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Chapter 584: Ziyi Miao Was Harassed

Chapter 584: Ziyi Miao Was Harassed
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"Gorgeous, can I treat you to a drink?" Song Hu smiled while holding his wine glass.

It was such a horrible smile though. Not only did he have a chubby body, his face was loaded with fat and looked pale.

"Not interested," Ziyi shook her head and rejected Song Hu right away. There was no way that she would want to drink with this chubby stranger.

Ziyi strongly detested this type of business conference. She wouldn't have come here if she wasn't asked to protect Xue Lin by Qingfeng.

There was only one person who mattered to Ziyi—Qingfeng. She only listeeds to him and obeyed his orders. Another person wanted to get to know her? Don't even think about it.

Song Hu frowned, and a hint of dissatisfaction appeared in his eyes, "Maybe you didn't know who I am yet. Let me introduce myself. My name is Song Hu, the CEO of Everyday Entertainment.

Song Hu felt down since he was still ignored by Ziyi. In fact, Everyday Entertainment was the top entertainment company in Eastern Sea City as well as one of the most optimal companies in Hujiang Province that had produced so many celebrities.

"Gorgeous, You have a sense of pureness besides your beautiful face. I can turn you into a huge star as long as you sign up in our company," Song Hu stared filthily at Ziyi.

Huge Star?

Ziyi didn't even give a shit. The pursuit of Martial Arts and strength was her only life goal as well as the only reason why she followed Qingfeng. She had absolutely no interest in being a superstar.

Ziyi turned around and stopped listening to Song Hu. Yet, the more she tried to ignore Song Hu, the more Song Hu tried to talk to her. He finally tried to hold Ziyi's hand with the excuse of being tipsy.

Are you freaking kidding me? Ziyi immediately got offended. Who was she? She was the phenomenal Miaojiang Saintess who decided to obey Qingfeng for his tremendous power and his status of the Wolf King in the Wolf Continent. Her hand could be held by Qingfeng, but what the heck was this fat dude trying to do?


Ziyi splashed the wine in her glass all over to Song Hu's face.

"Shit, how dare you throw wine at my face?" Song Hu yelled while touching his wet face. His voice was loud enough to catch everyone's attention.

"Leave me alone, Asshole," Ziyi threatened while glaring at Song Hu.

Song Hu was so pissed since he didn't expect he would be insulted by a chick. "Slut, you're dead today."

Song Hu tried to slap Ziyi once he finished cursing. Yet, how would this ordinary human being be able to do anything to Ziyi?


Ziyi slapped Song Hu harshly, making him spin several times on the same spot.

Everyone started to gather and discuss when they saw the chaos.

"Who is that chick? How could she be so rude to slap other people like that?"

"Right? She actually slapped Song Hu from Everyday Entertainment. He will not let her go away from this."

"I remember she came with Qingfeng Li, they might be together."

The lobby burst into murmurs since nobody had ever seen a fight, especially started by a girl in the conference where people came for discussing business. Ziyi was the first.

Qingfeng frowned and walked up to her, "What happened, Ziyi?"

"Boss, this jerk tried to hold my hand and insulted me. I just gave him some punishment." Ziyi replied politely. She was being polite to Qingfeng though she was usually tough to others.

Qingfeng nodded and approved Ziyi's decision. Ziyi was his servant, so her hand certainly could only be held by him.

"Qingfeng Li, is she from Ice Snow Corporation? How dare she slap me!?" Song Hu yelled viciously while covering his cheek.

"You deserve it. Deal with it."

"Qingfeng Li, I need her apology. Otherwise, this is not going to end."

"Apology? How?"

"Like…I want her to drink with me tonight," Song Hu said indifferently yet with a filthy tone.

Song Hu had his plan. Once Ziyi drinks with him tonight, he could make her drunk and…

Sadly, Song Hu completely underestimated Qingfeng's capability that he had actually sensed his intention. Without hesitating, Qingfeng lifted up his right feet and kicked Song Hu, lauching him away.


Song Hu was kicked several meters away and fell onto the floor. He passed out with eyes wide open looking up.

"T-r-a-s-h," Qingfeng cursed and ignored the unconscious Song Hu, as he walked to the side with Ziyi while holding her hand.

"Thank you," Ziyi was so grateful since she didn't expect Qingfeng would knock someone out for her.

Qingfeng smiled faintly, "Ziyi, I'm not going to make you regret leaving Miaojiang for me."

Ziyi shivered as she felt touched. She truly believed her decision was right after being treated by a man like this.

Everyone was offended by the fact that Qingfeng hit someone in the lobby. Yet, none of them jumped out to criticize him since they freaked out once they saw Qingfeng's facial expression. After all, nobody wanted to be the second Song Hu.

Meanwhile, Jingyi, as the conference host, also almost peed her paints. She didn't expect Qingfeng was as violent. She freaked out by the fact that she just mocked Qingfeng a while ago. Luckily, she was blessed from only getting mocked back by him instead of getting beaten.

The conference had officially ended once everyone finished their lunch. All the CEOs gradually left one-by-one.

Qingfeng left the mansion with Xue Lin, Ruyan, Ziyi and others. Before they left, Yun Wang came out with them respectfully and reminded Qingfeng to be careful of Song Hu. He was a man who tended to hold deep grudges.

Yet, Qingfeng simply laughed it off. He didn't take it seriously since he didn't think a boss from an entertainment company could cause any harms to him.

"Ms. Liu, I am the Vice President of the Commerce Association now. How about that, huh?" Xue Lin raised her lips and started to pick on Ruyan when they left the mansion

Ruyan looked a bit mad as she glared at Qingfeng. It's all your fault, voting for Xue Lin. See? Now she has a chance to brag.

"Huh, so what? I'll still beat you in a year anyway," Ruyan sneered as he got in her Mazarati and drove away.