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Chapter 594: Ruyan Liu In Danger

Chapter 594: Ruyan Liu In Danger
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When Ruyan Liu walked into the maternity store, the boss came to greet her immediately. The boss was in her 30s and had short hair. Her face was a bit chubby, but she had a pair of cunning eyes. She was a smart businesswoman.

When she saw Ruyan Liu the first time, she was astonished by her beauty. Ruyan Liu was too beautiful; the boss had never seen anyone as pretty as her before.

As a woman, the boss was jealous of her look. She felt like she was born into the wrong body.

The boss’s eyes were right; not only was Ruyan Liu pretty, she was wealthy as well. This was because the clothes she was wearing were worth at least 10 thousand Yuan. The boss was extremely sensitive about clothes’ prices because she sold clothes as well.

"Hi there. What clothes are you looking for today? For the baby or for you?" the boss said passionately to Ruyan Liu with a smile on her face.

The boss was always passionate towards wealthy people because they never bargained. As long as they liked the clothes, they will spend the money.

"I want to buy some clothes for my baby." Ruyan Liu said with an awkward tone.

After all, she always bought clothes for herself, at most for Jiaojiao Liu. She never bought clothes for a baby. This was the first time for a baby.

the boss asked with a smile, "How old is your baby? We have clothes for new born, all the way up to six years old."

The boss was introducing her store and showing the clothes available to Ruyan Liu. Ruyan Liu smiled, looked up, and saw the store was filled with all sorts of clothes in many different colors.

Not only did it have boys’ clothes, it had girls’ clothes as well; it was rich with choices. Ruyan Liu was happy because she felt like she came to the right place.

"My baby is still not born yet. Please suggest me some clothes." Ruyan Liu said with a smile.

What, still not born?

The boss’s mind went blank and she was out of words. She thought that Ruyan Liu’s baby was born already, or at least 1 years old. After all this, it wasn't born yet.

The boss didn’t know what to say because most of the customers that came had their babies born already. It was a bit early to buy clothes for the unborn.

Even though it was too early, the boss still had to cater to the customer’s demand.

"Miss, do you have a girl or a boy. This way it will be easier for me to pick out clothes." The boss looked at Ruyan Liu’s stomach and asked.

"It is a girl."

"That’s great. She will be a princess in the future and be as pretty as you."

"Please recommend me some clothes." Ruyan Liu looked at the boss and felt happy because the boss knew how to sugar coat her.

Under the boss’s recommendation, Ruyan Liu picked out a bunch of clothes. The clothes were pretty and expensive. It cost a couple thousand in total.

For ordinary people, it was expensive to spend couple thousand dollars on clothes, but for Ruyan Liu it was nothing. As long as it looked pretty and the quality was good, money wasn’t a problem.

Seeing how Ruyan Liu didn’t bargain at all made the boss extremely happy. She never saw someone as big of a spender as Ruyan Liu for a long time.

After picking out clothes for the baby, Ruyan Liu said with a smile, "My dress is a bit tight. Please pick out some clothes for me."

The boss nodded and brought her to the pregnancy area. She took out a pink dress and said, "This dress will suit you extremely well. You have a delicate face. You will be like a goddess in this dress."

This boss was extremely good at selling her clothes and flattering Ruyan Liu. It made her extremely happy.

Ruyan Liu smiled and said, "Sounds good. Please pack up all these clothes."

The boss was happy that Ruyan Liu didn’t bargain at all. The dress cost more than a thousand Yuan. The boss didn’t know this miss is this generous and rich.

The boss was happy. She packed everything up and gave it to Ruyan Liu.

Ruyan Liu was super happy with the clothes in her hands.

She thought something was wrong when she walked out of the door. There were two men in black waiting for her in front of the door. Cold lights were coming out of their eyes.

Even though Ruyan Liu didn’t know martial arts, she was able to feel the power coming out from the men. They were emitting a fearsome presence.

Ruyan Liu wanted to run away, but the men blocked her exit.

"What do you guys want?" Ruyan Liu’s face changed and asked loudly.

She purposely said it loudly because she wanted the boss of the store to hear her. She couldn’t beat them and she was scared to wound the baby inside her.

"of course we are here to kidnap you." The men on the black smirked. The smile sent a shiver down Ruyan Liu’s spine. He tried to hit the back of her head.

Ruyan Liu’s face changed and wanted to run away, but the men were too fast. Instantly her head got hit and she went blank.

Ruyan Liu’s voice was extremely loud and notified the boss of the store. The boss saw what happened and ran out with a stick.

the boss was definitely a tough character; she came out with a wooden stick and wanted to save Ruyan Liu.

she liked Ruyan Liu because she was pretty and she didn’t bargain. Now that Ruyan Liu was in danger, naturally she rushed out.

However, the boss overestimated her own power. Before the stick could even touch the men, it was broken by them.