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Chapter 571: Qingfeng Li Won

Chapter 571: Qingfeng Li Won
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Ghost Five opened his mouth and roared. His eyes and entire body were bloody red. After drinking the genetic potion, he was like a wild beast. His entire body was filled with a wild power.


Ghost Five stepped on the ground and left a huge hole on the ground. He moved towards Qingfeng in the speed of lightning. In a moment, he was before Qingfeng. He waved his bloody right fist viciously towards Qingfeng's body.

Qingfeng furrowed his brows. He dared not be careless as Ghost Five's was too beastly. Qingfeng's formed a wind blade with his right palm and slashed it towards the bloody fist.

The bloody fist and wind blade collided with a loud boom! Qingfeng took a step back while Ghost Five stood unmovingly.

Such strong power!

Qingfeng expression became serious. He was much stronger than Ghost Five just now but now, he was forced to take a step back. It was clear that the genetic potion was extremely strong.

From their collision, he could see that Ghost Five must be of pinnacle-tier level SSS. Ghost Five was as strong as he was but the other's power was more wild and beastly.

Everyone in the audience was excited when they saw Ghost Five forcing Qingfeng to take a step back. They all placed their bets on Ghost Five. If he lost, they would lose their money.

"Master was forced to take a step back. It is quite dangerous," Black Panther said as he furrowed his brows. He was a level S master so he could sense that Ghost Five's power was about the same as Qingfeng's power.

"Black Panther, Grand Daddy Li is the strongest! The winner will be Grand Daddy Li for sure!" King Kong said with determination.

Black Panther and Qingfeng did not many interactions so Black Panther was not aware of Qingfeng's power. However, King Kong had a deep understanding of Grand Daddy Li. In his heart, Qingfeng was the god and strongest existence.

"You are so confident in Master?" Black Panther said with astonishment.

"Yes, no matter who the opponent is, the ultimate winner will be Grand Daddy Li," King Kong said with stars in his eyes..

To be honest, if Qingfeng asked King Kong to jump from the building, King Kong would obey his commands. King Kong trusted Qingfeng fully, even with his life.

On the battle arena, Ghost Five was excited to see Qingfeng taking a step back. He knew that this was the result of the genetic potion.


Ghost Five emitted another roar and waved his fist towards Qingfeng's body. Qingfeng dared not hold back his power. His used all his power to meet Ghost Five's attacks.

Katcha! Katcha! Katcha!

Their power were very strong and caused cracks on the strong marble ground to form wherever their soles landed on the ground.

The surrounding people had their mouths wide agape. They have never seen such an exciting battle. It was like a battle between martial artists. They would break the strong marble ground with every step they took.

Ghost Five's wild power was too strong. His flurries of attacks caused Qingfeng to take steps back towards the edge of the arena. Qingfeng was close to falling from the battle arena.

Even though Qingfeng was forced to take steps back, his eyes were filled with excitement. This was the excitement from meeting a strong opponent. At the moment, Ghost Five was at the level of a King.

"Very well, it seems like I need to use the Blood Wolf Seal," Qingfeng said with a cold smile. His eyes were blood thirsty.

The seal was his secret weapon. He would only use it in extreme circumstances when he meets a strong opponent.


Qingfeng's blood also started to boil. The wolf head on his chest became bloody red as he howled.

The seal was activated and Qingfeng's power started to grow exponentially. His body became stronger, his blood boiled and his eyes became bloody red. He looked like he was about to devour Ghost Five.

Qingfeng's power had doubled. He stomped on the ground and left a huge hole on the ground. The surrounding people were horrified.

What the hell? Is he still human? He must be a robot. Only a robot could cause a huge hole in the ground.

Qingfeng did not care about the surrounding people. He waved his right hand towards Ghost Five. There was a bloody wolf imprint at the top of his fist. His fist pummeled like a canon towards Ghost Five's body.

Ghost Five did not back down either. He waved his bloody fist and met Qingfeng's fist.


Ghost Five's fist instantly broke. He groaned painfully with disbelief in his eyes. How was this possible? How could Sky Wolf's power increase by so much?

If Qingfeng's previous power was 250kg, after he activated the power of the Bloody Wolf, his fist was 500kg. The seal was even stronger than Ghost Five's genetic potion.

Kill you when you are at a disadvantage.

When Qingfeng saw that Ghost Five was injured, Qingfeng did not let this opportunity slide. He pummeled his fists onto Ghost Five's body.

Katcha! Katcha! Katcha!

Ghost Five's bones were broken by Qingfeng's fists. One, two, three…this continued until dozens of bones were broken. In the end, there was not an intact bone on Ghost Five's body. His body landed on the ground with a thud.

"Sky Wolf vs Hell King, Sky Wolf wins," The judge announced loudly as he looked at Qingfeng with astonishment in his eyes.

Hell King lost?

The surrounding people were stunned to see the person who lied on the stage like a pile of mud. How strong must Sky Wolf be? He even managed to defeat the number one fighter of the fighting arena.

Of course, the audience also deeply regretted placing their bets on Hell King. Their money was gone since Hell King lost.

As for the fat boss, his face was ghastly pale. He never expected Sky Wolf to win. He had bet a million dollars that Hell King would win.

He shivered when he recalled that King Kong and Black Panther had bet 2 million dollars with him that Qingfeng would win, and that he would have to repay them 40 million dollars. He quickly turned around to run but was caught by King Kong.

"Boss, where are you going?" King Kong asked with a smile.

"No, I am going to grab your money for you," The fat boss replied. He looked like his parents had died. His fighting arena only made millions of dollars a year; he has suffered a heavy loss this time.