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Chapter 565: Feifei Xie“s Concert Ticket

Chapter 565: Feifei Xie's Concert Ticket
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Feifei Xie went in the Moon Bay Restaurant together with Qingfeng Li, Xiaoyue Zhang and Wanqiu Xia.

In terms of the reporters and fans, they were all blocked out by the restaurant's security.

"Welcome to Moon Bay Restaurant, Miss Xie." a middle-aged chubby man showed up and said with a smile on his face.

He was the manager of the restaurant who was in charge of the daily operations and everything else.

"Please arrange us a VIP room." Feifei Xie opened her red lips and asked.

Although the reporters were blocked out by the security, they would still be able to take photos or videos of the scenes inside through the clear glass, that was why Feifei Xie asked for a private room, as she didn't want them to see her having dinner with others. What mattered the most to a celebrity was privacy. The reporters would spread the news widly if they got pictures of her.

The chubby manager brought Feifei Xie and others to a private room then turned around and left.

The table in the private room was gorgeously made of crystal, it could spin continuously and was surrounded by four chairs.

The plates in Moon Bay Restaurant were all made of white crystal, the shininess and clearness gave out a sense of pure.

Qingfeng Li was sitting in the middle with joy, Feifei Xie and her assistant were on his left while Xiaoyue Zhang and Wanqiu Xia were on the right.

Qingfeng Li was the only man in the entire room, the rest were all women. He was like the green leaf among clusters of flowers, a particularly green one.

"Where have you been in the last half year, I wasn't able to find you." Feifei Xie said quite sadly while staring at Qingfeng Li.

"I was in Eastern Sea City the entire time."

"Why didn't you call me if you are in Eastern Sea City?"

"Emm, I forgot your phone number." Qingfeng Li gave a slight smile and made a random excuse.

As a matter of fact, he still remembered Feifei Xie's number clearly, but he just wanted to live his peaceful life back in Eastern Sea City. That was why he didn't contact Feifei Xie.

"Do you still remember things happened before? You said you want me to be your girlfriend." Feifei Xie asked bashfully, the look on her face was telling how nervous she was.

What? Feifei Xie wanted to be Qingfeng Li's girlfriend?

Xiaoyue Zhang and Wanqiu Xia, who were on the side, zoned out for a while, then they turned confused and full of doubts. Not to mention Juan Wang, Feifei Xie's assistant, she totally freaked out, as Feifei Xie was such a gorgeous superstar, there were even masters who possessed hundreds of billions of dollars trying to approach her. However, she turned all of them down. Why would she want to be the girlfriend of some normal man?

In Juan Wang's eyes, Qingfeng Li was very normal, the only good thing about him would probably be his handsome appearance. Was Feifei Xie someone who liked good-looking man? But that didn't make sense either, as she had met many good-looking men but she never had a crush on any of them.

"Feifei, that was a long time ago, forget it." Qingfeng Li waved his hand and said with a smile.

The sad look on Feifei Xie's face got worse, as if she was a upset wife abandoned by Qingfeng Li, which made Qingfeng Li upset as well.

"Yes, I did save your life before, also had meals, drinks and … kisses, but they all happened a long time ago. I am married now."

Xiaoyue Zhang got kind depressed as Qingfeng Li was so into the conversation with Feifei Xie that he totally forgot about her.

Xiaoyue Zhang came up with an idea in order to distract Feifei Xie from talking to Brother Li too much.

"Feifei Xie, I am your big fan, can you please give me your autograph." Xiaoyue Zhang took out a card and handed to Feifei Xie with a smile.

Feifei Xie frowned, she felt quite annoyed as her conversation with Qingfeng Li was interrupted. But she couldn't really get mad at her as she realized the person interrupted her was that innocent beauty, Qingfeng Li's colleague.

"Sure." Feifei Xie smiled, she took over Xiaoyue Zhang's card and signed her name. Feifei Xie's handwriting was lively and vigorous, it was a joy looking at such a graceful piece.

As soon as Feifei Xie finished her autograph for Xiaoyue Zhang and was ready to keep talking to Qingfeng Li, Wanqiu Xia also asked for an autograph. The purpose was the same as Xiaoyue Zhang's, to keep Feifei Xie away from talking to Qingfeng Li too much.

Feifei Xie felt kind of upset, but she still signed for Wanqiu Xia for the sake of Qingfeng Li.

Xiaoyue Zhang was actually glad when she got the autograph, she planned to ask Feifei Xie for her concert ticket, but since she just met her, she had to ask Brother Li for help.

"Big brother Li, can you ask Feifei Xie for a ticket?" Xiaoyue Zhang went up close to Qingfeng Li's ear and asked in a low voice.


Qingfeng Li paused for a second and suddenly realized that Feifei Xie was in Eastern Sea City for her concert. Many people in the city were her huge fans, obviously, they wanted to go to her concert.

Wanqiu Xia on the side was also looking at Qingfeng Li with desire in her eyes. Apparently she wanted a ticket too.

Seeing two beautiful ladies staring at him with desires, Qingfeng Li had to satisfy them.

"Feifei, do you still have tickets for you concert?" Qingfeng Li showed a slight smile and asked.

"You want tickets for the concert?"


"I'll ask my assistant Juan Wang." Feifei Xie replied with a sweet smile and turned around to Juan Wang.

Seeing Feifei Xie's look, Juan Wang said, "Sister Feifei, all your tickets were sold out a few days ago."

It was known that Feifei Xie was a superstar with countless fans in Huaxia. Notifications would be made wherever she held her concerts, and tickets were usually sold out quickly.

Disappointment flickered in Qingfeng Li's eyes when he heard Juan Wang's words, he wanted to go to Feifei Xie's concert actually.

It upset Feifei Xie as she saw the disappointment in Qingfeng Li's eyes, but there was nothing she could do since all the tickets were gone.


Feifei Xie suddenly realized that the regular tickets were sold out, but there were some VIP tickets still available.

"Juan Wang, do you still have some VIP tickets left?" Feifei Xie asked.

Juan Wang frowned, and said, "Sister Feifei, those ten VIP tickets were for the rich and celebrities in Eastern Sea City."

Feifei Xie smiled and said, "Give them all to Qingfeng Li, forget about the rich and celebrities."

"Sister Feifei, you don't want to save the tickets for the rich people?"

"No. Give them all to Qingfeng Li."

"Fine." although Juan Wang wasn't willing to do, it was Feifei Xie's concert after all, she had the right to decide. Therefore, Juan Wang took out ten VIP tickets.

Feifei Xie handed all the ten tickets to Qingfeng Li, and said with a smile on her face, "You got all the ten VIP tickets."

"That's fine, I only need two." Qingfeng Li said.

"Don't worry, you can have them all, or give some to your friends." Feifei Xie showed a nice smile and stuffed all the VIP tickets in Qingfeng Li's hands without hesitation.