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Chapter 591: Saving Feifei Xie

Chapter 591: Saving Feifei Xie
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Jun He?

Qingfeng Li knew this name. It was Qingfeng who beat him up last time. Qingfeng Li also knew that Jun He was trying to ask Feifei Xie out, but she didn't like him.

Feifei is in danger! Qingfeng Li was always sensitive and felt that Feifei Xie was in danger. Or else why wouldn't she pick up her phone?

"F*ck off. I am going in." Qingfeng Li glared at the guard and was about to walk in.

"Not on my watch." The guard moved and blocked Qingfeng Li from going in.

Qingfeng Li knew the situation was tight; the more time he wasted the more dangerous it became for Feifei Xie. He instantly used his Wind-Edge Palm Strike on the guard.

The guard's expression changed. He was a high level master as well and was able to feel how powerful the palm was. There was enough power to make someone explode.

Elite, he was definitely an elite. The guard decided to use all of his strength to block the palm.

The guard used both his arms to block the palm, but he underestimated the power of the Wind-Edge Palm Strike. It was enough to break a tree, not to mention a man.


The arms of the guard were broken immediately by the Wind-Edge Palm Strike. The bones were showing through.

The guard screamed in pain and fell onto the ground. Song Hu and the others were scared. They weren't powerful masters and they only had some money. The three of them had never sen someone as violent as Qingfeng Li. He was like a beast.

Qingfeng Li kicked open the door and saw Jun He ripping apart Feifei Xie's clothes.

"You f*cker!" Qingfeng Li was enraged after he saw that Jun He was trying to rape Feifei Xie.

The relationship between Qingfeng Li and Feifei Xie was extremely complicated. If it wasn't because of Xue Lin, they might have been dating now. But now Jun He was trying to rape his woman.

How dare he touch the Wolf King's woman.

Qingfeng moved like lightning and appeared instantly in front of Jun He.

"Get the f*ck away from her." Qingfeng Li screamed and kicked away Jun He.


Jun He's body was slammed against the wall. He was spitting out blood and fell onto the floor. He couldn't get up because some of his bones were broken by Qingfeng Li's powerful kick.

Qingfeng Li held onto Feifei Xie and asked, "Feifei are you alright?"

Feifei Xie wasn't in her mind anymore. Her whole body was in heat like a lobster in a volcano. She wasn't able to recognize Qingfeng Li.

"Crap, she was drugged." Qingfeng Li's brows tensed up and was pissed.

Qingfeng Li was a god-tier doctor; he was able to see that Feifei Xie was drugged by something strong.

How dare Jun He drug her. Fortunately, Qingfeng Li was on time, or else Feifei Xie would have been taken advantage of.

Qingfeng Li knew he couldn't waste anymore time. He held onto Feifei Xie and was going to leave. Before he left the room, he walked to Jun He.

"I am going to disable you because you drugged Feifei." Qingfeng Li smirked and looked at Jun He.

Seeing the killing intent emitted by Qingfeng Li, Jun He was scared. He knew how powerful Qingfeng Li was and brought a powerful guard with him, but the guard was defeated easily. Jun He knew he was in trouble.

"Don't cripple me. It was Song Hu who drugged her." Jun He wanted to run away from the consequences and tried to use Song Hu as a shield.

Qingfeng Li smirked and said, "I will first take care of you, and then go take care of Song Hu."


Qingfeng Li lifted his right leg and kicked Jun He's testicles. His testicles were squished apart.

"Ah, my balls!" Jun He screamed and went blank. He had lost his status as a man because his balls were gone.

Qingfeng Li felt Feifei Xie's body was burning and left immediately for the door.

The three in front of the door were scared to death. Song Hu even pissed his pants.

Song Hu and the others were begging for their lives, but Qingfeng Li didn't give them a chance. There was only one was to teach people like them, it was to beat them cruelly.

Qingfeng Li lifted his right leg and kicked all of their testicles. He made them not men anymore, too.

Qingfeng Li was told that the killing intent was too strong on his body and he shouldn't be killing people. If it wasn't for this reason, the men today would have died. But Qingfeng Li punished them hard anyway. He took away their statuses of being men. It wasn't any better than to die.

Qingfeng Li held onto Feifei Xie and brought them to a hotel beside the performance center. he didn't want to open a room at the back because he didn't want to be found out.

"One room please." Qingfeng Li told to the concierge.

"there's only one VIP room left. It will cost 1888 Yuan." The concierge said with a confused expression. She felt that the man was weird.

"Here's 2000. Keep the change." Qingfeng Li took out 2000 Yuan and walked towards the room.

Seeing Qingfeng Li carrying a beauty into the room made the concierge's face change because the beauty seemed familiar.

"The woman he was carrying was Feifei Xie." The concierge finally recalled who the woman was. She was Feifei Xie's fan as well.

Feifei Xie was still unconscious and was carried into a room with a man. No matter how you look at it, it wasn't normal. The concierge knew a lot of men wanted to date Feifei Xie. Maybe the man wanted to rape her?

The concierge was worried that her idol was going to be raped, so she called the police.