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Chapter 585: Ghost King and Eagle King

Chapter 585: Ghost King and Eagle King
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At Tianjing City.

As one of the four super cities in Huaxia, Tianjing was definitely a phenomenal existence that had more powerful hidden forces than the Jing Capital.

A prophet had described Tianjing as the original place where the Dragon Pulse was. Many exceptional masters would hide here just to seek the legendary Dragon Pulse, though they ended up with nothing to show for it.

Ghost King villa was the most mysterious villa in Tianjing. It is in an underground lab that is hundreds of miles underneath the ground.

Ghost King, dressed in a white gown, was experimenting with medication. Meanwhile, a blonde, blue-eyed young man was standing behind him silently. This young man was no one else but the Eagle King from Oceania.

"Master Ghost King, I greet you on the behalf of my master," Eagle King smiled faintly and said.

Eagle King came to Huaxia for two main reasons. First, to kill the Wolf King to avenge his friend, the Tiger King. Secondly, to visit the Ghost King on the behalf of his master.

The Ghost King put down his medication when he heard the Eagle King. He looked up at him with shock, "Did the Gator king give you the Cloning Potion?"

In fact, decades ago, the Ghost King and the Gator King knocked Third Master Li off the cliff and stole the Cloning Potion's ingredient list from him in the Forbidden district of the Kun Lun Mountains. However, since both of them were injured, in order to not let others get the advantage, they copied the recipe of the potion and split it with each other.

The Ghost King and the Gator King got along pretty well and still kept in touch since they had fought against the Conqueror together.

"Master Ghost King, my master wants me to inform you that Forbidden district of the Kun Lun Mountains is going to re-open in less than half a year. He wanted to collaborate with you since he heard there is going to be treasures there," the Eagle King said respectfully.

Although the Eagle King from the Pacific Island is the king of the entire Oceania region, he could not compare with the Ghost King, who was a master in the same generation of his master, the Gator King, decades ago.

Kings might be invincible existences in others' eyes, but the Eagle King knew that there were many hidden masters in this under world. Some of them were peerless elites who had been hiding for decades and could cause a volcanic-like shock once they appeared. Ghost King, who was right in front of him, would be a great example of one of those elites.

Forbidden district of the Kun Lun Mountains?

Ghost King frowned as he looked precisely into the distance. Nobody would know any better about this Forbidden District than him. After all, he had only entered the outer zone, which was thousands of kilometers away from the center, once with masters from the under world decades ago. They didn't make it to the core area.

Ghost King got the cloning potion at that time when he entered the outer zone of the forbidden district and had doubled his power by successfully refining the potion for years. This time, he must get into the core zone for the precious treasures over there.

"Eagle King, go back and tell your master Gator King that I will reunite with him to crush the other masters when the forbidden district opens this year," Ghost King said with a dominant force.

This force was explosive enough that it even shook all the beakers, test tubes and instruments in the lab.

Eagle King stuttered while feeling a sense of terror. No wonder the Ghost King could stand at the same position with his master, the Gator King. He has trained himself to be able to extricate his internal power.

"Senior Ghost King, I got it. I am going to bring your words to my master."

"Wait, you should have came to Huaxia for something else besides bringing me this piece of news, right?"

"Yes, I do. A really good friend of mine, the Tiger King, was slayed by Qingfeng. I'm coming to do the exact same thing to him this time," Eagle King said viciously with a cold expression.

The Wolf King? The son of the Third Master Li?

Ghost King frowned and replied calmly, "My apprentice, the Hell King is in Eastern Sea City now and he is also attempting to kill the Wolf King. You could contact him once you get to the city. But remember, the Wolf King is the son of the Conqueror and he is not a piece of cake to deal with. You guys have to take this in mind."

"Thank you for your reminder, Ghost King. I'll see you soon," Eagle king took a bow at him and left the Villa for Eastern Sea City.

Ghost King picked up the potion and continued his experiment. The cloning potion was extremely challenging and complicated to refine. At the moment, he could only clone two people, but he had to clone double the number before the Forbidden district of the Kun Lun Mountain opens since it would make him phenomenally more powerful.


Since Qingfeng had just finished the conference and left the Eastern Sea Mansion, he didn't know anything about what had just happened in Tianjing. He would have gathered the Wolf Fang team if he knew that the Eagle King was approaching the city.

~Ring ~Ring

Qingfeng's phone rang as soon as he got in the car. He saw the screen and found out it was from Monk. He immediately tensed up.

"Boss, I arrived at Eastern Sea City now. Where should I find you?" Monk said in the phone.

"Monk, I'm heading to Ice Snow Corporation. Just meet me there."

"Got it. Also boss, I found that there are more masters in the city than before ... what happened?"

"Nothing, they are coming here to battle since the Heroes List had just opened," Qingfeng smiled and explained to him. Later, he hung up and drove towards the Ice Snow Corporation.

Qingfeng was driving with Xue Lin sitting beside him. Ziyi was sitting at the back, yet she frowned after Qingfeng had driven for a while.

"Boss, I felt someone was following us behind," Ziyi whispered. She was extremely sensitive as a Miaojiang Saintess who was capable of controlling insects to scout for her.

Qingfeng frowned as he trusted Ziyi's sensitivity.

As he intentionally sped up and slowed down, the car behind also followed the same pace as him. Qingfeng became assured that the car behind was definitely following him.

Since there was a distance, Qingfeng could see no details but a black Audi.

"Boss, do you want me to check who is driving behind us?" Ziyi asked.

Qingfeng nodded as he pulled off on the street.

Qingfeng frowned as he felt the stalker was too wise to be ordinary. He realized he was suspected based on the fact that he drove away once Qingfeng pulled off the street. This stalker had remarkable sensitivity as well.

"The stalking car has left, let's go then," Qingfeng started driving again while peeking the direction where the car disappeared.

At this moment, a couple of black-gowned men were sitting in the Audi. Each of them was in a black coat and wearing a mask, while emitting a powerful aura.

"Qingfeng Li is indeed powerful, he actually found out we were following him. But we have already got all the info on the chicks that are close to him. Let's go and report this to the Hell King," The car was accelerating again as those men in black disappeared into the streets in a flash.