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Chapter 588: VIP, It“s Really the VIP Ticket

Chapter 588: VIP, It's Really the VIP Ticket
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Qingfeng got irritated by the fact that he was being ridiculed by both Song Hu and that chick beside him. He was not a soggy marshmallow that allowed anyone to squish him whenever they felt like it. He decided to strike back.

"I have a question for you, lovely lady. What is the relationship between you and Song Hu?" Qingfeng laughed and asked the young lady while facing her criticism. His massive anger was hidden behind his subtle smile.

"I'm his girlfriend. Unlike someone poor and lonely forever like you that couldn't even afford a concert ticket," the young lady sneered and replied.

Now, Qingfeng's face had switched from a subtle smile to bitter expression. "Lovely, you are young enough to be Song Hu's daughter though, and now you are saying you are his girlfriend? Do your parents know that you are such a money-hungry, materialistic gold digger that had lost her purity to a rich old man? They must be heartbroken, huh?"

Qingfeng was a badass who was well-known for his sourness. He shut the pretty girl down directly by throwing her bitter words back into her face.

Song Hu wasn't happy once he saw his girlfriend was feeling ashamed. "Qingfeng Li, I'm one of the sponsors for Feifei's concert today. Get out of here if you don't have the ticket."

"Who the heck are you to tell me to leave?" Qingfeng sneered with sarcasm.

Song Hu had been punished by Qingfeng in the conference since he tried to hold Ziyi's hand. Now, Qingfeng knew he was going to mess with him and try to get him out of here. Yet, Qingfeng was not going to let this happen.

Qingfeng took out his phone and started to dial Feifei's number. "Hey, Feifei, I forgot to bring my ticket. Do you mind coming over to the concert entrance? See you here."

Qingfeng hung up after he finished and stared at Song Hu indifferently.

Song Hu laughed sarcastically, "Who are you trying to trick? Calling Feifei? I think you might have never seen her face yet."

After Song Hu finished his words, there were series of rapid footsteps coming towards them from inside the lobby. It was Feifei Xie, she had ran out excitedly in her purple long dress.

She looked absolutely stunning today for her concert. Her beautiful cheeks were delicate as if they were blooming roses and her fair skin was as smooth as the first-class jade without any flaws. Her hair drifted in the air as the wind blew, which boosted her charisma.

While Song Hu and everybody were shock, Feifei ran to the door towards Qingfeng and jumped into his arms.

"Big brother Li, the concert is about to start, I thought you were not coming," Feifei complained while fluttering her long eyelashes.

In fact, Feifei held her concert in Eastern Sea City merely for Qingfeng. She was rich enough and she wouldn't have come to this city for a concert if Qingfeng wasn't here.

"Feifei, I will definitely come to your concert," Qingfeng smiled while touching her hair.

A real VIP!

Song Hu and the chick brought by him completely lost their shit. Feifei literally just ran out for Qingfeng and jumped into his arms right after they laughed at him. Everyone could tell Feifei and Qingfeng weren't just friends if they were clear-minded.

Even the ticket lady almost jumped out of her skin. As a staff member working for Feifei's concert, she had definitely seen this arrogant superstar and had asked for her autograph. Yet now, Feifei was practically making out with someone whom she just had just critisized a minute ago.

The ticket lady slightly regretted what she did. "Damn it, if I had let him in instead of snapping at him, maybe I could have gotten to know Feifei by now. Oh my god, I ruined this chance."

"The concert is going to start in five minutes. Let's go in, big brother Li," Feifei walked into the lobby while holding Qingfeng's hand without even acknowledging Song Hu and the ticket lady.

They completely ignored her. Although the ticket lady wasn't offended by that since she wasn't that big of a deal nor did she know Feifei, Song Hu did feel mortified.

In fact, Feifei's concert being held in Eastern Sea City was sponsored by three large companies, and one of them was Everyday Entertainment Corporation which was owned by Song Hu. Regardless of anything, Song Hu was still her sponsor and deserved a greeting from her, yet, he was completely ignored and left on the spot.

Feifei walked to the center of the stage while still holding Qingfeng's hand. The lobby was packed with thousands of people who were holding up their posters and yelling out Feifei's name.

"Your fans are crazy," Qingfeng laughed while staring at those pumped young people.

Honestly, Qingfeng never understood these crazy fans. How could they starve themselves just to save money for a concert ticket? Was this the super fan's affection? Qingfeng didn't understand this feeling since he never had an idol he adored.

Xiaoyue and Wanqiu were behind them. They felt slightly upset seeing Qingfeng's hand was being held by Feifei.

Although both of them were Feifei's fans, they still had feelings towards Qingfeng and wouldn't want a girl to hold his hand. Besides, they also felt a slight pressure since Feifei looked gorgeous.

Feifei was extremely happy that Qingfeng arrived. She brought all of them to the VIP area.

The VIP area were the front seats in the middle area that was held for VIPs only. Even billionaires wouldn't be granted the seats if they weren't approved by Feifei. It represented status.

"Brother Li, I hope that you can sing a song with me later," Feifei said to Qingfeng while fluttering her long, delicate eyelashes.

"Feifei, you sing well enough, I don't need to be included."

"No way, big brother Li. I held this concert here for you. You have to sing at least a song with me."

"Alright, I'll sing the last song with you then," Qingfeng didn't want to reject Feifei after seeing her desperation. He eventually accepted her request since he appreciated Feifei's efforts for holding a concert here so far away just for him.

Feifei had only left a sentence to Qingfeng since the concert was about to start.

Feifei walked to the center of the stage after saying goodbye to Qingfeng. As soon as she arrived at the center, music started to blare in the whole lobby and people couldn't stopped yelling her name and asking her to sing.

Feifei Xie was undoubtedly the queen in the Huaxia Pop Music industry. Every single album would have millions of purchases. Her fans in the lobby right now would totally prove this fact—she was indeed a diva.