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Chapter 589: Singing A Love Song With a Superstar

Chapter 589: Singing A Love Song With a Superstar
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"Thank you so much, you guys. I'm going to sing a song called "The Moon Represents My Heart" to a person that I like," Feifei smiled faintly while looking at Qingfeng.

"You asked me how deep I love you, how much I love you. My affection is real, my adoration is real. You asked me how deep I love you, how much I love you. My affection wouldn't change, my adoration wouldn't change, like how the moon represents my heart."

"The Moon Represents My Heart" was sung emotionally by Feifei. It was like a girl who was missing her love under the moonlight.

~Clap Clap Clap~

The crowd burst into applause as they were deeply impressed by Feifei's beautiful voice.

Today, Feifei both looked and sounded sweet. Her face looked both tinted and blushed with her light make-up while her two big eyes were sparkling like stars in the sky.

One song was definitely not enough for a concert, Feifei sang a couple more songs later on and they were all spectacular enough to win waves of applause from her fans.

"Right now, I'm going to sing a "Red Love". I need a male partner to sing with me though," Feifei smiled and said to the crowd.

Everybody became pumped when they heard Feifei was going to sing a song with a man, especially the guys. They were thrilled as heck.

"Feifei, I'll be your loyal fan forever. Please let me sing with you."

"Feifei, I love you. Let me sing with you."

"Feifei, although I'm a girl, I wouldn't mind becoming a man to sing with you."

Everybody had gone crazy and tried to get a chance to sing with Feifei. It was like a dream came true if they could sing a song with their idol.

Qingfeng was speechless and didn't know how to react to these crazy people in the crowd yelling out crazy stuff.

Even if he knew that Feifei was a superstar in the Asian Pop Music industry, he didn't expect she was actually this influential that drove so many people crazy for her like this.

Feifei waited several minutes for the crowd to cool down by themselves, she then said, "I'm going to sing with Qingfeng Li."

What the f*ck! Qingfeng couldn't stop swearing once he heard what Feifei said. He took her request since he thought he was only going to sing with her in a low-key way, but… she called out his name directly.

Qingfeng knew that Feifei wasn't trying to harm him, she was just trying to express her feelings for him.

Well, you can fall for me, but you are a charming superstar and a national goddess. I'll be envied by tons of people if you call out my name like this. Qingfeng slightly complained in his mind.

Qingfeng slowly walked to the center of the stage while feeling the numerous stares of jealousy, envy, shock, confusion and hatred stabbing into his back from the crowd.

"Feifei, do you really have to call out my name like that for just a song?" Qingfeng whined a bit while frowning.

Feifei smiled naughtily, "This is punishment for making me spend half a year trying to find you."

Qingfeng was lost for words. He was eventually found by this chick even though he tried to hide from her for half a year.

Feifei took a microphone for herself and handed another one to Qingfeng. They finally started to sing together.

"Red Love"wais a popular song that was highly requested in different KTVs. It required a girl and a guy to sing together and the guy started first with the lyrics on the right.

"You know that I've fallen for you once and still have you in my mind," sang Qingfeng.

"We've told each other not to cry upon leaving, why do I see tears in your eyes," sang Feifei.

"You broke up crying with me, now do you still remember me?"

"Nothing lasts forever, I'm not the only one with the broken heart."


They were both gifted with amazing voices. Qingfeng could even be in The Voice (TL: a singing competition show). He learnt lots of special skills when he was in the Dark World and singing was one of it. While Feifei was the Pop Diva, Qingfeng was the Pop King and both of them cooperated in perfection.

Everybody had sunk in the song Qingfeng and Feifei were singing. They couldn't get out of it as if they were the couple in the song.

When Qingfeng and Feifei finally finished the song, Feifei had tears along her cheeks. She got too emotional while singing and has put herself into the character from the song.

Besides Feifei, some fans, especially some emotional girls also cried since they were touched by the song sang by Feifei.


Everybody in the crowd stood up and couldn't stop clapping for Qingfeng and Feifei after they finished the song. Nothing could be more flattering than this was.

"Big brother Li, you are such a great singer," Feifei said excitedly while holding Qingfeng's hand on the stage.

Qingfeng smiled faintly as he replied back, "You have a brilliant voice, too."

Both of them looked into the eyes and smiled at each other with fulfillment. They walked towards the back of the stage after fishing the song.


At this moment, in another room next to the stage.

Song Hu was standing respectfully in front of a young man with his chubby tummy. This young man seems to be around his early 20s. He was a good-looking guy, though he did look slightly pale.

Qingfeng could definitely tell who this guy was if he was there. This guy was Jun He, who was knocked out by Qingfeng at the Moon Bay Restaurant last time.

Jun He had recovered after days of treatment. He was pissed off once he recalled how he was knocked out by him in the restaurant last time. Therefore, he brought some elite fighters in Eastern Sea City with him this time and was about to punish Qingfeng for revenge. But before that, he decided to play around with Feifei.

"Song Hu, I've heard you are also one of the sponsors for Feifei's Concert this time, right?" Jun He smiled and asked.

"Yes, Young Master Jun," Song Hu answered while nodding.

Song Hu was rather familiar with the power Jun He had. As the son of Lang He, one of the three tyrants in Hujiang Province, he definitely had tremendous authority.

Song Hu wouldn't be as scared If he was only related to the power from Hujiang Province, the point was that he had heard Lang He also kept in touch with some special groups in Tianjiang.

"Song Hu, I will give a mission. If you can complete it, my father can expand your company to the whole province," Jun He smiled as he talked.

Song Hu looked bright and surprised as he walked up to Jun He. After hearing Jun He's plan, he turned around and left right away, preparing to execute Jun He's plan to "take care" of Feifei Xie.