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Chapter 568: I Will Give You Three Free Strikes

Chapter 568: I Will Give You Three Free Strikes
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"Sky Wolf, the Sky Wolf came."

"I thought the Sky Wolf was going to p*ssy out. Didn't think he would really come."

"Same. I didn't think he would really come."

The crowd was chatting. The majority of the crowd had witnessed the fight of the Sky Wolf so they were surprised when the Sky Wolf arrived.

"You are the Sky Wolf?" Ghost Five looked down at Qingfeng Li from the ring.

He wanted to see what was the aspect that made Qingfeng Li an attractive subject to his leader. After a long time, he didn't see anything interesting.

"Let him go." Qingfeng Li was pissed after seeing Ghost Five was still stepping on Black Panther's chest.

Ghost Five smiled and shook his head. He ridiculed him: Sky Wolf your subordinate was too weak. I even gave him the first three moves, but he still got beaten by me after one much. He really was weak.

Qingfeng Li knew Ghost Five was a level SSS master after observation. Black Panther was only a level S master, naturally he lost.

"I am here now. Let Black Panther go and I will fight you." Qingfeng Li smirked and walked towards the ring.

"Of course, here you go." Ghost Five smirked and kicked Black Panther away from the ring. Black Panther flew towards the floor after being kicked by Ghost Five.

Qingfeng Li stepped hard with his right foot and left a mark on the floor. He flew up like an eagle and caught Black Panther's body, then he landed perfectly back onto the floor.

Through observation Qingfeng Li knew that Black Panther was heavily wounded. He first used Chinese medicine's Bone Correction method to stop his wound briefly. Then he gave him to King Kong.

Black Panther was Qingfeng Li's subordinate. Ghost Five was trying to lower Qingfeng Li's reputation by heavily wounding his subordinate.

Qingfeng Li got the challenge tag and walked up to the ring. The crowds were ignited.

"Hell King is going to fight with the Sky Wolf. Who do you guys think is going to win?"

"Of course Hell King is going to win. He is the most powerful here."

"Yep. I think Hell King is going to win as well."

The crowd was all confident that the Hell King was going to win. After all, Hell King had attended 30 fights and achieved a dominating victory in each of them. Everyone who fought him was surprised at how powerful he was.

The fat boss once again started betting. This time he was confident that Hell King was going to win. He wanted to win back the money he lost.

"The betting has started. Hell King's bet is 1.5:1 and the Sky Wolf's bet is 20:1." The fat boss screamed. He increased the Sky Wolf's odds ratio by 20 times.

Even though the Sky Wolf's payout ratio was big, everyone betted on the Hell King.

How come no one betted the Sky Wolf to win?

Just when he was about to end the bet, a voice came out, "I am betting the Sky Wolf is going to win. I am going to bet one million dollars."

The voice came from King Kong. Grand Daddy Feng was a god in his eyes. He was confident that Grand Daddy Feng was going to win.

The fat boss was happy that King Kong betted the Sky Wolf to win. Previously, King Kong won one million from him. He wanted to win it back again.

King Kong knew what the fat boss was thinking, but he thought he was stupid.

Just after King Kong finished placing down his bet, Black Panther betted one million dollars that Sky Wolf was going to win as well.

"Are you sure? His opponent is the Hell King. He just beat you with one punch." The fat boss looked at him with confused eyes.

He couldn't understand Black Panther's thought process. Black Panther just lost to the Hell King, but he had still bet that Sky Wolf was going to win. Maybe he was dumb in the head?

Facing the fat boss's question, Black Panther said confidently, "I'm betting on the Sky Wolf to win for one million dollars."

Black Panther believed in the Sky Wolf. He knew full well how powerful his boss was. Just like King Kong, he treated Qingfeng Li like a god as well.

Even though the Hell King was powerful and was the champion of this ring, the Sky Wolf was stronger.

"Another bastard that picked the Sky Wolf to win, just like King Kong. Seems like I am going to win some more money." The fat boss was super happy.

In the fat boss's eyes, it was easy to win two million dollars. He didn't think that if he lost the bet, he would have to pay out forty million dollars.

Qingfeng Li was unaware of the betting between King Kong and the fat boss. If he did he would have bet himself to win as well.

There was a mini camera that was live streaming everything behind Ghost Five's ear. The video was sent to a villa in Eastern Sea City's urban area.

"Qingfeng Li, I am going to kill you." The real Hell King was looking at the stream inside the villa. He wanted to kill Qingfeng Li cruelly himself.

Even though he hated Qingfeng Li, he knew that Qingfeng Li was extremely powerful. He wasn't sure if he could kill Qingfeng Li, so he told Ghost Five to check him out first.

Qingfeng Li felt that there was another pair of eyes that were looking at him, but he couldn't find the pair of eyes. The reality was the eyes of the Hell king through the camera.

"I just gave Black Panther the first three moves. I am going to give you the first three moves as well." Ghost Five smirked and said. His leader told him to check how powerful Qingfeng Li was, so he gave Qingfeng Li the first few moves.

Giving me three free shots?

Qingfeng Li was shocked and laughed awkwardly. It had been years since someone gave him the first few moves. Ghost Five was the first.

"Sky Wolf, what are you laughing about?" Ghost Five's expression changed after hearing the laughter from Qingfeng Li. He felt that Qingfeng Li was humiliating him.

Qingfeng Li smiled and said, "I feel like you are really stupid."

Ghost Five was pissed. This was the first time someone called him stupid.

Before Ghost Five could even reply, Qingfeng Li said, "You are not powerful enough to give me the first moves. I will give you the first three strikes."