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Chapter 600: Identity of Hell King

Chapter 600: Identity of Hell King
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"I’ve stabbed myself three times, can you let her go now?" Qingfeng Li’s face was pale, sweat streaming down his forehead. Enduring the pain in his body, he glowered coldly at Hell King.

"Let her go? Did I say I would release her?" Hell King said, sneering.


A powerful murderous air expelled from Qingfeng Li’s body. The man in front actually dared to ridicule him, he really had a death wish.

"I’m surprised you’re not keeping your promise." Qingfeng Li said coldly, faltering towards him with a bloody body.

Hell King shook his head and said: "no, of course I kept my promise. You stabbed yourself thrice, I promise not to hurt Ruyan Liu. But if you die here, Ruyan Liu would still be in my hands, she will wish she died."

"Ghost Two, put down the knives." Hell King commanded, a slight smile on his face.

"Yes, boss." Ghost Two lowered the knives from Ruyan Liu’s neck.

Seeing that Ruyan Liu is temporarily out of danger, Qingfeng Li relaxed slightly. As long as the knife wasn’t pressed up on Ruyan Liu’s neck, he wasn’t too worried.

"Qingfeng Li, it’s about time we settled the score between us. Today is the day you die." Hell King laughed coldly, his voice filled with hatred and murderous air.

"Hell King, what hatred between us is so strong that you must kill me?" Qingfeng Li said with a cold and questioning tone.

Hell King laughed coldly, took the mask off his face, and said, "Look at who I am."

When Hell King took off his mask, everyone was utterly shocked. They had been under the impression that Hell King was either elderly or middle-aged. The person in front of them, however, was a young man with a handsome face, dashing brows and sparkling eyes.

At the reveal of Hell King’s true identity, both Qingfeng Li and Ruyan Liu were shaken to their core, eyes filled with shock, as if they had seen a ghost.

Shaoyang Wang, Hell King was Shaoyang Wang?

Qingfeng Li took in a deep breath, feeling completely confused. He gave himself a hard pinch just to see if this was all a dream. The painfulness reminded him that this was all real, he wasn’t dreaming.

"Aren’t you supposed to be dead?" Qingfeng Li’s questioned, his face laced with doubt.

"You are referring to the me at the party of Jing Capital Gathering. I forgot to mention, that was a fake Shaoyang Wang, he’s a clone of mine. I prefer that people call me Hell King now." Hell King said coldly, satisfied with his current title.


Qingfeng Li looked deep in thought. He knew of this strange and mysterious technology, but didn’t expect it from Shaoyang Wang.

At this moment, Qingfeng Li finally realized why Hell King always looked for trouble, wanting to kill him. The fact that Hell King was Shaoyang Wang explains everything. The two could not co-exist. If one lives, the other must die.

Ruyan Liu was also astounded, although she had an incredibly high IQ, clever as can be, she wouldn’t have, in her wildest dreams, have thought of cloning technologies. During her studying days cloning was just an idea. Some great powers had managed to clone sheep and cows, but this was the first time she had ever heard about cloning a human.

"Qingfeng Li, today is the day you die." Hell King laughed coldly, eyes burning with vibes of murder.

Qingfeng Li ripped off some of his clothes and wrapped them around his body. He mocked, "I’m afraid you don’t have the ability to kill me."

"You are already heavily wounded, I could kill you with the back of my hand." Hell King sneered coldly. His body suddenly in movement, dashing towards Qingfeng Li like a gust of wind.


Hell King struck his fist into the air, blowing up the atmosphere, directly aiming for Qingfeng Li’s body with ruthless power.

As fast as lightning, Qingfeng Li flashed towards the left. Hell King grazed the fabric on his body and struck the wall, creating a massive crater.

What powerful strength. Sensing the power from his enemy’s fist, Qingfeng Li’s eyes flashed moment of heaviness. His opponent is at least in level SSS, just as powerful as himself.

Qingfeng Li wasn’t afraid of Hell King. His avoidance was a tactic to heal. He ripped up his clothes into bandages and wrapped them around the wounds on his thigh, abdomen and chest. He needed to stop the bleeding, to not let any more fresh blood out.

Hell King was surprised at Qingfeng Li’s quick ability to avoid his strike. He had heard about Qingfeng Li’s speed, but seeing him in action, it was apparent that the man was much faster than he had imagined.

Hell King did not hold back, unleashing all of his might in the relentless blows to Qingfeng Li. It was as if every strike was an explosion, meeting Qingfeng Li’s fists in the middle, creating deafening blows.

Both were incredibly powerful. Every contact of their fists created bursting roars, the hard marble floors now cracked and pitted by the weight of their feet.

As they fought, Qingfeng Li grew more and more frightened. Hell King was truly too powerful, with abilities comparable to himself. Since he had sustained injuries, Qingfeng Li knew that he cannot drag on the fight for too long. The longer the fight, the more he would be at a disadvantage.

Qingfeng Li knew that he needed to finish this fast. He needed to stop fighting because in the process his wounds would begin to bleed once more.


Qingfeng Li suddenly let out a wolf’s howl. His eyes turned blood red, his body crimson. His blood boiled, wolf head pattern appeared out of his chest as his whole entire body broke out into a powerful force.

He had used the Wolf King Totem, seeking help from the powers of the bloodline to defeat Hell King.

Sensing Qingfeng Li’s terrorizing power, Hell King’s heart shuddered. During the fight at Eastern Sea City, he had witnessed through the security cameras the deaths of Ghost Five through this very power.

Hell King glanced towards the shadows, where the Eagle King was hiding. Their plans to lure Qingfeng Li to the mansion was supposed to make him stab himself, and later ambush him.

After Qingfeng Li unleashed the Wolf King totem, his powers increased immensely. He felt re-energized and powerful. He struck a heavy blow towards Hell King.


Hell King countered with a blow, wanting to see just how strong Qingfeng Li had gotten after his transformation.

However, he regretted this decision immediately. All he could sense was the horrifying powers released from Qingfeng Li’s body. Like violent waves of the deep sea, Qingfeng Li’s powers forced Hell King back four or five steps, all the while staying completely steady himself.

With one blow Qingfeng Li overpowered Hell King. As he rained down a second blow, he felt a great sense of danger, as if he was being watched by a venomous snake.

When it came to danger, Qingfeng Li’s senses were sharp. He tried to avoid the attack with a quick move to the side, but the enemy behind had concealed himself for a long time. The hit was planned, powerful, immediately grabbing Qingfeng Li’s chest.


The fabric covering Qingfeng Li’s chest had been torn off, his previous knife wounds was once again harmed, blood spewing out of his body.