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Chapter 566: Giving Xue Lin a Ticket

Chapter 566: Giving Xue Lin a Ticket
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As Feifei Xie insisted, Qingfeng Li had to take the tickets. He gave one to Xiaoyue Zhang, another one to Wanqiu Xia, then he put the rest of the eight tickets in his pocket, so that later he could give them to Xue Lin and other people.

The meals in Moon Bay Restaurant were especially hearty since Feifei Xie was dining there, most of them were special luxurious seafood dishes.

Women usually had quite small appetite, thus a third of the meals were eaten by Feifei Xie and others, the rest were finished by Qingfeng Li alone.

All the women rolled their eyes as seeing how much Qungfeng Li was able to eat. They were surprised to find out that what Qingfeng Li ate was many times of their amount.

After the dinner, Qingfeng Li said by to Feifei Xie. Feifei Xie didn’t want Qingfeng Li to leave but she had to, but she asked him to go to her concert three days later.

Qingfeng Li promised her, then walked out of the restaurant with Xiaoyue Zheng and Wanqiu Xia. He drove them back home before he got home.

Villa No.14, the lights in living room were still on. Xue Lin was working on her files. She worked hard than usual as she had a tough enemy, Ruyan Liu.

What Qingfeng Li saw after he opened the villa door was Xue Lin working hard. She looked beautiful even when she was working, her pretty eyebrows were twisted, as charming as a curving moon.

Xue Lin looked up as hearing someone knocked at the door. Joy appeared in her eyes when she found out it was Qingfeng Li. She said: "you are back."

Qingfeng Li walked up to Xue Lin with a smile, he reached for her slim waits and said: "don’t work too hard, have some rest if you need."

Xue Lin’s face got some blush, apparently she wasn’t used to such a intimacy, but she didn’t refuse, as she accepted Qingfeng Li in her heart.

"How can’t I work hard, I have said that I will beat Ruyan Liu within a year." Xue Lin waved her fist and said with determination.

Qingfeng Li was speechless, Xue Lin would be fueled up every time she mentioned Ruyan Liu. No wonder people said that a beautiful girl could make friends with an ugly girl, but two beautiful girls could only be enermies, as women were jealous in nature.

"Wait, why do you have woman’s perfume on you?" Xue Lin had a sensitive nose, she smelled the scent on Qingfeng Li immediately, the scent only belonged to a woman.

Qingfeng Li got frightened, and said: "you made a mistake, how could I have perfume on me?"

Xue Lin sniffed on Qingfeng Li’s clothes again, and said: "no, this must be a woman’s perfume, it is from Chanel."

Qingfeng Li felt speechless about how sensitive Xue Lin’s nose was. He knew that he couldn’t deny, it was better for him to admit.

"I met Feifei Xie today, and she gave me some of her concert tickets." Qingfeng Li said with a smile.

Feifei Xie, that superstar?

Doubts arose in Xue Lin’s eyes, obviously she knew about Feifei Xie, who was the top superstar in Huaxia. She was also her fan.

However, Xue Lin didn’t believe it when Qingfeng Li said he met her, as she heard that Feifei Xie was very self-preserved that she would never talk to any man.

Seeing Xur Lin questioned her, Qingfeng Li took out a concert ticket and said: "look, this is the VIP ticket for Feifei Xie’s concert three days later."

"Wait, is this really Feifei Xie’s VIP ticket?"

Xue Lin frowned, astonishment flickered in her eyes, she didn’t expect what Qingfeng Li said was real, Feifei Xie actually gave him her concert ticket.

"Can you give me the concert ticket?" Xue Lin blinked her eyelashes and asked with hope, as she loved to listen to Feifei Xie’s songs.

"You can have this ticket, but you have to promise me something."

"What promise, tell me?"

"I need to kiss you." Qingfeng Li said and giggled.

Blush arose on Xue Lin’s gorgeous face, it was pinky and beautiful, but she agreed in the end.

Fires set up in Qingfeng Li’s eyes, his body was giving out green lights. He pulled Xue Lin into his arms and kissed on her red lips.

Mmm, Xue Lin made some noise but she had to let Qingfeng Li take advantage of her.

After taking advantage of Xue Lin, Qingfeng Li pocked her up and carried her all the way to the bedroom on second floor.

"Big bad wolf, we can’t XXOO right now." Xue Lin’s face got blushed and said bashfully.

Qingfeng Li nodded and said: "little red riding hood, after our wedding in twenty days, I’ll XXOO you."

Xue Lin blushed, hiding her head under the blanket l, she was too shy to look up. Qingfeng Li left the room after he told her a story and waited for her to fall asleep.

Qingfeng Li went back to his bedroom on first floor. He turned on the computer and entered the Wolf King chatting room, turned on Alice’s video.

Alice had a beautiful face with tender and smooth skin. She was dressed in a white cotton sleepwear, which gave her a charming glow.

"Alice, any news of the Hell King and Eagle King?" Qingfeng Li asked.


Alice licked her red lips and said: "the Hell King is in Eastern Sea City, but we found five people wearing the Hell King’s masks, and we aren’t sure who was the real Hell King."

What, five people wearing Hell King’s masks.

Qingfeng Li frowned, feeling things were getting harsh. He knew there was only one Hell King, the person who wore the Hell King mask. But now, there were five people with the masks, who could tell which one is real.

"Alice, you keep an eyes on those five with Hell King’s masks."

"Got it, boss."

"By the way, any news of Eagle King?" Qingfeng Li asked.

Confusion appeared in Alice’s eyes, she said: "boss, I told you last time that Eagle King went to Tianjing, but he disappeared once he got there. Our spies couldn’t get in Tianjing."

Qingfeng Li got shocked hearing Alice’s words. He couldn’t know any better about Alice’s ability, she was called the Queen of Intelligence, who was on the top in terms of collecting information. But now she wasn’t able to get in Tianjing, which showed how tough things got.

Tianjing City was something tougher than Eastern Sea City. It was the city where tiger couched and dragon hidden. Qingfeng Li’s master, Wind-Edge Demon King had ever told him that there was a peerless master in Tianjing City, who had a draw with the Third Master Li back then.

"Alice, have you reached on anything or anyone powerful in Tianjing City?" Qingfeng Li asked with a confused tone.

"Boss, I think there was a peerless master hiding in Tianjing City, as I sensed danger as I got close to the city last time. It was the dangerous sense I only had when facing a master." Alice explained with fear in her voice.

Qingfeng Li froze for a while and said: "Alice, try to find that hidden master but make sure you are safe."

Qingfeng Li turned off the video after talking and went to bed. He had to conserve strength and store up his energy recently as he had sensed danger.