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Chapter 579: Mocking Qingfeng Li

Chapter 579: Mocking Qingfeng Li
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Coincidentally, just as Qingfeng was about to walk into ES building, he saw the young master of Zhang Corporation, Tianci Zhang.

"Big brother Li, you are here to attend the business conference too?" Tianci Zhang said with a smile as he jogged to Qingfeng’s side.

Qingfeng pointed to Xue Lin and said, "I’m here to accompany my wife."

"Hello, sister-in-law," Tianci Zhang cleverly said. His words pleased Xue Lin.

"Eh, isn’t this Miss Lin? You are quite pretty today?" Suddenly, a seductive voice was heard.

Xue Lin’s expression changed when she heard the voice, she was too familiar with the voice. IT belonged to Ruyan Liu.

Xue Lin looked towards the voice and as expected, Ruyan Liu stood behind her. Ruyan Liu looked at her with a smile on her face.

Ruyan Liu was very beautiful today. She wore light make-up and a purple lipstick.

She wore a red dress which hugged her body. It contrasted sharply with the white dress that Xue Lin wore.

Ruyan Liu’s personality was different form Xue Lin; her taste in fashion was different as well. They favored different colors. It was clear from their choice in clothing that they were different types of people.

Xue Lin was an icy cold beauty while Ruyan Liu was a seductive goddess. The two attracted everyon’e attention at the entrance.

Tianci Zhang had met Ruyan Liu before and knew that Ruyan Liu as Big brother Li’s woman. He quickly said, "Hello, sister-in-law."

Ruyan Liu broke out in a smile when she heard Tianci Zhang’s words. She was quite happy.

Xue Lin on the other hand was upset. How could Tianci Zhang call her sister-in-law a moment ago and call some other woman sister-in-law now?

"Tianci, I have heard a lot about you from my husband. He said that you are his lackey. How could you call some other woman sister-in-law?" Xue Lin said unhappily.

"Oh no, I said something wrong," thought Tianci Zhang. His face turned pale. He had forgotten about Xue Lin when he saw Ruyan Liu.

Tianci Zhang looked at Qingfeng for help. He hoped that Qingfeng could help him out now so that Xue Lin would not be upset.

However, Tianci Zhang was disappointed. Qingfeng looked up at the sky and ignored Tianci Zhang’s pleading glance.

If it was any other matter, Qingfeng would definitely help out Tianci Zhang. However, he did not want to meddle in the matters between Xue Lin and Ruyan Liu. He tried to avoid the conflict between the two at all cost. Why would he voluntarily meddle? The poor Tianci Zhang was abandoned by Qingfeng.

"Xue Lin sister-in-law, I often hear about you from big brother Li. He said you are the best woman," Tianci Zhang was a good ass kisser. He knew that he could not depend on Qingfeng so he started to sweet talk Xue Lin.

But Xue Lin did not give in. She said with a smile, "Tianci, there is only one sister-in-law. Who is it? Ruyan Liu or me?"

Ruyan Liu could tell that things were going wrong. Xue Lin was clearly forcing Tianci Zhang to make a choice. She was afraid that Tianci Wang would choose to call Xue Lin sister-in-law. That would be embarrassing for her.

Ruyan Liu rolled her eyes and said, "Tianci, I forgot to lock my car. Go and lock it for me."

This was a lousy excuse. Who would leave their car without locking it? But this was the excuse Tianci Zhang needed at this moment.

"I will help you lock your car," Tianci Zhang said quickly.

Qingfeng looked at Tianci Zhang speechlessly. He was quite happy that this fellow had attracted the women’s attention but now, he ran away.

"Look, you guys scared my lackey away," Qingfeng said as he looked at the two women.

Xue Lin glanced at him and said, "Hmph, your lackey ran away too fast or I would have asked him why he referred to some other woman as sister-in-law."

Ruyan Liu said with a chuckle, "Sigh, some people are just too hard to get along with. Look, she scared your lackey away."

Qingfeng’s head started to hurt. The two women started to fight whenever they met. It was alright that they did it at home but they were out in public. Everyone was looking at them.

The surrounding people looked at Qingfeng enviously. They were jealous that he was surrounded by two beauties.

"The meeting is about to start, let’s go in quickly." Qingfeng found an excuse and started to make his way towards the hall.

Ruyan Liu and Xue Lin followed closely behind him. But they continued to banter.

"Miss Liu, you are already involved in real estate and hotels. Why are you starting a Chinese herb business?" Xue Lin asked Ruyan Liu.

The two women were competitors; they competed for Qingfeng. Xue Lin had kept an eye on Ruyan Liu’s actions. After all, the two were both beautiful. They could only compete in the business world.

Ruyan Liu smiled charmingly and said, "Real estate and hotels are my family’s business. I don't want to depend on my family. I want to start my business in a new field and defeat you with my own ability."

"Defeat me? I’m afraid that’s impossible. I will defeat you."

"Miss Lin, there is still one year. I look forward to the result. If you lose, you are going to divorce Qingfeng and never see him again."

"Miss Liu, don’t worry. If you win, I will leave Qingfeng. But what if you lose?"

"Miss Lin, if I lose, I will leave ES City and never see Qingfeng again."

Xue Lin and Ruyan Liu continued to quarrel as they walked towards the hall.

As the saying goes, only one tiger could live in a mountain. A man could only have one wife. Both wanted to be Qingfeng’s only woman. Thus, they made the bet that whoever lost would leave Qingfeng.

Qingfeng walked at the front. He was troubled but there was nothing he could do. He was close with both and could not say anything.

"It is difficult to be a man," Qingfeng exclaimed.

A long-haired beauty heard his exclamation and mocked, "If it is hard to be a man, go and be a woman."

Qingfeng lifted his head when he heard the insulting voice. He discovered that it was a beauty in her twenties. She was looking at him with an insulting look on her face.