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Chapter 601: Qingfeng In Danger

Chapter 601: Qingfeng In Danger
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Qingfeng Li was ambushed, his blood gushed out when the bandages on his chest was torn off, causing his body to shake momentarily. He turned back and saw the ambusher, Eagle King. Of course he knew of the Eagle King, they’ve met before. He was a good friend of Tiger King.

"How impressive, you are indeed the Wolf King, very powerful. You managed to escape my ambush even with your injuries." Eagle King laughed, eyes sparkling with a chilling aura, while doubt grew in his heart.

He had always heard that the Wolf King was the king of kings, but he was never convinced, as he was never satisfied with being second best. However, what he had just witnessed definitely convinced him. Wolf King had just stabbed himself three times, with every stab gravely wounding him. He had lost a lot of blood, and even in this condition, he still managed to avoid the Eagle King’s ambush.

Was the Eagle King too weak? Of course not. To become King, one must at least be at the pinnacle tier of level SSS, there existed no weaklings amongst these men. But after Qingfeng Li activated the Wolf King Logo and completed transformation into his berserker mode, he was evidently much stronger than before.

Certain great powers and certain Kings possessed magical abilities. Skills such as genetics-altering strength-boosting drugs, cloning agents, etc... Other than these abilities, some had bloodline powers and berserker modes. Qingfeng Li had activated his berserker mode using his bloodline.

"Eagle King, let your clone out, or else we don’t stand a chance against Wolf King." Hell King said, quickly glancing at Eagle King.

Hell King knew that Eagle King had two bodies. One of them was a clone. With the help of the clone, Eagle King would have double the power, and they would have an additional King on their side.

Hell King also had a clone, who’s name was Shaoyang Wang of Jing Capital. But his clone had been killed by Qingfeng Li. His body now was his real body. He could not risk failure. If he dies, he dies for real.

An Eagle King clone?

The expression on Qingfeng Li’s face suddenly changed, eyes with a trace of contemplation. Under the berserker mode, he was not afraid to fight the Hell King, but with the addition of Eagle King, at best they would end in a draw. Now, with a second Eagle King, he was in grave danger.

Hearing Hell King’s words, Eagle King glanced at Hell King coldly, frowning at his request. He had originally planned to use his clone as a last resort lifesaving device if things had turned south. Now that Hell King requested for the clone’s presence, it was evident that Hell King wasn’t about to let him live if they were defeated.

Although he developed a bit of a grudge against Hell King, Eagle King’s ultimate goal for the trip to Hua Xia was to kill Qingfeng Li. He signaled towards the shadows and another Eagle King appeared. They looked exactly the same, with absolutely no difference.

Qingfeng Li’s expression deadened, heart heavy with bewilderment. This was the first time he’d ever seen two clones that looked exactly alike, as if they were mirror images of one another.

Lucky for Qingfeng Li, he had incredible mental strength. If any ordinary person were to witness this phenomenon, they would have lost their minds.

"Kill Him." Not losing a second, both Eagle King and his clone attacked Qingfeng Li from his left and right. Although they were cloned, they were completely in sync. They attacked Qingfeng Li with the same techniques.

Reacting to the sudden attacks, Qingfeng Li brushed off the injuries on his chest and countered with both of his fists towards the two Eagle Kings.

Bang Bang!!

Along with two loud blows, Qingfeng Li fell back a couple steps. His body shook momentarily and blood spewed out from his mouth. The combination of Two Eagle Kings was too powerful. If Qingfeng Li had not been injured, he would stand a better chance in the battle. Now that he’s wounded, facing them proved to be difficult. His wounds are beginning to rupture again.

The most vicious enemy was definitely Hell King. If he had not kidnapped Ruyan Liu and forced Qingfeng Li into stabbing himself in the first place, Qingfeng Li would not have been at such a disadvantage.

While Qingfeng Li was enraged by Hell King, he suddenly heard a burst of energy. The sound was violently loud, piercing through the air, aiming for Qingfeng Li’s neck, as if attempting to slice his head off.

Qingfeng Li jumped at the action. He looked up and saw Hell King charging at him with a meter-long black blade.

Shit, he was too focused on the two Eagle Kings and completely forgot about Hell King. It was obvious that Hell King had came prepared, acknowledging Qingfeng Li’s immense power under the berserker mode. He even took out a weapon to attack.

Qingfeng Li was powerful, but he wasn’t invincible. If the long blade cuts his throat, he would be dead.

Hell King’s deep knowledge of his powers impressed Qingfeng Li. He was also very aware of his weaknesses, timing his attacks with impeccable accuracy.

The Long Sword moved too quickly, coming in front of Qingfeng Li at a blink of an eye. It was too late for avoidance. Instead, Qingfeng Li quickly pulled out his Life-Reaping Dagger and charged towards the Long Sword.

The Long Sword was long, emitting a faint cold aura. Although the dagger was short, it also flashed a chilling luster. The two weapons came in contact with a crisp clash and quickly broke up.

Hell King’s Long Sword came out of the exchange completely intact, still dark as night, emitting a faint chilling light. Qingfeng Li’s dagger also survived undamaged, without a trace of harm. Evidently, the two weapons were neck in neck with one another.

What? My dagger didn’t break his sword?

Qingfeng Li’s expression changed, eyes with a touch of surprise. He had complete confidence in his Life-Reaping Dagger. The weapon was crafted by the world’s most skilled weaponry masters.

Qingfeng Li’s been through countless battles, both big and small. Enemy weapons would break every time he used the Life-Reaping Dagger. The dagger was a last resort for survival.

However, Qingfeng Li’s strongest weapons had just failed to cut through the enemy sword. Qingfeng Li was shaken to his core, even more than when he witnessed Eagle King’s clone.

"Wolf King, did you think you were the only one who has the Meteor Stone?" Hell King smirked, eyes filled with contempt.

"You too have the Meteor Stone? That’s impossible. The stone is extremely rare. You’re not worthy of the Meteor Stone." Qingfeng Li shook his head, his face filled with questions.

Meteorites, as the name implies, are the remaining pieces of large meteoroids that originate from outer space. The large meteoroids travel through the Earth’s outer atmosphere, burning past the torrid heat created by its high speed, with its majority charred into ashes, leaving behind only tiny pieces.

Only as the King of the Wolf Continent, was Qingfeng Li able to savage a small piece of the stone, creating his Life-Reaping Dagger. Other than this small piece, he wasn’t able to obtain another.

"Wolf King, you are clever indeed. I was able to receive a Meteor stone, but my sensei did." As he spoke of Ghost King, his sensei, Hell King’s eyes were filled of admiration, as if he had witnessed divinity.

If there was no Ghost King, Hell King would have already died. In his heart, his sensei was the greatest there ever lived. Not only is he mighty powerful, but he also possessed amazing genetics technologies.