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Chapter 592: The Crazy Superstar

Chapter 592: The Crazy Superstar
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Qingfeng Li carried Feifei Xie into the hotel room, so he didn't know anything about the concierge calling the police. He would be loss for words because he was trying to be nice. Why did she call the police?

"Hot, I feel hot..." Feifei Xie was saying that she was hot constantly. If it wasn't for Qingfeng Li's hearing, no one would have heard it.

Feifei Xie started ripping away her clothes and revealed her snow like skin underneath; it was a pretty sight.

Qingfeng Li was a straight man and almost couldn't control himself, but he knew that she was drugged and that he shouldn't take advantage of her.

Feifei Xie thought otherwise. She became excited from smelling the familiar smell on Qingfeng Li's body and forced him onto the bed...

The poor Qingfeng Li that was invincible in the underworld was raped by a woman.


After an hour, Feifei Xie recovered from the drug and fell asleep due to her fatigue.

Feifei Xie fell asleep, but Qingfeng Li didn't. He felt like he was taken advantage of by a woman. If Feifei Xie knew what Qingfeng Li was thinking, she would have beat him.

Qingfeng Li stood up and was going to shower. His face changed after he saw the red on the bed sheet.

Feifei Xie was a virgin?

Qingfeng Li felt troubled. He didn't think that Feifei Xie gave her first time to him. The men of Huaxia would kill him if they knew Qingfeng Li was the one to take the viriginity of their goddess.

Qingfeng Li sighed and was going to leave the room.

Before Qingfeng Li could even open the door, the door was knocked open by others. Mengyao Xu and some police men rushed in.

"Who let you guys in?" Qingfeng Li demanded.

He knew that Feifei Xie was a big idol in Huaxia. If anyone knew what happened tonight, it would affect her reputation and work badly. It might even affect her role as a singer.

Mengyao Xu's face changed and askedm "How come it is you?"

"Mengyao Xu, we are at a hotel right now. You do know it is wrong to force into other people's room, right?"

"I am not wrong. I am here because the concierge called the police and said there was a mysterious man that brought Feifei Xie into the room. She was scared that he was going to rape Feifei Xie."

"The cocierge called the police?" Qingfeng Li understood and was pissed off.

He was just wondering why Mengyao Xu would be here. Now he understood that it was because the concierge called the police.

Qingfeng Li was pissed because the concierge thought he was a pervert. But he was the victim; he was raped by Feifei Xie.

The noise Mengyao Xu made was extremely loud and woke Feifei Xie up. She felt that her body was in pain. Her expression changed when she saw the red on the bed sheet.

"I lost my virginity?" Feifei Xie was scared. The virginity that she saved for more than 20 years was stolen away by a man.

Mengyao Xu saw the paleness on Feifei Xie's face and saw the red on the bed sheet through her look. She was a woman as well, so she knew what that meant.

Only Feifei Xie and Qingfeng Li were in the room. Qingfeng Li got Feifei Xie.

For some reasons Mengyao Xu wasn't happy. She looked at Qingfeng Li and said, "You are now charged with raping Feifei Xie. Come back to the police station with me."

After she finished, she took out her handcuffs and was going to arrest Qingfeng Li.

Feifei Xie saw the matter at hand wasn't right and said, "What are you doing?"

Mengyao Xu looked back questioningly, "He just raped you. I am going to arrest him."

Feifei Xie looked at Qingfeng Li with a weird look. Even though the man got her, she didn't hate the man.

Feifei Xie recalled that she was drugged by Song Hu and Jun He was going to rape her, it was Qingfeng Li that saved her.

In addition, Feifei Xie always liked Qingfeng Li. She couldn't watch him be arrested.

"Please don't arrest him"

"Why? He raped you. It is illegal. Naturally we are going to arrest him."

"He isn't a criminal. I am his girlfriend." In order to vindicate Qingfeng Li, Feifei Xie said that she was his girlfriend.

What, girlfriend?

Mengyao Xue felt even more resentful. She wasn't really going to arrest him, she was just pissed at him and wanted to teach him a lesson. Now that she heard Feifei Xie say she was his girlfriend, she was pissed even more.

The concierge beside them was shocked. What was happening. Feifei Xie was this man's girlfriend. Who was Feifei Xie? Only Huaxia's most famous idol. The goddess of everyone.

But now, the goddess said she was some man's girlfriend. If she didn't hear it personally, she wouldn't have believed her.

"You guys can leave now. we still have to sleep." Feifei Xie smiled and asked Mengyao Xu to leave.

Mengyao Xu's face changed and knew she was in the wrong. She looked at Qingfeng Li with resentment and left the room.

Everyone left, and it became a bit awkward. Qingfeng Li and Feifei Xie didn't know what to say.

It was Qingfeng Li who broke the silence. He was a man and he had to take responsibility.

"Feifei, I am sorry." Qingfeng Li was looking down; like a student that was in trouble.

Qingfeng Li's posture made Feifei Xie laughed. She said, "Stop acting like a child. I wanted to give you my body before, but you left me for Eastern Sea City. I have been trying to find you for half a year now."

After hearing what Feifei Xie said, Qingfeng Li felt awkward and moved. She wasted half a year of her life trying to find him.

Even though she had a smile and said she didn't mind, Qingfeng Li could feel the sadness in her heart.

Feifei Xie took a shower and folded the red bed sheet carefully. She asked, "Big brother Li, will you marry me?

Qingfeng Li's face changed. He was caught off guard by her question and he didn't know how to answer.

What about Xue Lin and Ruyan Liu if he were to marry Feifei Xie. It wouldn't be right to not marry her because she tried to find him for half a year.

It was the first time that Qingfeng Li felt his head hurt. He would rather fight with the Kings than to face Feifei Xie's question.