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Chapter 569: Didn“t Even Touch the Cloth

Chapter 569: Didn't Even Touch the Cloth
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Let me have the first moves?

Ghost Five's eyes had a flash of killing intent. Even though he wasn't the real Hell King, he was still part of the Ghost King Clan; a level SSS master. He was pissed that he was being looked down at.

"Sky Wolf, don't regret your decision." Ghost Five laughed and said. He just received a message from Hell King telling him to accept the Sky Wolf's terms and to beat him quickly.

The crowd was laughing at Qingfeng Li and mocking him. They didn't think the Sky Wolf was going to win. Now that the Sky Wolf was going to give the Hell King the first moves, they looked down at the Sky Wolf even more.

Qingfeng Li knew what everyone was thinking, but he didn't care because Ghost Five was nothing in his eyes.

Ghost Five stepped onto the ground with his right foot and a foot mark appeared on the marble floor. It was formed because of the powerful step from Ghost Five.

His right fist suddenly flashed out like lightning. It instantly appeared in front of Qingfeng Li's neck.

This fist could easily break any normal person's neck, but Qingfeng Li wasn't normal. He dodged Ghost Five's punch easily with a left tilt.

"First move." Qingfeng Li was expressionless.

Ghost Five was pissed. He didn't think his lightning punch was going to be so easily dodged by the Sky Wolf.

Ghost Five's right leg kicked out towards Qingfeng Li's calf. The kick was extremely quick, but again Qingfeng Li dodged it easily.

"Second move." Qingfeng Li still said emotionlessly. It was almost like dodging Ghost Five's kick was nothing.

Ghost Five was embarrassed. He didn't think his full-on punch and kick were so easily dodged by the Sky Wolf.

"You have one more move. Try your best please." Qingfeng Li smirked with a mocking look.

Seeing Qingfeng Li mocking him made Ghost Five even more furious. He formed a paw with his right hand and scratched at Qingfeng Li's eyes.

Ghost Five thought the eyes were the weakest part of the body, so it would be easier to land his attacks.

Ghost Five was disappointed once again. Just when his paw was going to land, Qingfeng Li's head suddenly disappeared and dodged Ghost Five's paw once again.

"Your free moves are done." Qingfeng Li's head came out of nowhere.

Ghost Five was scared. He felt like the person in front of him was as powerful as the real Hell King.

"Am I seeing right. The Hell King's attacks all missed. It didn't even touch the Sky Wolf."

"Just how powerful is the Sky Wolf?!"

"I doubt that the Hell King is the Sky Wolf's opponent."

The crowds were chatting. They started to doubt the strength of Hell King. Everyone thought Hell King was going to win, but now they thought the Sky Wolf was going to win because he was too powerful.

Hearing the crowds made Ghost Five reddened up. The redness was caused by shame. Luckily he had the Hell King mask on; no one could see his expression.

Ghost Five beaten tons of opponents. Apart from the leader and some other members of the team, he never faced someone that could beat him.

But today, in Eastern Sea City's ring, he faced a powerful opponent.

An order came out behind Ghost Five ear, "Use your weapon or else you might lose."

Ghost Five nodded because he knew his leader was right. The Sky Wolf in front of him was a perfected level SSS master. A real King.

Ghost Five took out his dagger. There were three prisms on the dagger; extremely sharp. Once punctured by the dagger, it would leave three uneven holes that will make the victim bleed to death. It would be barely curable.

Qingfeng Li became serious after he saw the dagger. He knew how scary the dagger could be.

Even though Qingfeng Li's fingers were powerful, it was impossible to get a hold onto Ghost Five's dagger. He took out his own dagger, the Life-Reaping Dagger.

Life-Reaping Dagger wasn't as fancy as Ghost Five's dagger. It was more dark and simple, but it had sharp edges.

Ghost Five stabbed towards Qingfeng Li with his dagger.

Qingfeng Li naturally wouldn't dodge. He extended his hand with his Life-Reaping Dagger and rammed into Ghost Five's Prism Dagger.

With the collision, the Life-Reaping Dagger suffered no damage, but the Triple-Prism Dagger had a huge nick.

Just with one collision and the Triple-Prism Dagger was broken.

My Triple-Prism Dagger?

Ghost Five was utterly surprised. His dagger was the reason that he was able to fight through Huaxia without any troubles.

The Triple-Prism Dagger was extremely sharp. It was able to cut through metals easily.

But now the dagger was broken with just one collision with Qingfeng Li's Life-Reaping Dagger. It shocked Ghost Five.


Qingfeng Li stabbed towards Ghost Five seeing how he was in shock. Ghost Five took out his Prism Dagger and tried to block it.


Ghost Five's Prism Dagger was broken into two separate pieces by Qingfeng Li's Life-Reaping Dagger.