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Chapter 573: Ruyan Liu Doing an Ultrasound

Chapter 573: Ruyan Liu Doing an Ultrasound
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Number One People’s Hospital

Ruyan Liu held onto a black bag. Her eyes darted around. She took careful steps towards the gynecology department when she did not see anyone familiar around her.

Ruyan Liu came for a check-up on the baby today. Since Jiaojiao Liu had to go to school, she could only come alone. She did not want anyone else to know that she was pregnant. Only Jiaojiao Liu knew about her pregnancy.

The doctor at the appointment was a woman in her forties. Her name was Lanjun Zhang. She was a chubby woman who wore a pair of glasses. She was an experienced attendant in the Gynecology Department.

"Doctor Zhang, my stomach has been hurting when I sleep these days," Ruyan Liu said.

Lanjun Zhang touched Ruyan Liu’s belly and said, "This is normal. The baby in your stomach has developed. He is kicking you at night."

A flash of happiness appeared on Ruyan Liu’s face. She said, "You said that the baby is kicking me?"

"Yes. Your baby is very active. He will definitely be an outgoing child."

"Dr. Zhang, can you tell if it is a boy or girl?"

"Miss Liu, we need to perform an ultrasound to be able to tell."

"Write me a slip then, I will go and do an ultrasound," Ruyan Liu said excitedly. She wanted to know if the baby was a boy or girl. After all, this was a baby of Qingfeng and herself.

Lanjun Zhang smiled slightly and wrote her a slip for the ultrasound. Then, Ruyan Liu went to do it.

After the ultrasound, Ruyan Liu started to walk around the hospital. It took 30 minutes for the results to come out so she walked around to exercise.

"Ruyan, why are you here?" Suddenly, a familiar voice was heard.

Ruyan Liu’s expression changed when she heard the familiar voice. She found out that Qingfeng was standing behind her and looking at her with puzzlement.

Oh my god, why was Qingfeng here?

Ruyan Liu’s expression became ghastly pale. A bead of cold sweat trickled down her forehead. She was very nervous.

"Ruyan, are you sick? Why are you so pale?" Qingfeng asked with concern as he walked to her side.

"Qingfeng, why are you at the hospital?" Ruyan Liu asked nervously. Sweat trickled down her forehead.

Qingfeng shook his head and said, "I saw you at the hospital entrance so I followed you into the hospital.

"Eh? Why do you have sweat on your forehead?," asked Qingfeng. It was not hot at all; why would she be sweating?

"Ruyan, do you have a fever? Here, let me have a feel," Qingfeng touched Ruyan Liu’s forehead with his right hand. Her forehead was not hot. She did not have a fever.

Ruyan Liu shook her head. Her charming face was very nervous. She said softly, "Qingfeng, go home."

"Ruyan, I am not going home. I will accompany you here," Qingfeng said caringly.

Ruyan Liu was so touched that she wanted to cry when she heard Qingfeng’s words. She would have been even more touched if Qingfeng cared about her on any other day. But today was different. She had just completed an ultrasound. The result would be out in 10 minutes. Everything would be over if Qingfeng knew that she was pregnant.

Ruyan Liu was worried that Qingfeng would know that she was pregnant. She did not understand her emotions either. She was worried, nervous and scared but there was something else too?

Qingfeng held onto her small hand and asked with concern, "Let’s go and rest on the chairs for a bit. We can talk."

Ruyan Liu’s small hand was helf by Qingfeng. Even though she was touched, she was also weeping in her heart. She really hoped that Qingfeng would go home now. But she couldn’t do anything if he refused to leave.

There were many long benches in the corridors of the hospital. Qingfeng led Ruyan Liu to a long bench. Qingfeng was nostalgic when he looked at Ruyan Liu’s charming face.

Qingfeng recalled all their past memories. They had gone through a lot together. They can finally be together. What a happy result!

The surrounding people were envious to see Qingfeng holding onto such a beauty. It would be great if they could have a beautiful girlfriend too.

Ruyan Liu was slightly red to see the gaze from the onlookers. Her reaction amazed Qingfeng. In the past, Ruyan Liu would not be embarrassed. What was happening with her today?

Truthfully, she was not embarrassed, her face was red from nervousness. This was the most nerve-wracking moment in her life.

"Big brother Li, why are you here?" Suddenly, a surprised voice was heard.

Qingfeng turned around to see the beautiful nurse, Yanran Zhao. At the moment, she wore a white nurse uniform.

Qingfeng nodded and said, "I am here for a walk."

Yanran Zhao said with a smile, "big brother Li, I thought you were sick."

Qingfeng looked at Yanran Zhao speechlessly but his heart was nervous. Yanran Zhao was aware that his wife was Xue Lin. It would be troublesome if she discovered her relationship with Ruyan Liu.

Qingfeng was nervous. His heart was beating wildly and a bead of cold sweat appeared on his forehead. At the moment, he was nervous, just like Ruyan Liu.

"Big brother Li, you are so pale. Do you have a fever?" Yanran Zhao asked Qingfeng with concern.

Qingfeng was about to cry. He thought, "Pretty Nurse, I am very healthy. Please leave quickly." He really wanted Yanran Zhao to leave but she did not want to leave.

"Big brother Li, I will measure your temperature to see if you have a fever?" Yanran Zhao said warmly.

However, her eyes widened when she walked to Qingfeng’s side. She discovered that Qingfeng was holding onto Ruyan Liu’s hand.

Yanran Zhao knew that Qingfeng’s wife was Xue Lin. Why was he holding to another woman’s hand. Furthermore, the woman was so beautiful.

Even though she was also a woman, Yanran Zhao had to admit that the woman was very beautiful. She was much more beautiful than she was.

Was she Big brother Li’s mistress?

Yanran Zhao used all her imagination. It was common to have mistresses in modern society. Why would like a good man like big brother Li have a mistress?

Yanran Zhao looked at their handheld hands. She felt really sad and a dull ache in her heart but she did not know why she was sad.