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Chapter 578: The Malicious Hell King

Chapter 578: The Malicious Hell King
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Qingfeng’s uneasiness lessened after arranging for Monk to protect Xue Lin tomorrow. However, he was still unable to sleep.

Qingfeng sensed that danger was still present. He had heard from Alice that Eagle King had also arrived at Huaxia and had headed towards Tianjing City.

Qingfeng was familiar with Eagle King. They had met in the past. Qingfeng knew that if Eagle King was not confident, he would not come to Huaxia to seek revenge against himself.

Hell King alone was already making Qingfeng uneasy, Eagle King was just adding to the problem.

Qingfeng walked around in his room worriedly. He did not fall asleep until 12am.


In a rural mansion of ES City.

Hell King wore a mask and smashed everything in the living room to the ground. He smashed the TV, the TV controller, the tea cups, and even the 50kg metal table. It was clear that he was furious.

"Qingfeng Li, I want you to die, to die…" Hell King said viciously. He wanted to kill Qingfeng so bad.

From the video of ES Fighting Arena, Hell King was aware that his subordinate Ghost Five was killed by Qingfeng.

After he draink the genetic potion, Ghost Five must be a Level SSS fighter. However, he was still killed by Qingfeng.

But, Hell King also witnessed Qingfeng’s secret weapon – the Bloody Wolf Seal. He did not expect Qingfeng to be able to activate the bloodline power in his chest. What a scary man.

Three men stood behind Hell King. They all wore black clothing and masks. Their eyes were filled with anger. They were Ghost two, ghost 3 and ghost four respectively.

There were five people in Ghost King Team in the past. Now that Ghost King had died, there were only four people left.

"Boss, you need to avenge ghost five," Ghost two said with hatred in his voice.

Hell King stopped smashing objects and said, "You have witnessed Qingfeng’s power. You guy might not be his match even if you went. As for myself, there is a problem with cloning technology. I need to fix it."

In the past, Hell King would have gone to kill Qingfeng right now. But his clone had met some problems that need to be fixed. Thus, he did not seek out Qingfeng right away.

"Team Leader, are we going to let Qingfeng Li go away?" Ghost two said persistently.

Hell King smiled coldly and said, "Let him go? How is that possible? Even though Qingfeng is strong, he has too many women. Woman is his weakness. Investigate the women around him. We will kidnap his woman."

"Team Leader, that is a brilliant idea. He killed Ghost five, we will kill his woman to seek revenge," Ghost two said coldly with killer intent.

Ghost two bowed towards Hell King before walking out of the mansion. He would go and investigate Qingfeng’s women.

The dark mansion was quiet once again. However, a conspiracy has begun.

Even though Qingfeng had prepared for the upcoming danger, he only protected Xue Lin. He did not protect his other women.

knock knock knock

The next day, Qingfeng was sleeping in his bed when he heard a loud knocking on the door.

"Who is it? It’s so early in the morning," Qingfeng said as he reluctantly opened the door.

Xue Lin glared at him and said, "Only two people live in the mansion. Who else can it be? Obviously, it’s me."

Qingfeng yawned but still felt tired. He slept too late last night so he was very tired.

But his eyes lit up when he saw Xue Lin’s appearance. Xue Lin was very beautiful today. She had light make-up on and she wore a violet shade of lipstick.

She wore a white dress which hugged her body. Her body was voluptuous and sexy. Her calves were pale and thin. She wore a pair of silver crystal heels. She looked stunning.

Qingfeng swallowed and asked, "Wife, why are you dressed so beautifully?"

Xue Lin rolled her eyes and said, "I need to attend the ES City Conference today. You should get ready too and accompany me."

Business conference?

Qingfeng furrowed his brows. He did not want to attend. He really detested these boring conferences. He would rather sleep at home or go to work.

Xue Lin could tell that Qingfeng was reluctant to attend the meeting. She said, "Hubby, the conference is important. All the companies of ES City are attending. We are electing a Director of Commerce today as well. Come with me."

Qingfeng could not say no when he met Xue Lin’s pleading glance. He could only nod and agree to attend the conference.

Qingfeng returned to his bedroom and found the suit he bought last time. After getting ready, he left the mansion with Xue Lin. They were followed by Ziyi Miao, who was responsible for protecting Xue Lin.

The three of them had breakfast at a restaurant. Xue Lin drove the car towards the conference location.

The conference location was ES Building. This was a huge gathering for all the companies of ES City. Most of the large companies of ES city would all attend.

Everyone who attended was an important figure in their fields. Here, you could see many influential members of the fields and millionaires who usually only appeared on TV.

ES Skyscraper was a trademark building of ES City. It was 50 stories high and the tallest building of ES City. It was majestic and made of white marble. The windows were made of galss.

When the three of them arrived at ES Building, the parking lot was already filled with numerous luxurious cars such as Rolls-Royce, Maserati, Bentley, Ferrari, Audi…

When Qingfeng walked into the Building, he saw some familiar faces such as the CEO of Ten-Thousand Elephant Real Estate, the CEO of Everyday Entertainment and the Young Mistress of All Well Corporation.

Xue Lin was a representative of the jewelry market. Ice Snow Corporation was the largest jewelry company in ES City and it was preparing to expand its business to other provinces.

Of course, there were also some youngsters from rich families who attended the conferences. They were brought here by their parents to expand their horizons.

This was a top-tier conference of ES City. There were numerous millionaires and beauties gathered at the conference.