with your wife anymore."

Xing Tang continued kowtowing as Qingfeng Li didn't tell him to stop. He had knocked his forehead on the ground hundreds of times until his forehead was covered with blood and he fainted.

In terms of the owner Zhen Tang and the other members of the martial club, they got on their knees and kowtowed until they got blood all over their faces too.

Qingfeng Li didn't even cast a look at Xing Tang who had fainted already. Instead he walked up to Hao Luo, and used his acupuncture needles to treat Hao Luo's injuries.

"Big brother Li, thank you. Xiaohong and I would have been in danger if it wasn't because of you today." Hao Luo said with deep appreciation.

"Don't mention that, fatty. What kind of brother would I be if I couldn't even help you out when I can." Qingfeng Li patted Hao Luo's shoulder and said with a smile.

Qingfeng Li left the Zhenxing Martial Club with Hao Luo and the corporation's security guards, leaving behind all the people who fainted from knocking their heads on the ground.