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Chapter 570: The Powerful Ghost Five

Chapter 570: The Powerful Ghost Five
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Ghost Five wanted to retreat back after seeing his dagger was broken.

"Did you think you could retreat?" Qingfeng Li wouldn't let Ghost Five retreat. His right leg kicked out suddenly and caused Ghost Five's body to fly away.

Ghost Five felt the burn from the kick. Fortunately, his defensive skills were high, or else he would have died from the kick.

The crowd was shocked after seeing Ghost Five being kicked away by Qingfeng Li. Even though they knew that the Wolf was powerful, they didn't think he would be this powerful.

Nice defense. Seeing how Ghost Five was only pale after receiving his kick made Qingfeng Li's eyes light up. It was lit up because Qingfeng Li found a worthwhile prey.

To be honest, it had been a long time since Qingfeng Li met someone powerful. Ghost Five was as powerful as half a King. He withdrew his dagger and decided to fight Ghost Five with his bare hands.

There was combatitive instincts in Qingfeng Li's blood that was passed down by his father, Overlord Sanye Li. When they met someone powerful, all they wanted was to fight.

Qingfeng Li's right foot stepped on the ground and broke the marble. His body was like a panther that was rushing for its prey. He instantly appeared in front of Ghost Five and punched towards him.

Qingfeng Li's fist was extremely quick. One couldn't even see his fist. It ripped through the air and created a strong breeze.

Ghost Five couldn't afford to be careless. He extended his fist and punched towards Qingfeng Li's powerful fist.


The collision of the two fists created a huge force. Ghost Five's body kept on moving back for 8 steps until he finally controlled his body. Qingfeng Li didn't budge.

Qingfeng Li was the winner of this collision. Ghost Five wasn't worthy to be his opponent.

Ghost Five felt that his fist hurt a lot. He looked at it and saw the skin was already ripped and he was bleeding.

Another sound came in from behind Ghost Five's ear and said, "Ghost Five, Sky Wolf is a perfect level SSS master. If you wanted to win you have to use the Enhancement Potion."

Ghost Five's expression changed and said, "Yes, sir. Seems like the enhancement potion is the only way to go."

Ghost Five took out a red potion. Qingfeng Li could feel how powerful the liquid was from where he was standing.

Qingfeng Li knew that Ghost Five was going to drink and he also knew that his power was going to multiply.

Qingfeng Li didn't plan to stop him because he felt that Ghost Five was too weak. He needed a strong opponent. He hoped that Ghost Five would interest him after he drank the potion.

Ghost Five opened his mouth and drank the red potion. The potion contained powers that expanded his veins and muscles. He became big.

A raging power emitted from Ghost Five's body. His pores were spitting out bloody mist. His body increased in size and was filled with extreme strength.

Ghost Five became perfect level SSS master. Qingfeng Li's brows tensed and his whole body was excited. His eyes were filled with fighting spirit.

Qingfeng Li only became excited when he faced powerful opponents. This was because he was already at the top and no one was strong enough to face him.

"I am now at top level SSS. I am going to teach you a lesson." Ghost Five looked at Qingfeng Li and started laughing non-stop.

Ghost Five walked out one step. The marble floor was instantly smashed into pieces. It was obvious that Ghost Five's strength had increased.


Ghost Five punched out and the air in front of him as if exploded. His fist went straight for Qingfeng Li's head. He wanted to break Qingfeng Li's head.

Qingfeng Li was excited. His right fist extended out and collided with Ghost Five's fist.

This time both Qingfeng Li and Ghost Five was standing still. The two were equal in terms of strengths this time.

Such powerful strength, thought Qingfeng Li. He was excited to see another similar level opponent.

"Now it is my turn." Qingfeng Li kicked out his right leg towards Ghost Five's calf.

Ghost Five looked at Qingfeng Li's kick and returned with his own kick.

The two legs collided with each other and shattered the rocks on the floor.

Once again, the two were equal.

"Not bad. What did you just drink? It made your power increase." Qingfeng Li asked and was curious.

Ghost Five laughed and said, "It was a DNA potion created by my boss. Wolf King, I am going to kill you today."

After finishing his sentence, Ghost Five once again punched towards Qingfeng Li.

Ghost Five and Qingfeng Li's fists, legs, shoulders, and legs collided multiple time. The forces from the collision made the walls shake.

The crowd beside them had to cover their ears from the sounds that were made from the collisions.

Ghost Five became anxious because he couldn't beat the Wolf even after multiple collisions. He hounded once again and became even bigger.

Ghost Five's power increased once again. His eyes became blood red, his body became bigger, and his power was increased. His whole body was emitting powerful forces and his skin was shining in red.

Qingfeng Li's face became more serious because he felt that Ghost Five became even more powerful than before. It seemed like his power increased once again.