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Chapter 595: Hell King and Ruyan Liu

Chapter 595: Hell King and Ruyan Liu
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The boss was scared to see her stick break. The stick was as thick as a baby’s arm. It was prepared specially to chase away bad people, but now it was broken easily by the men in black.

The boss knew a lot of people and was part of the community. After seeing her stick break, she opened her mouth and was going to scream for help. The men didn’t give her the chance and knocked her unconscious as well.

The poor boss was hit and went unconscious because of Ruyan Liu.

"Ghost Three let’s go." Ghost Two and Ghost Three left the store with the unconscious Ruyan Liu.

Regarding the unconscious boss, she was inside the store and the men ignored her.

Ghost Two was extremely quick; he was like a panther at night. They instantly got back into the car with Ruyan Liu.

"You got Ruyan Liu?" Ghost Four asked inside the car.

"Of course. Start driving and head to the villa outside the city." Ghost Two threw Ruyan Liu onto the back seats and said.


Ghost Four started the car and left the area. The car went towards the villa on the skirt of the city.

The car was extremely fast and arrived at the villa in half an hour.

Inside the villa, the Hell King and Eagle King were drinking tea. Eagle King was relaxed, but Hell King was walking back and forth inside the living room.

"Hell King, you are a level SSS master and Ghost King’s pupil. Why are you so scared?" Eagle King took a sip of tea and asked.

Hell King stopped. He looked at Eagle King and said: "I am not scared. You don’t know how I feel."

Hell King naturally wasn’t scared. He was worried about Ruyan Liu because she was extremely important to him.

Bam bam bam!

The knocking on the door shocked Hell King. He immediately opened the door and saw Ghost Two, Ghost Three, and Ghost Four standing there.

"Boss, we got Ruyan Liu." Ghost Two dropped Ruyan Liu onto the sofa.

Seeing the unconscious Ruyan Liu made Hell King’s face changed. He said, "Didn’t I tell you guys to capture her alive. What is this?"

"She isn’t dead. She is only unconscious." Ghost Two said immediately because he felt the killing intent emitted from Hell King.

Hell King looked at it again and saw she was only unconscious. He was worrying too much.

Eagle King became heated after he saw Ruyan Liu; she was too pretty.

"Hell King, how about you let me take care of this beautiful woman?" Eagle King said with a perverted face.

Hell King’s face changed, but no one saw it because he was wearing a mask. He said coldly, "Eagle King, Ruyan Yan Liu belongs to me. No one else can touch her."

"Hell King, I helped you face Wolf King. She is only a woman; why do you care so much?"

"For the last time, Ruyan Liu is mine. If you were to touch her, don’t blame me for the consequences."

"Fine, she is yours. I won’t touch her." Feeling the killing intent from Hell King, Eagle King smiled. But he wasn’t feeling happy.

Eagle King was the King of Eagle Continent, extremely powerful. If it weren’t for the Hell King being the pupil of the Ghost King, he would have fought him.

Eagle King was scared of the Ghost King because the Ghost King was as powerful as his master Gator King.

Hell King stopped worrying after he saw Eagle King stopped looking at Eagle King. He didn’t want to fight Eagle King either because Eagle King was extremely powerful.

Hell King came in front of Ruyan Liu and patted the back of her head. It made her conscious again.

"Where am I?" Ruyan Liu woke up and screamed. She was in a place she didn’t recognize.

Even though she was the queen of the business world with peerless beauty and abundant wealth, she was still scared when she faced cruel people she didn’t know. After all, she only had one life.

"My dear Ruyan, we meet again." Suddenly a cold voice sounded beside Ruyan Liu.

Even though the sound was cold, Ruyan Liu recognized the sound. She heard it somewhere before.

Ruyan Liu looked up, but she only saw Hell King wearing a mask. She couldn’t see who the person was behind the mask, but the eyes behind the mask were ice-cold.

"Who are you, why did you kidnap me?"


"Is it for money? I can give you whatever you want as long as you can promise my safety. I will call people and tell them to prepare the money." Ruyan Liu said. She was trying to hide her fear.

It was the first time that Ruyan Liu was kidnapped. She knew it would happen from watching the news. When someone wealthy was kidnapped, they had to pay up in order to live.

But Ruyan Liu was wrong this time. Hell King shook his head and said: "I don't need the money; I want Qingfeng Li’s life."

Qingfeng Li’s life?

Ruyan Liu’s face went pale. She thought they kidnapped her was for the money, but it was to lure Qingfeng Li out.

"Ghost Two, bring Ruyan Liu to another room. I need to prepare with Eagle King to welcome Qingfeng Li." Hell King smiled and told his subordinate.

"Yes Boss." Ghost Two brought Ruyan Liu to another room. She wanted to get away, but Ghost Two was too strong for her.

Ruyan Liu knew the person with the mask was Hell King from Ghost Two, a name she never heard before.

"Hell King, have we met before. You feel familiar to me." Ruyan Liu asked. She felt that Hell King was familiar, but she couldn’t recall who he was.

Hell King was surprised that Ruyan Liu felt his presence even when he wore his mask. She wasn’t simple.

Hell King wasn’t going to reveal his identity; he was going to give Qingfeng Li a surprise. He hated Ruyan Liu, but he hated Qingfeng Li even more. It was because of Qingfeng Li that his family was wiped out.

"My dear Ruyan Liu, we have met before. You will know who I am and I will kill Qingfeng Li in front of you." Hell King smirked cruelly.

In the end, Ruyan Liu was tied up by Ghost Two in another room. The suspicion in Ruyan Liu’s heart was getting deeper and deeper.