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Chapter 581: Qingfeng Come to Rescue

Chapter 581: Qingfeng Come to Rescue
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I need a man?

Jingyi raised her brows, being pissed off after hearing what Qingfeng said. Who was she? She was the host of the Eastern Sea TV Station, also as known as the Poisonous Tongue. Only she would get the chance to criticize others, never the other way around.

"You are the one that needs a man," Jingyi became a billionaire since her corporation had been growing very fast.

Qingfeng smiled faintly, "Sorry, I am not gay and I will never need a man. But are you sure? You seem to have a serious endocrine disorder due to lacking men for a while."

Qingfeng was not afraid of being sarcastic at all. He could criticize the heck out of Jingyi if he wanted to.

Seeing both Qingfeng and Jingyi were about to start a fight, Xue Lin frowned, "The meeting is going to start in ten minutes. Let's just get in."

"Huh, I have a meeting now/ I'm going to handle you later," Jingyi glared at Qingfeng as she went into the elevator.

Qingfeng also went into the elevator, yet, he was stopped by the elevator woman.

"You can't come in here, this is the private elevator for our president," the woman said.

"Why can't I go in if Jingyi Chen can?" Qingfeng asked coldly while pointing at Jingyi in the elevator.

Qingfeng felt like this woman was being discriminative since she allowed Jingyi to get in but not Qingfeng.

The woman stuttered as she was apparently caught off guard by Qingfeng. She insisted though, saying, "I said you can't get in. Ms. Jingyi can because she is the niece of the president."

OHHH, riding the freaking coattails? Qingfeng had completely lost his temper. Since he came to Huaxia from the Wolf Continent, he was used to the coattail riding that the younger people engaged here. Everything was all about networking, including the ones with parents, relatives, friends, and acquaintances, etc.

Jingyi looked at Qingfeng provocatively and said, "The meeting is going to start in ten minutes. If you're late, I'm going to point out the Ice Snow Corporation in front of everyone later."


The elevator closed and started to move up once Jingyi finished her words.

Qingfeng felt frustrated. He finally understood why people kept saying never mess around with girls. He could fix gangsters and assholes with violence but he couldn't beat this crazy bitch since it would definitely ruin the Ice Snow Corporation.

Qingfeng tried to get into other elevators with Xue Lin and the others, but they couldn't squeeze in since they were all occupied. They had no choice but to wait for the next one.

At this moment, a man in a suit was walking towards the elevator. He was followed by a young secretary who was around 20 years old behind him. This secretary was quite pretty, with a smooth face, fair skin, long black hair and a business pouch in hand.

The man was tall and big, though he looked slightly pale and walked with his toes tipped. It is a sign of ill-being.

"Honey, that man is Yun Wang, the president of ES Commerce," Xue Lin said while pointing at the man.

Speaking of Yun Wang, he was indeed an influential character in the business field. As the top representative of the start-up generation, he started from having nothing, graduated from Yanjing Technology University and developed an Internet Company after graduation. Through hard work and great effort, he finally became one of the billionaires in Eastern Sea City.

Yun Wang was elected to be the president since he started from the bottom and now had become a billionaire in Eastern Sea City.

Qingfeng followed the direction where Xue Lin pointed and saw an middle-aged man. He could tell that this man, Yun Wang, was sick right away based on his face and the posture of his body.

Indeed, when Yun Wang walked to the elevator, he suddenly looked terrible and started to sweat all along his forehead. Within a second, he fainted on the floor.

"Gosh, the president fainted," the secretary yelled when she saw Yun Wang fainted. She took out a lifesaver pill from her purse and was about to put it into Yun Wang's mouth. Yet, Qingfeng rushed up immediately and slapped the pill from her hand.

"What are you doing? This instant cardio-reliever pill is for President Wang," the secretary stared at Qingfeng with anger.

"He didn't faint from a heart problem. You would have killed him if you fed him this pill," Qingfeng said to her while staring at her.

"That's impossible, President Wang has angina. He needs to take this lifesaver pill whenever the attack occurs."

"I've said he didn't faint from that this time. It's from high-blood pressure."

"Why should I trust you?" the secretary started at Qingfeng as she was not content that he slapped her pill away.

Ruyan walked up to her and said, "Ms. Wei Chen, I can promise you he is right."

"Ms. Liu, you also came for the meeting?" The secretary asked with a shocked face.

Wei Chen certainly knew who Ruyan Liu was. Ruyan used to be the top beauty and the top rich lady in Eastern Sea City. Wei Chen invited her to come to attend the Business Meeting last year but was rejected. She didn't expect Ruyan actually came this year.

Ruyan had seen Wei Chen last year and had a good impression of her. She said, "Wei Chen, I promise you with my reputation that Qingfeng knows what he's doing. He can make President Wang get back up again."

"Alright, I'll let him do his work then. But I won't let him go if he fails to wake the president up," Wei Chen glared at Qingfeng discontentedly, though she still decided to trust him for Ruyan.

Qingfeng didn't take that personally, he cared more about Yun Wang's lifeQingfeng walked to the side of Yun Wang and took out his acupuncture needles.

He inserted the needles into Yun's Baihui and Tianchi points, and the temple on his head. After that, he slightly twisted the tail of the needles as he tried to transfer his energy to Yun's body. Two minutes later, Yun Wang slightly opened his eyes. Qingfeng then rapidly removed the needles from his head.

"President, are you up?" Wei Chen asked worriedly once she saw Yun Wang wake up.

Yun Wang frowned and asked confusedly, "Wei, what happened?"

"President, you just fainted, and this man called Qingfeng saved you..." Wei Chen briefly explained what happened to Yun Wang rapidly.

Yun Wang felt lucky after hearing what Wei Chen said. Not only did he have cardiac disease, he also had high-blood pressure that was just diagnosed a few days ago. Even his secretary didn't know such a thing.