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Chapter 596: Brother-In-Law, Sister Went Missing

Chapter 596: Brother-In-Law, Sister Went Missing
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Jiaojiao Liu was going to head home when her classes ended because she had to take care of her sister.

"Jiaojiao you want to eat dinner together tonight?" Hai Lin walked to Jiaojiao Liu and asked.

"No." Jiaojiao Liu glared at Hai Lin and left. She didn’t like Hai Lin because he was her sister’s rival-in-love, Xue Lin's, little brother.

Jiaojiao Liu ignored Hai Lin and drove away in her Ferrari out of the school, leaving Hai Lin all sad behind.

Jiaojiao Liu’s car broke during the last race. The Ferrari was her sister’s gift to her. She didn’t need to worry about anything when she lived with her sister. In addition, she had a lot of money to spend.

Jiaojiao Liu drove extremely fast because she wanted to see her sister. She arrived back home in half an hour but when she opened the villa’s home, the living room was all dark. She turned on the light and asked, "Sister, I am home from school."

Jiaojiao Liu called out multiple time, but no one answered her. She thought her sister was sleeping and went to her room. No one was in the room either.

"What happened. Didn’t sister said she was going to buy clothes for the baby. Why is she taking so long?" Jiaojiao Liu was confused.

Jiaojiao Liu took out her phone and called Ruyan Liu’s number, but it said the phone was off.

Something wasn’t right because Ruyan Liu never turned her phone off. Jiaojiao Liu was worried because it was already late.

Jiaojiao Liu went outside the villa to try to look for her sister. She went to ask the guards, "Hey did you see my sister Ruyan Liu?"

The guard obviously knew the beauty Ruyan Liu. He said, "Miss Liu was already out for a long time. Did she not come back yet?"

Jiaojiao Liu felt something wasn’t right. She asked anxiously, "Do you know where my sister went?"

The guard pointed at the One Sun Baby Store and said, "I saw Miss Liu go to that store an hour ago."

"Thanks." Jiaojiao Liu thanked him and started running towards the store.

She ran extremely quick and arrived at the store. When she stepped inside, she was shocked because the store manager was unconscious on the ground and there was a broken stick beside her.

Jiaojiao Liu saw bullies with sticks before, and she knew how tough these sticks were. It was impossible for a woman to break it, only special forces or powerful people could.

Where is my sister?

Jiaojiao Liu looked through the whole store and couldn’t find her sister. She knew something was wrong.

"Store manager, wake up." Jiaojiao Liu shook the store manager, but she was still unconscious. The black men were too cruel.

Jiaojiao Liu was worried and poured water onto the store manager. With the stimulation from the cold water, she got up.

The store manager was pissed because she was wet from the water. She screamed, "Why did you pour water on me?"

Jiaojiao Liu didn’t care how the store manager was feeling. She asked, "Did you see my sister?"

"Who is your sister?"

"She came here to buy your clothes."

"Tons of people come everyday. How would you know which one you are talking about?" the store manager said with a pissed off face. She was pissed because Jiaojiao Liu poured water on her.

Jiaojiao Liu took out her phone and showed the store manager Ruyan Liu’s picture. She said, "This person, have you seen her?"

The store manager’s face changed after she looked at the picture. She knew the picture because Ruyan Liu just purchased clothes in her store and she didn’t bargain.

"Your sister was kidnapped by two men in black. I wanted to save her, but I was knocked out." The store manager pointed to the broken stick and said.

My sister was kidnapped?

Jiaojiao Liu’s face went pale. She was scared and almost fell to the ground.

In Jiaojiao Liu’s heart, Ruyan Liu was her closest relative. She was extremely worried and scared.

Even though she was scared, she knew what to do. She called Qingfeng Li.

She took out her phone and called Qingfeng Li’s number.


Qingfeng Li was talking with Feifei Xie at the hotel. She wanted to leave multiple time, but she didn’t let him. After all, he just took her virginity. Even though he was the victim, it wasn’t good to leave.

Qingfeng Li’s phone rang when he was about to pour tea for Feifei Xie. He saw it was Jiaojiao Liu who called him. Qingfeng Li was confused because why would she call him so late.

"Jiaojiao, what is wrong?" Qingfeng Li answered the phone and asked.

"Brother-in-law, my sister was kidnapped by some men in black clothes." Jiaojiao Liu was crying on the other side of the phone.

Ruyan was kidnapped?

Qingfeng Li’s face changed and the tea cup in his hand fell onto the ground. It broke into pieces.

Qingfeng already made tons of preparations but things still went wrong. At this moment, he could only blame himself.

A few days ago, Qingfeng Li already felt something was wrong. He thought his enemies were going to kidnap Xue Lin, so he told Ziyi Miao and Taoist to protect her. He didn’t think that they would go for Ruyan Liu.

"I will kill whoever kidnapped Ruyan Liu." Qingfeng Li was filled with the intention to kill right now.

"Jiaojiao where are you, I will be right there." Qingfeng Li knew he couldn’t waste anymore time.

"Sob* I am at the One Meter Sunshine Baby's Supply Store beside our villa." Jiaojiao Liu was crying.

"Wait for me. I will be right there." Qingfeng Li hung up and walked outside.

Seeing Qingfeng Li was going to leave, Feifei Xie said, "Big brother Li, where are you going. Please stay with me a bit longer."

Feifei Xie didn’t know the news regarding Ruyan Liu and her body wasn’t feeling well. Thus she wanted to stay with Qingfeng Li for a bit longer.

"Feifei, something is up and I have to go." Qingfeng Li shook his hand. He left under Feifei Xie’s resentful gaze.