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Chapter 598: Teasing Qingfeng Li

Chapter 598: Teasing Qingfeng Li
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The area of Eastern Sea city was very big, with a population over ten million. If you were to look for someone, it would be like finding a needle in a haystack. Right now, the one that was doing this the most looking would be Mengyao Xu. After all, she was the head of Eastern Sea’s police force.

After half an hour, Mengyao Xu located the vehicle that took Ruyan Liu.

"The vehicle that took Ruyan Liu was an Audi, license plate number A6666. It was driving towards the Southeast suburbs. There were no security cameras set up in the area, so it had temporarily disappeared." Mengyao Xu took out her cell phone and told Qingfeng Li her findings.

When Qingfeng Li heard the news, his face lit up with relief. Although the findings did not provide an exact location of the vehicle, it at least narrowed the search down, and it would be really convenient to find someone.

"Suburbs in the Southeast, wait for me Ruyan." Qingfeng Li’s eyes were filled with determination.

"Thank you Mengyao, I am heading over." Qingfeng Li thanked Mengyao Xu and quickly hung up the phone.

Jiaojiao Liu also heard the message on the phone. She opened her mouth and said, "Brother-in-law, I want to help you find my sister."

Qingfeng Li shook his head and said, "It is dangerous out there, give me your car keys."

Although Jiaojiao Liu was somewhat reluctant, she knew that the people that took her sister were strong people and she did not know any martial arts herself. If she were to go, she would only bring more problems to her brother-in-law, so she could only give Qingfeng Li the car keys.

"Brother-in-law, once you find my sister, remember to call me." Jiaojiao Liu said full of concern.

Qingfeng Li nodded his head, took the keys and drove the Ferrari towards the suburbs of Southeast. He called King Kong as he drove, to let him focus his search in Southeast suburbs.


In the suburbs of Southeast, inside the hidden mansion.

Ruyan Liu was rope-tied up to a chair, pale in the face, and a bit hungry. Ever since she was pregnant, she always felt hungry. She not only is eating for herself, the baby in her belly is also eating and absorbing nutrient from her.


The door in the room was pushed open, Hell King walked in with his mask on. He looked at Ruyan Liu, full of confusion in his eyes, also with longing, with rage, with hate. He had all sorts of emotions in him.

Ruyan Liu was smart, although Hell King was wearing the mask and she could not see the expressions on his face. Through the eyes that emit emotions, Ruyan Liu can feel that the man in front of him is filled with hatred for himself.

The man in front of her hated her, even to the point of wanting to kill her… But she didn’t know why was he controlling that urge. He didn’t kill her, and other than that, he seemed to have mixed feelings.

"You know me?" Ruyan Liu said as she glanced at Hell King

Hell king purposely used his hoarse voice and answered, "I have known you for over a decade, what do you think?"

Known me for over a decade?

Ruyan Liu’s face grew solemn, she was clearly frightened by Hell King’s words, she started to dig into a memory. She tried to recall in detail who she met over ten years ago, but she met so many, who could it be?

"I don’t understand, what is so good about Qingfeng, why would you like him?" Hell King said coldly with that killer intention and a bit of jealousy.

Honestly, before Qingfeng Li appeared, Hell King was very fond of Ruyan Liu. Otherwise he wouldn’t have stopped his father from arranging him the marriage with this woman, but the woman ended up liking Qingfeng Li, which he cannot accept.

There were two types of hatred that men must take revenge in, one would be the avenge the killing of your father, the other would be the stealing of your own wife. Coincidentally, these two type hatred all had something to do with Qingfeng Li.

"What is it to you that I like Qingfeng Li or not?"

"Of course it has something to do with me, I want to kill him in front of you, make your pain unbearable to a point that you want to die."

"Who the hell are you, why do you want to kill Qingfeng Li?" Ruyan Liu said furiously, pale-faced.

To be honest, Ruyan did suspect that the person calling himself the Hell King is ‘Shaoyang Wang.’ This notion was quickly dismissed because she saw him die when she was at Jing Capital Young Master Gathering. How can a dead person come to life? Little did Ruyan know that the death of Shoyang Wang was actually the death of his clone.

Cloning is a remarkable technique, very mysterious and bizarre. Only a few powerhouses obtained this technique, and they had mostly been leaked from the restricted areas. Ruyan Liu did not know of this, naturally.

"I will call Qingfeng Li now, tell him that you’re here. He must want to save you, I know." Hell King let out a ghastly laugh, with obvious lethal intentions.

Ruyan Liu had a change in her complexion and said with rage, "You are despicable, wanting to use me as bait! Qingfeng Li will not come!"

"You’re wrong, I hate Qingfeng Li, to the point that I want to kill him. However, I know his weakness, and that he is big on justice and love. He is definitely going to save you." Hell King said indifferently, in a confident tone.

Being Qingfeng Li’s enemy, Hell King knows him well. He has complete confidence that Qingfeng Li will come here, otherwise, he wouldn’t have kidnapped Ruyan Liu.

Hell King walked out of the room, carrying his cellphone ready to call Qingfeng Li. He got this number from Ghost Two, who collected the information from Ice Snow Corporation.

At this moment, Qingfeng Li was driving his Ferrari, just entering the suburbs of Southeast. It is a pretty big suburb. Just the road intersections themselves, there are forty five of them. Qingfeng Li drove for quite some time, and still could not find anyone.


During the time of urgency, Qingfeng’s cell phone rang. He sees that it is from an anonymous caller. Initially he did not want to answer, but it kept on ringing, so he just picked it up.

"Hello, this is Qingfeng Li, who are you looking for?" Qingfeng Li said unenthusiastically and in an impatient tone.

He was in the process of looking for Ruyan Liu, he did not have time to answer these harassing phone calls. Before he would get scam calls, and calls from insurance companies, they would always call him to sell him insurance products. It would make him really pissed.

"Guess who?" a hoarse voice came from the phone again, this voice sounded like it was purposely deepened, whoever spoke was afraid someone else heard him.

Qingfeng Li frowned slightly, and replied coldly, "How would I know who you are? Hurry, say whatever you want to say, I have things to do."

"What sort of things? I can help you!" the hoarse voice in the phone replied with a hint of trickery and the intention to do hard. It was as if he was purposely trying to tease Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li said, "I am busy, I don’t have time to chat here. Since you’re not planning to say anything, I am going to hang up."

After that conversation, Qingfeng Li was about to hang up the the voice instead replied, "Looking for Ruyan Liu, are you?"

Qingfeng Li had a change in expression, completely shocked, "How do you know that I am looking for Ruyan Liu?"

"That is because Ruyan Liu is now in my hands, you would be looking for her, naturally." the hoarse voice said with coy. To hear the panic in Qingfeng Li’s voice obviously made him very happy.

"Who are you, why did you kidnap Ruyan Liu? What do you want? Money, or other things? If it is money that you want, I can give it to you. A hundred million, a billion, tem billion I will give it." Qingfeng Li anxiously said.

As long as it can save Ruyan Liu, he would be willing to spend ten billion Yuan.