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Chapter 563: Big Celebrity Paying For Dinner

Chapter 563: Big Celebrity Paying For Dinner
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Ouch! The talkative security gave out a miserable scream, and the extreme pain made his entire body shiver. He kneed down, with pea-sized sweat drops dripping along his forehead.

This young man in front of him was way too strong, going way beyond his imagination. His powerful palm was broken down after only one strike.

"Stop it." A young man walked out of the restaurant after yelling out.

This young man looked like in his twenties. He had a fair clear face and a tall slim figure, dressed in a black suit. However, there was anger hanging on his handsome face.

"Let him go." the young man pointed at the tall security and said in a cold voice.


To respond to what the young man requested, Qingfeng Li immediately kicked the tall security guard off the ground with no hesitation. The security guard fainted instantly.

"Dude, didn't you hear me asking you to let him go?" Chilling light flickered in the young man's eyes as he saw the tall security guard lose consciousness.

Qingfeng Li took a glance at him, and said carelessly, "Who are you, and why should I listen to you?"

"I am Jun He, the son of Lang He of the Hujiang Province." The young man smiled and answered loftily.

Lang He?

Qingfeng Li frowned hearing that name. Apparently, he knew about Lang He, who was one of the three underground tyrants in Hujiang Province, as well as the real leader among the five cities of the eastern area.

So to speak, among the five cities of the eastern area, in addition to Thunder Tiger who had just passed away, the Black Panther who gave in to Qingfeng Li, Lang He was a real master, the master of the masters.

People used to be submissive as soon as they heard the name Lang He, as no one dared to offend him. However, his reputation didn't have any impact on Qingfeng Li.

"Lang He, ask him to come here and I'll kill him." Qingfeng Li smiled and said arrogantly.

Jun He changed the look on his face, he stepped forward and was ready to punish the man who insulted his father. All of a sudden, the reporters outside started yelling, "The superstar Feifei Xie is coming."

"Look over there, Feifei Xie is really coming."

"Wow, Feifei Xie is so beautiful, she is my goddess."

"Feifei Xie, we love you."

The reporters around took out their cameras and were taking pictures of Feifei Xie. In terms of the fans, they started making crazy screams.

It was a lucky moment for them to see Feifei Xie in Eastern Sea City, as they could only see her on the television, internet and newspapers before.

Feifei Xie was very gorgeous today. She probably dressed up especially for her visit to the Moon Bay Restaurant. She had a thin layer of makeup on her fair skin which made her skin even clearer, like a piece of premium jade without any blemishes. She put on eyeliner onto her long-shaped eyes to make her look more charming. Her vivid red lips left a gorgeous impression on others.

Feifei Xie wore a piece of white dress purposely for visiting the Moon Bay Restaurant, which made her huge boobs and sexy figure even more attractive. With her silver high heels, she looked exactly like a white angel.

All the women around couldn't stop screaming and men were swallowing and emitting fire from their eyes. Wouldn't it be amazing to have a chance to talk to such a beautiful woman.

With the guidance of her assistant, Feifei Xie was walking towards the restaurant. She paused when her vision landed on Qingfeng Li who stood by the front door. Her eyes were full of astonishment as if she saw something unbelievable.

"Wolf King, I met the Wolf King surprisingly." Feifei Xie covered her mouth with her hand, and her body was shivering out of excitement.

Feifei Xie had been looking for Wolf King countless times in the past half year, she went to many cities but never ever found him. She heard from a friend that the Wolf King was in Eastern Sea City, that was why she came here to try her luck. She didn't have much expectations, but luckily she saw the Wolf King this time.

"Look, Feifei Xie is crying."

"Yeah, Feifei Xie was a queen of music. She never cried in public, this is the first time."

"Is it because she became too excited seeing the fans in Eastern Sea City, that she started crying?"

People around were all discussing wildly and couldn't believe what was happening.

Feifei Xie started striding and ran towards the restaurant front door.

"What, Feifei Xie is running towards me. Don't tell me she likes me because I am so good-looking." Jun He said narcissistically.


Qingfeng Li chuckled to himself. He totally gave in to Jun He's narcissism. What the hell, he had to laugh as he just found out there was someone who was more confident about himself than he was.

"Dude, what are you laughing at? I'm warning you not to interrupt my dinner with Feifei Xie as I have already booked the whole restaurant." Jun He stared at Qingfeng Li and said arrogantly.

Qingfeng Li responded with nothing but a slight smile. He didn't bother wasting time on this idiot.

Seeing Feifei Xie almost got to the front door, Jun He was beyond excited that he opened his arms and was ready to give her a big hug. However, he turned shocked the next moment.

Feifei Xie hopped towards Qingfeng Li, then she grabbed him and even squeezed herself into his arms.

Jun He took a look at Feifei Xie then at Qingfeng Li. His face couldn't be anymore downcast, showing how disgusted he was.

All the reporters and fans around were astonished, as she was the superstar in Huaxia, the queen of music, the woman with great fame and incredible beauty. Having decency and high moral integrity, Feifei Xie never got involved in any gossip or scandals and didn't have any boyfriend, which made her the goddess loved by all the men and women in Huaxia.

But now, the goddess in their hearts, the Feifei Xie loved by a countless amount of people, held a man in her arms in public out of everyone's expectation.

"Hmmm, why didn't you look for me after such a long time? Did you decide to abandon me?" The tears falling out of Feifei Xie's bright eyes showed how sad she was.

Abandon her?

Everyone paused for a while after hearing her words, the look they threw at Qingfeng Li was burning with fury. Qingfeng Li would have died hundreds of times if people could kill him with their gaze.

Qingfeng Li rolled his eyes, and couldn't take the look the people gave to him.

"Feifei, it isn't proper when so many people are staring at us. Please let it go for now." Qingfeng Li tapped on her shoulder and said with a smile.

After hearing what Qingfeng Li said, Feifei Xie then realized that she was at the restaurant front door surrounded by many reporters and fans. It would have negative influences on her once she was caught on camera.

Luckily, all the people were so shocked that Feifei Xie had hugged Qingfeng Li that they forgot to take any photos. It was too late when they finally realized to take some, as Feifei Xie had gotten out of Qingfeng Li's arms already.

"I'll invite you for dinner tonight." Feifei Xie said to Qingfeng Li with a smile. Her smile was very beautiful, as if it was a blooming peony, giving out an innocent scent.