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Chapter 582: Gratitude From the President

Chapter 582: Gratitude From the President
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"Thanks for saving my life," Yun Wang said to Qingfeng after he stood back up. He felt way better now as he didn't feel dizzy anymore.

Yun Wang had been busy preparing for the Eastern Sea Commerce Meeting these days. He stayed up the whole night and skipped his breakfast, that's what raised his blood-pressure and eventually made him faint.

Qingfeng smiled faintly and replied, "No worries, you fainted because of fatigue accumulated from these recent days. Please relax and take care of your body."

Yun Wang waved his hand as he gave him an awkward smile. How could he relax though… As someone who started from the bottom and had been working so hard for more than ten years, his body had been severely ruined to the point that all the syndromes finally started to show all at once.

Although Qingfeng could tell right away that Yun wasn't a lazy type of person from his face, he still said, "I temporarily alleviated your illness with acupuncture. I am going to prescribe you some Chinese Herbal Medicine and your blood pressure should be controlled if you take it for a month."

After, Qingfeng asked for a pen and a paper from the secretary on the side and wrote down a prescription that targeted Yun's illness directly.

"Thank you," Yun thanked again to Qingfeng while taking the prescription. He knew this guy was an experienced medical expert though he looked fairly young. The prescription must be effective.

"Wait, Mrs. Lin, are you also attending the yearly Conference today?" Yun asked, as he knew who the girl was standing beside Qingfeng.

Xue Lin nodded and smiled, "Yes, I am coming on the behalf of the Eastern Sea Jewelry industry."

Qingfeng was smart enough to catch the chance to introduce Xue Lin to Yun since he had just rescued him.

"President Wang, I forgot to tell you that Xue Lin is my wife. We are coming for the conference together today," Qingfeng said while smiling at Yun Wang.

Yun suddenly changed his facial expression as he looked more grateful towards Xue Lin. He would definitely show more respect to Xue Lin since Qingfeng saved his life.

Yet, Ruyan felt reluctant when she saw these three people engage in great conversation. How could she be ignored?

~Cough Cough

Ruyan cleared her voice to indicate she wasn't pleased about that. Yun looked at her and looked surprised again.

"Ms. Liu, didn't you reject the conference invitation last year? What changed your mind this year?" Yun Wand asked with shock.

Ruyan raised her lips, "Why? I am not welcome anymore?"

"You absolutely are! What a pleasure that Ms. Liu could come to the ES Commerce Conference," Yun Wang replied immediately since he was terrified of this powerful woman with her exceptional background.

Meanwhile, the elevator girl freaked out when she saw Yun Wang and Qingfeng were chatting. She would lose her job once Qingfeng snitched on her that she didn't let him take the elevator.

However, she thought way too much. Qingfeng didn't have much time for an elevator girl since he was a busy man.

Since Qingfeng saved Yun Wang, Xue Lin, Ruyan, Ziyi and him were all invited by Yun Wang to take the elevator and went up to the fifth floor.
At the moment, on the fifth floor at the Eastern Sea mansion.

The grand lobby had gathered so many people including some billionaires and CEOs from Eastern Sea City. Each of them owned at least a couple billions of dollars.

The total wealth of the people here could be up to thousands of billions, which was the wealth from all the businesses in Eastern Sea City.

The lobby was decorated with crystals and crystal chandeliers and the windows were made of toughened glass which unveiled the view of the city.

Two large rectangular tables were placed in the lobby. There were cakes, fruits, desserts and so many other gourmet foods. Besides, there was also a huge stage in the middle.

On the stage, Jingyi started to announce with her microphone, "Welcome, everybody. I'm the host or the ES Commerce Conference today. My name is Jingyi Chen."

*Clap *Clap *Clap

Everyone started to clap for Jingyi since they had respect for this beautiful hostess.

While receiving the applause, Jingyi smiled and continued her speech, "The conference today starts at 9. We have representatives from different companies here except for one person, the representatives from the Ice Snow Corporation.

At this time, all the CEOs frowned as they could tell there was frustration from Jingyi's tone.

However, the CEOs weren't happy about the lateness of Ice Snow Corporation either. As the CEO from different prestigious companies themselves, they weren't flattered by the tardiness of Xue Lin, the CEO of the Ice Snow Corporation.

Jingyi continued her provocation while seeing more CEOs getting upset, "I couldn't believe someone was actually late for the conference of the ES Commerce, the most important gathering of the business industry in the city."

Qingfeng and Xue Lin had just arrived at the fifth floor. Their faces gloomed when they heard Jingyi's complaints about the Ice Snow Corporation

Qingfeng became so mad as he looked furious. The fact that Jingyi was now criticizing the Ice Snow Corporation in front of hundreds of CEOs would definitely leave a bad reputation on them.

As one of the employees in the Ice Snow Corporation, Qingfeng saw the company as his family. He would certainly get mad when his family was humiliated.

"Ms. Chen, the Ice Snow representatives are here. I don't think what you just said is appropriate," Qingfeng said indifferently to Jingyi.

Jingyi felt a bit awkward being rebuked by Qingfeng. However, she had no fear of him.

"Qingfeng, you would certainly speak for the Ice Snow Corporation as a representative of the company. But its ten past nine now and you are ten minutes late. Are you not taking this conference seriously?" Jingyi snapped at Qingfeng right after, without mercy.

"Ms. Chen, we are late because of something important."

"Qingfeng Li, you are late regardless of any possible reason and this is a disrespectful act to our conference. Please leave now."

"Are you kidding me? Who do you think you are, to dismiss a company as a hostess?"

"I'm not only a hostess, I'm also the niece of the commerce president Yun Wang. I have the authority to ask you to leave, Qingfeng Li." Jingyi glanced at Qingfeng as she said.