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Chapter 567: Going Back to the Combat Arena

Chapter 567: Going Back to the Combat Arena
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The next morning, Qingfeng Li got up early. He made breakfast, fried eggs and sandwiches, which were Xue Lin’s favorite.

After finishing breakfast, Qingfeng Li drove Xue Lin to the corporation. However, as soon as he got to the sales department, the phone rang. He took a look and found out it was from King Kong.

"What’s up King Kong?" Qingfeng Li asked.

"Grand Daddy Li, today is the day you will challenge the Hell King, don’t you forget?" King Kong asked, his voice showed that he was worried.

At the moment, King Kong was already waiting at the gate of the Arena. He thought Grand Daddy Li would have remembered and come earlier, but Grand Daddy Li forgot and he didn’t show up when it was almost nine o’clock.

Qingfeng Li paused and realized all of a sudden that today was the day he scheduled to challenge the Hell King, but he was so occupied with the corporation that totally forgot about the combat.

"King Kong, wait for me at the Arena first, I’ll be there soon." Qingfeng Li hung up immediately after he finished talking, then walked out of the corporation and headed to the Arena.

Meanwhile, outside the Arena.

"What did the master say King Kong?" Black Panther asked as he was standing on the side.

King Kong took a glance at him and said: "Grand Daddy Li asked us to go to the Arena first, he will be there soon."

Black Panther nodded and entered the Arena with King Kong. They felt the boiling excitement in the Arena as soon as they walked in, and the crowd was bigger than usual.

The size of the crowd at the moment was twice bigger than usual. It was known that usually there wouldn’t be so many people in the Arena. Thanks to the combat between Qingfeng Li and Hell King, people gathered here to see who was more powerful, the Hell King ranked the top or the Sky Wolf ranked the third place.

On the broad Arena, there stood a young man wearing a Hell King mask, staring at the crowd around coldly.

Although this man was wearing a Hell King mask, he wasn’t the real Hell King, instead, he was Ghost Five, which was the fifth member of Ghost King Squad. He was pointed to test the capability Qingfeng Li had.

His body was equipped with a needle-point camera that could clearly shoot anything in the Arena.

Meanwhile, in a villa located in the rural area of Eastern Sea City, the real Hell King was sitting on the couch. He turned on TV, and on the TV it clearly showed everything happening in the Eastern Sea Arena.

"Ghost Five, force Sky Wolf to come out since he hasn’t showed up yet." through the interphone, Hell King gave his command to Ghost Five who stood in the Arena.

"Yes, boss." on the Arena, Ghost Five touched the interphone set on the back of his ear and nodded.

"Referee, I accepted the challenge from Sky Wolf, but why hasn’t he showed up yet?" Ghost Five looked at the referee and asked.

The referee frowned and said: "Honorable Hell King, he should be here soon."

Ghost Five shrugged his mouth, held the mask on his face, and said arrogantly: "don’t tell me that Sky Wolf is so scared to see me today that he pissed off his pants and wanted to quit?"


People around burst into laughter hearing the young man’s words, and their eyes were full of sarcasm. They agreed that Sky Wolf was terrified by Hell King and didn’t dare to come, since Hell King was the top master in Eastern Sea Arena.

"Hell King was the crazy man who won thirty rounds in a row, who had beaten countless masters, Sky Wolf must have chickened out now."

"I agree, what a chicken, he even challenged Hell King."

"Right, he is a chicken."

People around started discussing wildly, saying Sky Wolf was a chick and mocking him with despite.

"How dare you swear on Grand Daddy Li, look for trouble." as soon as King Kong and Black Panther walked into the Arena, King Kong went mad as he heard people call Sky Wolf was a chick.

A young man with short hair saw King Kong, and said coldly: "I am swearing at Sky Wolf, isn’t he a chick since he is too scared to come today?"

"Dude, how dare you. I’ll teach you a lesson now." King Kong sneered and walked forward.

Seeing King Kong walking up to him, the young man with short hair changed the look on his face and was about to run away. However, King Kong stride towards him instantly and threw a punch at him. The young man was knocked over to the ground, and couldn’t get up for a long time.

People around all changed their attitudes seeing how fierce King Kong was, they no longer dare to say anything bad about Sky Wolf.

People under the stage didn’t dare to say anything, but on the stage of Arena did. Ghost Five looked at King Kong from the stage and said coldly: "I said Sky Wolf is a chicken, if you aren’t convinced, you can get up here and fight me."

King Kong turned downcast, and was ready to get on the stage and combat, as he never allowed anyone to humiliate Grand Daddy Li.

As King Kong was about to get on the stage, Black Panther stopped him and said: "wait."

King Kong twisted his eyebrows and said coldly: "that Hell King was humiliating Grand Daddy Li, why did you stop me from fighting against him?"

Black Panther shook his head and said: "you aren’t strong enough to be Hell King’s opponent, let me go."

King Kong’s face suddenly darkened, angry fire flickered in his eyes, he felt that Black Panther looked down on him. But he realized after that Black Panther was an S-Level matter who was so much powerful than him, it made more sense for him to go.

Although King Kong wasn’t happy with Black Panther, he was confident in his capability, Black Panther was actually stronger than him.

"Fine, you can go." King Kong said.

Black Panther nodded, he walked towards the stage and said: "Sky Wolf is my master, he isn’t here yet, so he asked me to test what you are capable of."

Ghost Five smiled and said arrogantly: "you aren’t my opponent, get the hell out."

Black Panther sneered and wasn’t half about his tone, so he said: "you are too arrogant, you will know if I’m your opponent only after we have a try."

"Go ahead since you are courting death, I’ll give away three strikes first." Ghost Five smiled and gave a prideful look.

Give away three strikes?

Black Panther’s face fell, feeling he was looked down. He used to be famous among the five cities in Hujiang Province, the same level as Thunder Tiger. However, it upset him when he got despited.


Black Panther roared, he moved his body and shifted up to Ghost Five instantly. He suddenly threw his right fist to Ghost Five, but what Ghost Five did was just turned his head slightly and avoided the first strike Black Panther gave.

Black Panther gave his next two strikes continuesly seeing that his first strike didn’t work, but still, none of them even touched the opponent.

"Three strikes were done, now my turn." Ghost Five sneered, he threw a punch as fast as a flash and landed at Black Panther’s chest. The punch was so powerful that Black Panther flew away and fell on the stage roughly.


Ghost Five stepped on Black Panther’s chest and broke his ribs, which made Black Panther scream miserably.

Qingfeng Li arrived at the Arena and happened to see Black Panther got his ribs broken. Qingfeng Li’s face turned black with rage all of a sudden, and burning anger flickered in his eyes.