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Chapter 587: Forgot to Bring the Ticket

Chapter 587: Forgot to Bring the Ticket
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"Eagle king, the Wolf King is not easy to deal with," Hell King said while frowning.

"I know, he is the King in the Wolf Continent. But don't you want to kill him?" Eagle King provoked back harshly.

The Eagle King had done some research and found out that Hell King and Wolf King held grudges against each other. Qingfeng had not only took away the Hell King's woman, but also destroyed his whole family. How could he swallow this hatred?

Hell King stared at the distance with aggression, "I'm even thinking of killing Wolf King in my dream, but he has his Wolf King Seal that can activate his Bloodline Power which protects him from death."

Did the Hell King want to take down the Wolf King? Certainly! But he knew the horror of Qingfeng since he could even kill Ghost Five after he became a SSS master with the power enhancement potion.

King Wolf Totem?

The Eagle King looked dignified. As a master as well as a champion of the underworld, he had a deep understanding of some Mystery Powers.

There were numerous beasts and wildlife in this world. Each beast had a representing totem. For example, Eagle King's clan uses Black Eagle as totem. Each totem inhibits bloodline power which can awaken explosive strength.

Though, they were extremely rare. Only one member from their clan could own the totem. Since there were a massive number of masters in the clan of the Eagle King, even if he was indeed powerful, the Black Eagle Totem had been obtained by another super master in the clan decades ago.

"No wonder the Wolf King could rule the underworld without trouble, he received the bloodline power from the totem. We need to have a good plan to deal with him," Eagle King sank into deep thoughts while frowning.

Eagle King thought he could kill Wolf King once he obtained the power up after consuming the Cloning Medicine from his master. Now, after hearing what the Hell king said, he reconsidered his plan since the Wolf King couldn't be underestimated.

"Eagle King, I am thinking about kidnapping his woman, and threatening him to walk into our trap," Hell King said viciously.

Eagle King nodded and agreed with Hell King. He would have rushed to the Wolf King if he didn't have the totem, but he did feel threatened by the mysterious power that Qingfeng wielded right now.


At the moment, Qingfeng had no idea what was happening. He was simply waiting at the concert entrance with Xiaoyue and Wanqiu.

Certainly, he had asked Monk and Ziyi to protect Xue Lin since he could somehow predict that there might be something going wrong there.

"Brother Li, the concert is going to start. Let's get in," Xiaoyue said while blinking her big eyes.

Qingfeng nodded and walked towards the entrance with the two ladies. When they arrived at the entrance, Xiaoyue and Wanqiu both took out their tickets, yet, Qingfeng suddenly freaked out when he put his hand in his pocket.

Damn, he forgot the ticket! Qingfeng left the ticket in the jacket he changed out of for the conference today.

The ticket checker was a middle age woman around her 30s. She was a pretty lady, though she did look a bit mean with her thin lips.

"Go home, boy. Someone wants to come crash a concert without a ticket? What a joke," The ticket lady waved her hand at Qingfeng and asked him to leave.

There were way too many people coming to Feifei's concert today. This woman had become irritated after checking the thousands of tickets so far. Now, she finally lost her temper once she saw a young dude trying to get in without a ticket.

"What are you saying? I just forgot to bring my ticket. My ticket is even a VIP one," Qingfeng said discontentedly while glaring at the ticket lady.

What? VIP ticket?

The woman rolled her eyes as she had lost her words for Qingfeng. She had been checking over thousands of tickets tonight and hadn't even seen a single VIP ticket since there were only ten VIP tickets for Feifei's concert. But now, this dude said he has it, isn't he lying?

"Well, then show me your VIP ticket, please?" the ticket lady said sarcastically to Qingfeng.

Qingfeng shook his head, "I've told you, I left it in my other jacket that I changed this morning."

"Liar, you don't have it. Leave right now," the woman said to Qingfeng with frustration while glancing at him since there were still many people in lines.

Qingfeng wasn't happy about it. He pointed at Xiaoyue and Wanqiu and said, "See, the VIP tickets they have were bought by me."

Xiaoyue and Wanqiu immediately took out their tickets and showed it to the woman as they wanted to prove what Qingfeng said was real.

Yet, the ticket lady said suspiciously after checking the tickets, "Are these tickets real though?"

Qingfeng was pissed as he felt this woman was messing around with him. These tickets were given by Feifei in person, how could they be fake?

"From my point of view, these tickets must be fake," A loud sound came from behind at this moment.

Song Hu walked up to them with a seductive young lady in his arm. This lady was pretty and young enough to be Song Hu's daughter, yet, she was held by that filthy pig.

The ticket lady freaked out when she saw Song Hu. "Boss Hu, what brings you here?" she said.

The ticket lady definitely knew who Song Hu is. He was not only the the CEO of Everyday Entertainment but also one of the sponsors for this concert at the culture center.

Song Hu peeked the Ticket lady's chest and smiled, "I don't even have the VIP ticket, how could he have it? He must be lying."

Song Hu was mad once he heard the VIP Ticket being mentioned. He asked for it from Feifei the other day since it represented status, yet, he was rejected by her since Feifei ran out of them. He was pissed off by this and had yet to know that all ten VIP tickets were actually given to Qingfeng.

Qingfeng looked fierce once he saw Song Hu. He knew this dude was trying to get him into trouble since he was beaten by him in the conference.

Song Hu took a few steps back when he saw the fierce in Qingfeng's eyes. He said coldly, "What are you going to do here? This is my territory."

Qingfeng sneered, "Did you just say my two VIP tickets given by Feifei were fake? How does that make sense."


Before Song Hu even said anything, the lady beside him burst into laughter. She said with contempt, "Feifei Xie is the queen of Huaxia's Pop Music. Why would she give you VIP tickets? Are you insane?"