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Chapter 583: Yun Wang was Furious

Chapter 583: Yun Wang was Furious
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As Jingyi asked Qingfeng to leave, everybody in the lobby cast a ridiculing look at Qingfeng. Jingyi, after all, was well-known for her criticism.

Yun Wang had just walked out from the elevator since he was at the back. He looked mad when he heard someone ask Qingfeng to leave. Who the heck had the balls to kick out his life saver?

Yun Wang was discontented when he figured out the person asking Qingfeng to leave was his niece, Jingyi. He knew she started to go against and hate on men ever since she was dumped by her boyfriend.

Yun Wang walked up to Jingyi, took her microphone while announcing to the crowd, "Jingyi can't represent me. I'm the commerce president and I invited Qingfeng and the Ice Snow Corporation to attend this conference."

Jingyi felt embarrassed once she heard what Yun Wang said. She was just asking trying to dismiss Qingfeng with his uncle's reputation but now she got herself into this awkward mess.

"Uncle, Qingfeng was late. Why not make him leave?" Jingyi whispered beside Yun Wang.

"Jingyi, do you know why he was late?"

"Uncle, how would I know."

"Jingyi, listen. I was saved by Qingfeng when I had just fainted at the elevator. Qingfeng saved me, and now you are telling him to leave? Are you serious?" Yun Wang glared at Jingyi as he was pissed.

What? Qingfeng saved my uncle's life?

Jingyi looked surprised as she finally figure out that the reason why Qingfeng was late was why her uncle is trying to keep him.

Yun Wang is the commerce president in Eastern Sea City. He was definitely in a higher position than Jingyi, who was only exploiting his power and influence.

Yun Wang put down the mic and no longer paid attention to Jingyi. He walked up to Qingfeng and Xue Lin and invited them to sit beside him.

Everyone became jealous, seeing how Yun Wang treated Qingfeng. As you may know, the commerce president could have a tremendous effect on many companies with his authority and power.

The Commerce Conference, also known as a reunion meeting, was where businessmen gathered together and discussed things about business and collaborations.

Some CEOs could always find partnerships. Xue Lin had already introduced her jewelries to Qingcheng Xia, the CEO of the All Well Herb Medicine corporation.

However, Qingcheng rejected her since she was closer to Ruyan. Although Xue Lin was a bit disappointed, she finally found two collaborations with two other companies later on.

While it was in the middle of the conference, Yun Wang suddenly announced that a vice president would be selected by a poll for the Eastern Sea Commerce Association.

"Qingfeng, I want to be the vice president so can you vote for me?" Ruyan walked up to Qingfeng and asked.

Both the president and the vice president of the Eastern Sea Commerce Association had great power to use the association's idle funds. Becoming the vice president would be highly beneficial to their company.

Since Ruyan was thinking about starting a Chinese Medicine Company, becoming the vice president would definitely help her a lot in developing the company.

Qingfeng frowned and said, "Being a vice president will drive you nuts, I'm not voting for you."

Ruyan was a bit pissed when she heard Qingfeng disagree with her. She asked, "Why not?"

"Because you are pregnant now. Your baby comes before anything and I don't want you to pass out from fatigue," Qingfeng lowered down to Ruyan's ear and spoke in a low volume that only both of them could hear.

Ruyan flushed immediately and glared at him while whispering, "I have taken a bet with Xue Lin, I have to beat her in a year."

"Whatever, I wouldn't vote for you to be the vice president," Qingfeng shook his head with determination.

Ruyan looked frustrated since she knew Qingfeng wouldn't change his mind. She had no choice but leave after throwing him a glare.

Xue Lin walked to Qingfeng as soon as Ruyan left. "What did that whore say to you?"

"Honey, don't be too harsh to her. Ruyan is not a whore," Qingfeng frowned and tried to speak for Ruyan.

Xue Lin got frustrated, "Huh, she kept flirting with you, even though you are already married. Remember to vote for me in the Vice president selection later."

Qingfeng wasn't going to vote for Xue Lin as he didn't want her to be worn out, yet he eventually did since he was persuaded by her.

"Now, let's start the poll for the Commerce Vice President. I believe you all already have a candidate in your mind to vote for." Yun Wang smiled faintly while announcing the plans to the audience.

Each person had a card and they would write their ideal candidate on the card and drop it in a box.

The poll was over in half an hour. Jingyi started to count the names and numbers nervously. Finally, Xue Lin was voted to be the Vice President. Ruyan only had one vote less, which was the one from Qingfeng.

Xue Lin was content. Compared to becoming the Vice President, the happiness came more from the satisfaction that Qingfeng voted for her instead of Ruyan.

Although Ruyan felt slightly down that she lost the chance to be the Vice President, she felt better after thinking that Qingfeng didn't vote for her because of her pregnancy and her baby.

Xue Lin walked to the center of the lobby and said into the microphone, "Thank you so much for selecting me as the vice president for the Commerce Association. I will spare no effort to move the business industry of Eastern Sea City forward out to the province and even to the whole Huaxia."

Clap* Clap* Clap*

The lobby burst into applause. Everyone was clapping hard for Xue Lin. This beauty was loved by so many people in Eastern Sea City and was adored by so many guys. They were just a bit sad that she was already taken by Qingfeng.

The conference was finished after Xue Lin was selected as the vice president. It was noon now.

The People who came here are all billionaires and CEOs, so the feast would definitely be fancy as heck. Seafood, meat, cakes, etc. were abundant on the tables as well as unlimited wine.

See, the CEO of the Everyday Entertainment, Song Hu started to approach Ziyi with his chubby tummy and a glass of wine in hand.

Ziyi came from Miaojiang. Without getting too involved in the city, the purity she carried from living in the forest for a while had deeply attracted Song Hu.